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Princess Xena's Diary

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Happy New YearHappy

December 31st 2016 10:42 am
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From our family to all of our friends we which you a Happy new year.
Maybe this will be the year Catster/Dogster will get fixed, we can only hope.
We miss and love you all.
Sending hugs and butterfly kisses from all of us
Xena and family


So sad we have to say goodbye

July 6th 2016 2:35 pm
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As the oldest of my family we are so sad we will have to say good bye to friends, catster & dogster.
So many memories, love and support from all. It has been the best and wonderful years, it is hard to believe this is it, its finally happening.
We have been on United Cats, still have to get our doggies on United Dogs. It isn't the same but it is close. They have profiles, diaries, groups. The more you are there & do you earn points so you can give gifts, they have a lot. You can put things from other sites on your profile, in your diary.

They have a lot there and we hope you will give it a try.

It isnt easy to let go of our beloved catster/dogster, but there is another door opening other than FB. One day we may go there, but for now we will be on United cats & dogs. We hope to see more of our friends there.
We love you all and we send you all hugs & butterflies from all of us one last time.
Xena, Zeke, Tu Two, Kody, Tallulah, Kandi, Mia, Milo and our Mom


It has been a while

May 8th 2016 10:17 am
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Hello friends, yes it has been some time since we have updated what's going on here with all of us.
Mom says knock on wood, not sure what that means, anyway right now we are all doing good, things have finally settled down around here with us.
I was having lots of trouble with diarrhea, vet put me on prescription food for gastrointestinal/digestive care, I am doing so much better. I also get my thyroid pill, food stimulant pill with antacid & Forta flora.

So far Kody is doing great no more urinary issues or blockages. He is happy & so are Mom & Dad. The test will be when mom and dad leave us with a sitter for 5 days soon.

Mia is doing OK, still has problems with regurgitation, the good thing is she is gaining weight. She went from nearly 9 lbs. to barely 5, now she is 6+. She gets to go with mom & dad because of her illness, she can't be left alone for that long.

Tu Two and Milo are doing well.

Mom is still working on feeling better, she has a bad foot, her nurse thinks she may have a hairline fracture near her ankle, so mom has to go get an X ray and a bone density test.

We haven't been here much lately sorry we have missed our friends special days, it is so sad for mom to come here knowing how it used to be. It just seems like nothing is getting fixed.

We have been on United Cats, now don't judge us, catster is & will be #1 with us, but at least there people can comment on our blogs, the more we do the more treats we get so we can give gifts to friends. It would be nice to see some of our friends there, at least you wouldn't feel like no one is there.

Know that we love you all, miss the old catster and our friends. We will check in soon.
Hugs & butterfly kisses from all of us
Xena and family


Our doggies Mia

February 23rd 2016 2:53 pm
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Finally Mom has some time to let me come here and to let you all know about Mia.

Mia has Inflammatory bowl disease, no cancer. She has to eat special food and is on all kinds of medication now.

She is doing OK, still hasn't gained any weight, but we are all hopeful she will in time.

We are just glad we know what she has and we can get it under control.

Thank you friends for your prayers and support.

Hugs to you all
Xena and family


Our doggie Mia

February 9th 2016 4:35 pm
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Mom wanted to let you all know about our doggie Mia, she has been having lots of problems since we moved here. Today mom & dad took her to her vet to have the endoscopy done, they also did an ultrasound of her tummy. No masses, but the lining of her small intestines & tummy don't look so good they are bumpy. They took 2 biopsies sent them out, we have to wait for the results. She has lost more weight, she's now 5 lbs. 4 oz. not good.

Not sure if it is cancer so for now as long as she acts like herself and eats she will be with us. We pray it isn't the nasty cancer, we hope we can help her gain weight & get better. Mom says she is skin & bones. Making mom very sad again and very worried about her.
Mia needs your thoughts & prayers.


I am all better finally

January 27th 2016 2:50 pm
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Just stopping by to let you all know I am finally doing better. The medication and me being on it for a month has finally gotten all the bacteria out of me. We sure hope I don't get another one, we all are keeping our paws and fingers crossed around here.

Thank you all for the gifts and prayers for me while I was sick and not feeling good. We love you all!!!



Xena's vet visit

December 28th 2015 3:26 pm
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Luckily we got Xena in to our vet today, they had one opening, thank goodness.

They checked Xena, she has lost some weight I knew that just by holding her.
Once I told our vet what was happening she knew immediately that the clavamox made Xena sick. She doesn't prescribe clavamox because too many pets get sick like Xena and kody.

It was the other vet in her practice that prescribed it, Xena is now on Zeniquin,Pro Pectalin anti diarrhea gel and she got a shot of Cerenia. She will be on the Zeniquin for 4 weeks, then we take in for a recheck to make sure the bacterial infection is gone this time. She was a little dehydrated even though she drank lots of water. She told me if this happens again give Xena fluids everyday because cats with CRF need lots of water hard to keep up with their water intake especially if they have diarrhea.
Hopefully this will help her get better and get her to eat again. Have to give her the food stimulant.
So far she has been sleeping all afternoon. Wish I could haven't been sleeping good with having to get up to check on Xena & kody.

Thank you for your purrs & prayers.


Xena still not well

December 27th 2015 3:19 pm
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Xena isn't doing well, yesterday & today she has had diarrhea, very watery. She's not eating no matter what I try, just threw up.
I am very worried about her, not sure if it is the clavamox causing this, if the ecoli bacterial infection is or if she is in decline.
Can't afford to take her to vet ER after us paying for kodys stay & surgery, we are waiting for the insurance to reimburse us.
Will take her to the vet tomorrow it will be one vet that took care of zeke, this way if she needs to stay it will be cheaper and she will get the same care. I just pray she will be ok, I can't take losing my Xena so soon.

Please pray for xena, she needs all the purrs & prayers you can give her. Will let you know what happens later tomorrow.


Merry Christmas

December 23rd 2015 11:17 am
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Me & my family wish all our friends a MERRY CHRISTMAS, we love you all, we wish nothing but the best during the holidays.

We remember the ones that have made their journey this year we send special prayers to their familes.

Xena, Tu Two, Kody, our angels and mom


I have the same infection again

December 18th 2015 1:40 pm
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Yeah I have the same bacterial infection as I did not too long ago. Vet is worried that there might be another underlying reason. Mom thinks I wasn't on my medication long enough. The reason mom thinks this is because the vet did the in house urine test, she didn't send it out. This time they will send it out to make sure all the bacteria is gone. As for the blood they still don't know why, they want to do a sonagram to check, mom says it will have to wait until after the first of the year, she is so thankful she has insurance for us. Now Mom has to wait to see what the insurance will pay on me and kody, before she can do anything else for us.
I am on medication to help me until they get all the results back to see exactly what medication I should be on.

Lets hope this is it for me having infections so we all can get a break.

Me & my brofur Kody need lots of prayers he is going to have surgery tomorrow, you can read his diary.

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