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Mellow Yellow, Not Always Mellow...

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Still Yellow and Mellow... or Not!

November 16th 2010 6:20 pm
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Hi friends!
I hope you're all doing well and eating lots of treats. Things have been pretty much the same as usual with me. That's how I like it. I have an easy feline life, even with all the other kitties and the doggies I live with. Mom has a consistent order of operations around here. And guess what- I get fed 1st every meal! No one else eats before I get my special crunchies and insulin. Then one by one the other cats get fed, then each dog. While everyone's eating, mom gets the rest of our meds together. For me, that means a tasty Pill Pocket. Mmmmmm... I love those.

Mom has been impressed with how well I've been doing lately. My coat is extra bright and shiny, my weight has been stable and healthy, my mood and energy have been good.

Last night my brother Pyro was playing one of his annoying games. Mom was relaxing on the couch watching TV. Of course I was lying on her chest purring, trying to keep my head between her face and the TV. So Pyro makes his move. He jumps up on Mom's lower legs to hang out, as if I wasn't there. Brat. Every minute or so when he thinks I'm not looking, he creeps up a foot then immediately settles as if that's where he's been the whole time. He smiles, looks around, flicks his tail, la-de-da... Last night I let him get all the way up to my rump before I "noticed" him. I gave him the evil eye and thrashed my tail back and forth, smacking him each time. Usually he gives up at this point but he held his ground. Still looking around as if everything was fine as if I wasn't even there... I wasn't in the mood for him so I left. I'll just beat him up later.

I like it here, but I miss my other Mom too. I'm hoping she will visit me sometime at Mueller. Or have my newer Mom drive me over to see her.

Hmm... I think I'll cruise around the house for a bit just in case I can find a missed piece of Candy Corn or something.


Just Being Mellow

September 7th 2010 8:50 pm
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Hi friends, I'm doing well. My last 2 blood glucose curves were good, I'm on 2.5 units now. For now my litter box issues are under control. I still refuse to pee in the living room box. Mom got an oil drip pan from the auto parts store. She puts a pee pad on it and that's where I go. Later mom may try a different litter box style or something, for now she's happy enough with the oil pan set up. And there's a bonus! Mom can see when one of the dogs has been naughty and snuck a snack from the box- a tell tale foot print on the pee pad. She has a plan to get an electronic dog deterrent device. The main unit gets placed near the litter box, and the dogs will have collars that will "remind" them when they get too close that "kitty roca" is off limits. She has heard good reviews about that product. Ha ha stupid dogs. Especially that Hooligan. He still tries to chase me now and again. Just takes a casual hiss and a swat to his snout and he runs off. He's a menace.


Stupid, stupid, and stupid...

June 30th 2010 6:34 pm
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You may have noticed that my mom put up a picture from my birthday. Really, the camera made my eyes weird, catnip doesn't get me that excited. I don't see what the big deal is. But if you look at the new pictures on my "brother" Pyrogen's page, you'll no doubt see why I try not to associate with those guys.

Lately I'm driving mom nuts by peeing IN FRONT of the litter box. I always use the box for other duties. Mom puts down "pee-pee pads." I usually hit them. But you know, us diabetics like to pee BIG. Of course sometimes I go off the edge of the pad, or miss it entirely. Mom's unsure how to proceed. An additional box in the bathroom? One of those indoor dog potties? A bigger litter box? Mom threatens that if I don't "get my act together" soon, I'll be banished to just the bedroom. I use that box just fine. I have a feeling mom will try some of her other ideas first. Maybe I'll like it, maybe not. I'm thinking I'll push mom to the limit, hehehe, then suddenly "get my act together" right before I get banished... Because we cats like to have fun like that.


It's My Birthday!

June 3rd 2010 9:27 pm
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It's been a good day. A fence contractor came over right around feeding time. Mini Mew thinks he's cool but he's really a wuss. The contractor guy didn't even come in the house, but Mini got scared and hid in the closet hideout. Too bad he was too nervous to come out to eat! His loss, my gain. Mmmmmm. REGULAR cat food, not my boring prescription stuff. Mom didn't notice until I was finishing up, so I got all my food AND all of his! Also, Hooligan had a tummy ache so he left me alone all evening. That was nice. Later mom brought out the catnip. I like to calmly enjoy the aroma. I don't tend to get crazy or anything. Of course Mini and Squish sniffed it out before long and tried to join me. I just glared at them and left, I was done anyways. Off to find a sleep spot.


New Going Ons.

May 4th 2010 7:09 pm
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Last week I jumped off the counter and hurt my elbow. I was trying to act casual about it (I didn't even cry when it happened) but Mom saw the whole thing. It was hurting me off and on for the next 48 hours so Mom took me to my Dr. The doc said to watch it for a few days. I'm already on prednisolone for my pancreatitis so they didn't want to add another anti-inflammatory. It's feeling much better now.

Also last week... Mom brought home another dog!!! Well, at least it is pretending to be a dog; he's only 14 pounds. Did I mention I'm back to a healthy 11.5 pounds? Anyways, this new pup figured out right away not to mess with me. He's even too small to annoy me if you can believe it. I'm not sure how long this guy's going to be here. Mom thinks he has flyball potential. Since his mom has a lot going on right now, she was happy to loan him out. Of course no one asked my opinion first. Oh well, I really don't mind him. He's not like that awful Hooligan- what a pest! Maybe mom can trade Hoolie for the pup. That would be a great household improvement.

Last time I was boarding at the vet hospital, the technicians discovered another thing I don't like- hair rollies! They just look weird. Whenever I saw someone bust one out to clean up their scrubs, I ran away. It's not quite as bad as a fly swatter or the dreaded broom, but I still don't like it.

That's it for now friends! Time to nap.


She'll never try that again!!!

February 5th 2010 5:43 pm
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A few days ago, mom decided to BRUSH MY TEETH!!!!!!! I may only have teeth mostly on one side, but I immediately tried to bite the crap out of her finger. She probably would have lost it if it wasn't for that stupid rubber finger brush thing. Mom was a bit surprised. She knew I was probably going to be grumpy about it. She was not expecting my immediate and vicious response. I gave her the "Don't EVER try that again" look. What was she thinking??? I could tell she was a little nervous about a midnight revenge attack while she would be sleeping. But I didn't do it. Yet.



January 19th 2010 8:11 pm
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Whenever mom is on the bed or the couch, I have to walk all over her and purr. Then sometimes I go into one of my trances: I stand with my nose 1/2 inch away from her, make biscuits with my paws, and purr. My eyes get that far away look, I just am frozen there for several minutes making biscuits. Eventually I suddenly stop and walk away like nothing ever happened. Occasionally I'll "trance" on a spot of bedding, but usually it's a spot on mom's sleeve or hair. Of course mom had to take a picture of me doing this, like it's cute or something.

I'm now on 2u of insulin 2xday. Mom will do a curve Friday, she has a feeling I'm just about where I need to be with my insulin dosing. I've picked up a tiny amount of weight, and my fur is looking much better. Not that clumpy dehydrated fur. I had an infection in my nose for weeks, causing me bloody sneezes. I'm happy to report that antibiotics cleared it all up. So I'm doing well. Now I'm just parked in the doorway waiting for mom to sit on the couch so I can cuddle... then give her one of my "love nips" when she's not paying attention... hehehe...


My Update

January 5th 2010 6:19 pm
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Last week I got my thyroid hormone levels tested again. Turns out I'm on the perfect dose of medication, my levels are back to normal. Yay! But I have lost a little more weight. I'm down to 9.0 pounds. Because of the weight loss and because I have been so thirsty lately, I got another blood glucose curve. The results: Hi, Hi, Hi! My insulin dose is now increased to 1 unit twice a day. Mom has been concerned about my weight loss. My doctor says that I should naturally begin to pick up weight as I get my diabetes under control again.

In other news, mom went away a flyball tournament with the whippets last weekend. My brother kitties all got a giant buffet to snack on. What did I get? Back to the hospital to board for a few days. No free for all buffet for me! Whatever... But I did get to show my grumpy side to the technicians. I sure scared the new one, hehehe. But the others knew my antics and were prepared for my swats and love bites. That was annoying. Maybe I'll seem tougher when I pick up some weight. They all love me and let me wander around the hospital at night when it was slow. I get lots of extra TLC. I got lots of treats too!

I'm back at home now. My sis Nitro was on the winning team. We're both 11 years old now, I don't know how she does it. I prefer to be on the napping team.


Just checking in.

December 13th 2009 10:05 am
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Nothing much new. I've been on my hyperthyroid meds maybe a week or so. The doc says it takes at least 3 weeks to get to a consistent level. At that point they'll stab me with a needle again for another blood test. Not fun! But then I get treats. If needed they will adjust my meds for another 3 weeks and so on until I get just the right amount. That doesn't sound too bad. But then, it's back to those blood glucose tests! The hyperthyroid condition affects my diabetes. First they get the thyroid hormones under control, then see where that leaves my glucose levels, and tinker with that. Sounds complicated, I'm glad I have a very good DVM who can coordinate all this :) Ok, I'm going back to the chair to sleep.


The Results are in:

December 2nd 2009 9:41 pm
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I am indeed hyperthyroid. What does this mean? For me it means Pill Pockets twice a day! I LOVE Pill Pockets! It also means blood work more often, that won't be fun. The DVM says hyperthyroidism affects insulin resistance. That may be why I'm still having diabetes issues. This has been a long day for me. Time to nap and dream about my future Pill Pockets.

PS. For you kitties out there that like Pill Pockets for your meds, tell your people that the large dog ones are just as tasty and much more cost effective. One big dog one makes many cat sized ones. Mmmmmm.

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