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I was tagged today

January 31st 2009 5:38 pm
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I was tagged today by a cat virgil. I now have to list 7 things about me, and then tag 7 of my friends
1. I was just adopted in November after my family other cat Sophie
2. I love to play strings and I am good at it.
3. I have to live inside, can't go outside
4. I carry my toys in my mouth
5. I can play ball
6. I am very curious
7. I like to look out the window


January 30 2009

January 30th 2009 5:04 pm
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I have had a busy day. I got up and played strings. It was fun. I LOVE to flop around after the string. Today is friday so momma goes to the store and gets us our food and treats for the week. I LOVE fridays. I get to sample the food momma brings home. She does a great job picking out my food. That dog in the family is always trying to take my food. She is a real pest! There was a big hawk flying around and scretching this afternoon and I could hear it in the house and it scared me. The weather is nice but we need rain. My family is going somewhere tonight, so it will just me, Lucy and the dumb dog home tonight. Lucy and I have plans, it will be fun and NO DOGS will be alowed to join our party. It is a party for 2! I hope the steelers win the super bowl this sunday. I hope the dog don't like the steelers because she will bring them bad luck. Well not much to write. I am glad January is almost over only 2 days left- it has been a very long month. My birthday is 1 month and 1/2 a way.
Walk to your own drummer


January 26 2009

January 26th 2009 7:19 pm
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Well it stopped raining. this morning it was was foggy as far as my eye could see- just fog! Then the sun came out, but it was cold. I have been playing alot of string games. I love to play with strings. My favorite is chasing the string around the house. My new favorite string has a grey fluff on it. I can jump in the air and catch the fluff ball on the string. MY Birthday is March 15 I would like strings with fuffy stuff tied to the end. I will be two years old.
Walk to your own drummer


January 23rd

January 23rd 2009 4:39 pm
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It is a rainy friday afternoon, and I am feeling a bit tired. I have been doing a lot of playing with my favorite string which is really cool. It has a white string with a really pretty red mouse attached. I love to jump up and get it when it is dangling from the air. I also like to chase it all over the house. It is a really fun toy. I also been teaching my self to play ball. I bat the ball all over the house and chase it around.
It is a lot of fun.
On Tuesday Obama became the president, and it was very exciting. It was the very first time I saw a president get sworn into office. I really like President Obama. I just know he will be a great president.
I am looking forward to having him as my president.
Well I got to go


January 17 2009

January 17th 2009 7:50 am
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Wow I finally made it to Caster. I lived with my new forever home for almost 2 months and I got on catster finally! If you ask me my family was really slow getting me on. Ilive with Lucy- she does not like me much and Abbey a dog who is a real pest- I do not like her.The Weather is warm here. WE need rain. I am a very cute Siamese/ Burmese Kitty with big beatiful blue eyes that are cross-eyed kitty. I like to play hide and seek,it is fun to have your human family look for you. Well not much to say- I have a very very busy day ahead of me. I got plans to get to.
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