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Nikita's view of the world.

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Not Raining

April 2nd 2014 7:33 am
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well therain has stopped. That is good because for a while I thought we would flood orfloat away. I guess we need the rain. I was Lucky I did not get fooled for April fools day yesterday- I did fool Bijou and Roxie. I found anew place to sleep the dirty cloths hamper- they are nice warm. I hope that Bijou does not find it- It is my spot first! wellI got to go.


I am Back and Happy April fools day

April 1st 2014 5:57 pm
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I am back- I have not been on here in over 3 months. Did you miss me- I missed catster but thought it would be gone. Boy are we getting rain- We really need the rain we are in a big Drought here in california. This Climate change is for the birds! Nothing really new with me- My sisters still looking for work. I did not get April fooled I am to smart for that. I helped my human sister decorate the hose for Easter and make watermellon Flavored cupcakes- the frosting was Yummy. We got over 1 1/2 of rain today- I can beleive it came down in Buckets and hail. I think Spring and winter switched months, we had spring weather in OCT- jan and winter weather feb- Now.
Oh for all the furs that Can not stand Michael Vick- He is going to the New York Jets- Boycott them and Nike they are getting him a shoe!
See ya later- write more now I know catster is here to stay
PS I had a big event in my life when I was gone- I turned 7 years old on March 17th. I had a very nice Birthday Got lots of traets and some toys.


Nothing going on

December 28th 2013 9:37 am
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Nothing much going on. Just relaxing after christmas. I have a little asthma today. It is still warm and still NO rain!! It is the driest year on record.Well I am going ot enjoy the day. Take care.


Merry christmas Friends!

December 25th 2013 4:06 pm
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Merry Christmas to all the furs!
I hope you had a Great day! I did. I got some nice gifts. I received that toy the cats meow strings a new bowel and treats. I love my treats! I got my humans a nice gifts too especially the very cute picture of my self!
Last friday I had a very weird experience- that I did not like! My human sister took me Bijou and roxie Christmas shopping the carrier and the car. I do not like going Bye bye I do not know why she thought I would like that. Bijou was ok with it, but NMOT ME! Humans are crazy drivers and I had No shopping to do so why did I need to go. I was quite happy staying home. Thank YOU!
Thanks to all the cats and catster whos ent me nice Christmas Gifts it was awfully nice of you, The computer has been acting up or the Gremlins on catster have so I have not been able to get on and write.
The weather is still wasy to warm and strange- I think it is Climate Change which is very scarry! We really need Rain.
well Hope all had a merry Christmas I did


8days until christmas

December 17th 2013 9:28 am
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Well the cold snap has left, we Need rain very MUCH!! we aree in dire straights out here- 3 years in a drought- which is very scarry and climate change in the works. It seems like spring in the morning and afternoon. I am excited for Christms- I see presents for us hidden on shelves that I can not get to and Iam curious to what they are. Thanks for the friendship requests it is very nice of you sorry for the answers for being so late. well the stray kitty that is a Siamese finally found a new home which makes me happy as it will not be begging and stealing food from me. well if I do not get back on here by Christmas, Have a Very MERRY CHRISTMAS!! Thanks for all th kind comments on my diary


Freezing Temps

December 5th 2013 8:37 am
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MEOW! It is cold. We had freezing temps here last night. I feel so sorry for all the poor homeless kitties. I hope they find a warm place to sleep and are ok. It is only 20 days until Christmas and I am excited becuase there are presents for us on the top shelf that we can not get to. We decorated the house and have our tree up- Next year when my human sisters get better job we will have a real tree. Well I got to go and help sister do stuff - You know humans they can not do anything right with out a cats help. well I hope all you cats are safe and warm. Have a GREAT Thursday!!



December 1st 2013 8:23 pm
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Well, I have to say this weekend has not been easy or fun for me. Ever since Bijou and Roxie had a birthday I have not had any peace from them
You would think than since they both got a year old they would also be smarter but no. Bijou bugs me all day and night. She wants to chase and play with me, and I do not want to play with her, I have hissed, hit and fought with her, but she still wants to play, This morning I was resting on a pillow, and what do I know she come and sat right nex to me Oh younger sisters are so silly
What is even worse is Roxie has also been bugging me, I know you I am a fun cat but she wants me to actually play with her a dog. Once again I have hit, snarled and hissed at her, but she does not understand. Cats do not play with dogs.
Hopefully they both will learn I want to be alone and not bugged by them



November 28th 2013 6:38 am
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Hello Friends
Happy thanksgiving! Enjoy your day! Ia m looking forward to getting my Turkey- as I love it! Surprisngly Roxie is DDp on Dogster so congrats to her. Have a safe ThanksGiving see ya later


DDP 3 Times

November 27th 2013 9:56 am
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I have to say it might be Bijou's and Roxie's Birthday but I am DDP today. so ha ha on them I have something to celebrate too. I would like to thank Catster for choosing me- I appreciate it and Love all the comments. I am looking forward toTurkey day as I love Turkey. It is only 28 days until Santa Comes. wellNot much else going on. So Happy Birthday 2 years old to Bijou Kitty and I guess I will have to say Happy 1st Birthday to Roxie Dog to be Polite and I am a very Polite cat. Thanks to all the nice and kind Cats who left nice comments on my page. well I will wish Everyone a Happy Thanks giving ahead of time in case I do not get back on. Take care have a safe Day and Thanksgiving and if you have family or friends coming I hope they arrive safely. Ps Happy Hannakuah( sorry about Spelling errors Did not mean to offend anyone) to all the Jewish Kitties and the families celebrating that Holiday too.


Very Lucky Kitty DDP 2 times

November 25th 2013 7:11 am
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Boy am I a very Lucky kitty I was chosen DDp 2 times in a row. Thank You Catster for Choosing me. I appreciate it. Thanks to all the nice kittys and thier comments. It was nice of u. My human sister and I are still fighting over whether I should sit on the TV. I say Yes she says No. So far I am winning. Itis only 3 days until Thanksgiving- which I am very happy about as I love Turkey. As of today it is a month until Christmas which I love for the lioghts decorations strings and gifts. I like to play with the package strings. It is very cold out . I hope all are ok with the weather and are haing a good time

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