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-purebred-extra toe(s)

July 25th 2000

Spotted Tabby

catnip, playing with feather toys, moths, kicking toy mice, fetch

kitties that don't like to play with her

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catnip cigars, Yeoowws catnip and magical catnip... organic, of course. and Buds, or course.

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under the down comforter on momma's bed

Favorite Food:
tuna because it rhyme's with my name.

i can stay for over 5 minutes when momma tells me, and sit and go bedtime when she claps


Arrival Story:
my momma adopted me when she couldn't have babies. she loved me very much. i loved her too. but now i'm lost and i don't know how to get home. maybe i'm over the rainbow bridge. i wish i knew how to tell my momma. she keeps looking for me. i got lost on january 7th, 2009. there was a bobcat outside that had the hots for me and maybe i ran off with him. maybe that would be a good thing for momma to think even if i'm over the rainbow bridge. i wish momma wouldn't cry so much. UPDATE: Momma read that scared kitties could be lured home by making them feel at home outside. So she sprinkled used kitty litter from my sister -- icky -- and I found my way home. I ran away first when the neighbor tried to catch me, but Momma put out more kitty litter in my yard and she left the door open and I pushed it and there was my BED!!!! I jumped under the down comforter and have been sleeping ever since. And purring. I'm so happy to be warm and safe and back where I belong with my momma and my sister, Candace.

i was born in washington and i am the granddaughter of pixie, the first pixie bob. i wasn't interested in the boys that the breeder brought over to mate with me, so i faked being pregnant. then i meowed so loudly that momma took me in to get fixed and i didn't have to get pregnant. the breeder wasn't very happy, but she did say i would be a very happy kitty and i was.... at least until i got lost. I'm not lost anymore.

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Luna, the Princess of Purrs

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January 11th 2009 More than 8 years!

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Back to the Vet AGAIN

January 28th 2009 4:04 pm
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The Vet is not bad, but I don't like it when she injects fluids in me. I have to pee so badly when I get home. I still have scabs on my toes. Momma doesn't know, but when I was lost, I ran and I ran and I ran.

All the houses look the same. I pushed my nose on all the doors but no one would let me in. My nose is finally healing and the fur is coming back. I was so scared. I thought I was at the right door and Momma didn't like me anymore. But then I smelled my sisters pee smell and I found the right door and when I pushed it with my nose, it OPENED!!! It took me so long to get home.

I don't think I ever would have found the way without the smell of my sister's pee. Not that I understand how her pee smell got ALL THE WAY DOWN THE STREET AND AROUND THE CORNER!!!

I heard my Momma calling me a few times, but I was too scared to say anything. And big monsters that made lots of noise stopped at houses and picked up bags of smelly stuff that sometimes had food in them.

Anyway, the vet took my blood and I hope I'm done with the vet. At least Momma won't squirt water in my mouth anymore. And I'm all done with the pills.

I'm so HUNGRY!!! I just can't seem to eat the food I used to. The pieces take too much work to chew and my mouth gets tired.

On the bright side, there are lots of new toys around. And it smells very nice in here. Like CATS!!!! (Momma has a diffuser with cat smell Feleway or something like that. Yes, I CAN READ!!!)

I'm still sleeping under the covers with my Momma. It feels good to be next to her warm body. I get up and go potty when she does. I think she likes it too. But my sister seems to be getting jealous. She wasn't jealous when I couldn't move at all. Maybe that means I won't have to go the vet again.

But I think Momma is expecting the Vet to call. I saw her write notes about kidneys and livers. Maybe it's better food, but I doubt it.



I'm HOME!!!!!

January 19th 2009 12:26 am
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I came home on the 15th of January after being lost for NINE DAYS!!!
I purred and purred and purred all night, sleeping under the covers with my Momma, with my sore paws touching her. I twitched a lot as I was dreaming. I've been sleeping with one eye open.
My pink nose was gray and I didn't feel well, but I kept purring. I ate too much and threw up. I didn't want to drink any water. Momma noticed I made a bad poop and she saw I was stuck in the box. My back legs wouldn't move. It happened when I was lost too which is why I couldn't get home.
Mom gave me water with a straw in my throat and I didn't like it, but I could walk until I pooped again and Momma took it out of box to take to the bad vet the next day. I didn't care but I was embarrassed not to be able to walk. I just purred and purred.
Then we went to vet and she gave me pills Clavamox and Albon and I haven't been purring much since as I feel very sick. I don't want to eat or drink.
Momma is worried because I don't seem as happy, but I'm just feeling very sick to my tummy. I'm not hungry at all. I think the medicine is making me feel sick, but Momma seems to think I need it. She's doing more research on the box with the letters now.
She wants me to purr again. I think she's poisoning me. Maybe she didnt' want me to come home.....
But then she was SO HAPPY when she saw me!!!! She laughed and cried and thanked GOddess and Bast and everyone and said she now has a lot of promises to keep as she prayed so hard and promised to do all sorts of work to help pets and people if I came home.
It's time for my pill. Why is Momma giving them to me if they make me feel worse?
She's also giving me tuna which I used to love,, but I lap a little water off the top and then it just doesn't smell right anymore.
But I AM HOME!!!!!
If I don't feel well here, at least I will get love and love is what I love best about home.
My big sister doesn't seem that happy to see me. She hissed at me. But then she always hisses at me, even after 8 years. I never ever hiss back. I think she's jealous and I love her very much. I hope she's pretending and did miss me. It was her smell that helped me find my way home.
I would be over the rainbow bridge if it wasn't for my sister's litterbox smell. I dont' think I would have made it another day.
Poor Momma almost fainted when she saw that my formally pink nose was ash grey. It's pinker now, even though I feel greyer. Or so Momma says. I can't jump up to the bed yet. I hope I can soon.
I'm so embarrassed that Momma has to put me on the bed. I used to be able to jump up, and I've never been a jumper.
I'm a burrower. I have extra toes so I can dig well. I can get mice and rats out of their holes, too. But I never could jump.
My sister can jump and it made me so upset when I was a kitten.
I would try and try and try and try, but I never could get 3 feet up like she could, and she was old. My sister is 17. And she still can jump higher than me. sigh....
I hope my tummy ache goes away. I hope my Momma isn't poisoning me. I think the vet gave the medicine, but vets aren't always right. My friend's vet took out her teeth and the poison in her gums got in her blood and my friend went over the rainbow bridge. Momma said she'll never pull my teeth. I like dry food though. organix kind, but I'm not hungry now and Momma will only give me wet food which was usually a treat. I used to drink lots of water too. Water looks disgusting. And Momma drips it down my throat now.
I don't know why?
Momma, love will cure me. Love is the medicine I need. Although I don't mind homeopathic medicine. Maybe Momma will go to the health food store and get better medicine.

I'm going to sleep now.
I like sleeping next to Momma and I know she's been careful not to roll over and squish me. I wish my tummy wasn't sick....



January 15th 2009 11:18 pm
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My Momma's best friend saw me under a bush. But I was scared and ran away. Momma was at the doctor's. I'm still hiding and I know she loves me because she keeps putting out food. But I"m still afraid to come home.

I want to be in my Momma's warm bed, but I'm scared that it might not be the same and I'm traumatized.

I hope I get the courage to come in soon and get out of the cold.

My Momma LOVES ME!

Pray for me that I have courage to come home

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