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A day in the life of Spaz

crazy boy

February 17th 2009 12:16 pm
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Spaz was in quite the mood yesterday. Looking into the air and jumping aorund like something was there, running from room to room and rolling around, throwing his toys in the air. He cracks me up. He was meowing alot too, not a distressed moew, more like he was trying to have a little conversation with me. Quite cute. He was snuggly at bed time too, right up against my leg with his head on my hip purring away, he was purring so hard my whole body was vibrating, at the vets they call him a purrbox because he rarely stops purring. This is the cat who purred through all his shots!!! crazy boy.

It's so weird to have a cat, I've grown up with dogs my whole life, gor my 1st when I was 4 and I am almost 24 now. I love any animal, cats included but never thought of owning one until Spaz chose me. Like I tell people, I didn't adopt him, he adopted me. When I saw how closely he followed me ar0und and how happy he was to see me in the mornings, back when he lived at the daycare I realized there was no way I could give him up. What a love story eh?

He is so chatty now too, when he 1st came into the daycare he was quiet, aside from his purring. Now he is always meowing or "chirping" about something. When I come into the room he meows. When I leave the room he meows, he meows when he is hungry and when he wants to play and sometimes just randomly he will lift his head and chirps at me and then goes back to sleep, like "ok mom just checking to see if your still there" I don't know how to explain his chirping, it really does sound almost birdlike. kinda really quick mew mew mew mew. lol. It's pretty cute!!!

Anyway I am off to see what he is doing, I can hear him crasing around in my room playing.

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