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Remembering Taffy

I got diary of the day again!

November 11th 2012 8:30 pm
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Thank you so much.... I am thankful. I was just thinking back to those car rides to cape cod. I was a snuggly beast like Andy or social like Leo. But during the car rides to our second house at Cape Cod I would take turns sitting on the kids laps. There were three: My primary care- taker Lisa, who owned Leo and is Andy's mom, then Christian and then Stacy. It was a long trip. I would sometimes puke in the car. Towards the end.

But I had a huge second domain. These humans trusted me and I was able to go outside. I decimated the whole entire chipmunk population with in months. I went there for years. During all the kids school vacations and the whole entire summer. I enjoyed going "On vacation"

Leo traveled to his grandfathers house in Pennsylvania...a couple of times but he didn't go outside. But he got to be with Lisa over the holidays. Andy might be going to be with them at sometime.

I just can't get that wooded area of the cape out of my mind. Lisa says that it's way over developed now in that neighborhood. And the house was sold a little while after her parents divorced. What ever that means. They sold it to friends. That saddens me. I would have liked to visited there one more time in spirit with Lisa.

Well, its late and Lisa has to go to work tomorrow. And I must find an area to hover over.

Thanks again for the nomination.


so taffy how are you doing?

November 8th 2012 3:14 pm
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I am doing good. I love being matter and floating... I was watching your cat yesterday... he was playing with his toys. Very cute, but big to be playing with toys.

But I guess boy kitties are less mature. Plus, I was hunting instead. I played with string when I was tiny. I can't believe how much I was outside compared to Leo and Andy.

Poor Andy never goes outside. And I think that coyote was stalking Leo for a long time and that is why he stayed close to home. And it got him in the end. I am sorry for Lisa, but I have to behave strong, so she doesn't hang on to it.
She hung on to me for a long time. I had to stay here... for a while and I didn't want to. I didn't like it there. My life was good until Ruskus, the stray came, to live with us. He tormented me for eight years.

I wish he never came to us. Well, enough of that.

I am going to watch Andy and Lisa for a bit and then fizz away for today.


Thank you for nominating us for diary of the day

November 2nd 2012 6:06 pm
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Taffy we got diary of the day!

Taffy: That's wonderful Lisa... I never called you mommy. Huh?

Me: Well, when you were a baby maybe.

Taffy: I am glad that you are getting noticed for your creativity and writing finally. I remember all those resumes, and job interview. And to no avail.... Do you still want to be a writer?

Me: Sometimes. I just don't want to mass produce the same crap everyone else does. I know there's a story in me. That's different and will be unique. But It hasn't surfaced.

Taffy: hmm your obsessed with kitties. Maybe a book about cats? Or the pet sitting jobs you have had?

Me: I have tried... the pet sitting ones and they come out either boring or really negative about the animal. No... and then there are the animals that have died. Too painful... too painful to write about past kitties.

Taffy: I think it would help you move on, I can still feel a pull to the earth to you. It's ok. But think of poor Leo, you have to let him move on a be a kitty in heaven. It's fun up here.

Me: Taffy you have never given a shit... about me or anyone!!!

Taffy: Lisa, that is not true. You took care of me very well at the end. You protected me from fatso the killer cat. I appreciated that a lot. and we bonded major.

Lisa: True ... true... But I can miss the kitties.

Taffy. (sighs) Ok. But I am glad we won! I never won anything in my life. Have I?

Me: Sexy kitty award.

Taffy: I think not.

Me: Hee hee.

Taffy: Well, you can communicate with me still. If it helps get your creative juices out. But I might be annoyed sometimes. There are times I can't materialize. Or have a thought process. I can't control where I go.

Lisa: That's fine. I can improvise.

Taffy: This could be interesting. Thanks everyone for the nomination!



October 28th 2012 5:36 am
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As we are approaching another hurricane the exact same week as last years disaster. And I mean disaster. The thing totally killed Connecticut.
I was thinking about one particular snow storm. In the 1980's we hit kind of a dry spell with snow. But whenever we got a nor'easter, it landed some footage.

I had Taffy from 1982-1997. So this was probably the winter if 82. As she was still a kitten. That little girl always went outside. We were so stupid. She would get beaten up, stuck up trees. We weren't as fearful and protective as we are now.

So the weather people were really playing it up. Highways might be closed for days. No power, because the snow would be heavy due the blah....blah and two weather systems hitting, maybe three at the same time. I remember hearing the word two very distinctly and thinking, this could be bad.

But then my parents blew it off. Because it depended on how it was going to track. It really looked like one would hit dc, the other from a hurricane would end in Virginia and the nor'easter.... who knew. And every station was saying something different. No weather channel then.

So we were forced to bathe and do all our homework anyhow. It was not a pleasant exchange.

Typically, we get wind... I heard nothing.... all night... My alarm went off, and I woke up and got dressed. Taffy was screaming for her food.
I fed her and my dad came down.... I don't know why he was there, he always left at 5 am. Her opened the drapes and there was three feet of snow on our deck. He said" I don't think, I am going to work."

So Taffy being a stupid kitten, and not knowing things of the world. Kept meowing. I mean that cat was persistent through out her life with it. She would drive you insane. So I picked her up and said Pookie, you have to stay in....

Meow, meow, meow. Finally, my father, never a Taffy fan, said "Oh, does kitty want to go out?" He picked her up and threw her out into the snow.

"Dad! What the crap?" I yelled. Then I could hear this faint mewing in the bank. I had to laugh.

I got her out and dried her off. She purred and we played with some yarn up in my bed for a bit. For the rest of the day she would forget and go to the door and I could see my dads feathers starting to go up. She was a creature of habit. But she would remember after awhile. I think she back upstairs to sleep for the rest of the day. Dad went to work, once we got plowed out. Not much of a family man back then.


One of the best Taffy stories

August 7th 2011 9:48 am
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One time my dad and his friends were sitting at the kitchen table playing cards.

Taffy was a very vocal cat. Always yelling... talking. Sometimes she had a strange twang. Well she wanted to go out and dad and guests were ignoring her. She was at the door.. meow ...meow...

Frusterated she belted "LEEET ME OUTTTT" In a meowy way. But it really sounded close to it. Everyone just stared at each other and then started laughing.

Taffy got let out.


ist note

July 26th 2011 5:51 am
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Taffy was my first real pet. When we had to move back from England to here, there were a lot of bribes promised by my parents. The cat, was the only promise that they followed through on. And not because it was a promise, but rather my mother had to get a cat before my father got a dog. She knew dogs were more work.

So in the summer, we found the very light orange cat in a litter left three. One fluffy kitty, which the family was keeping, a darker orange tabby, and Taffy who was named Waterloo,her brother was Piccadilly.

Now, if you ever get a chance to meet the pet parents-- you should focus on that for a while. Like humans, cats personalities can be genetic. I got a chance to pick up the very young tortie mother and what a bitch!!!. If you saw the movie Marley and me... they had a brief scene where (Owen)- Grogan-- saw Marley's psycho dad.

The family that had the cats were transfers from England. I don't think they socialized the kittens very well. But I also think that they never really could because the little fur balls would often hide. After a couples days of deciding, we went back to get her. Her light fur and bright blue eyes made her so different. When we came to get her-- all three kittens had hidden. And for quite a while. Very awkward silence for a while.

We wanted a pet to play with, cuddle, interact.-- so a social kitty would have been better for us. These cats were not social at all. It's always best to take the cat that chooses you. Many people claim that best cats they ever had chose them at the shelter or just showed up at the door step. Like Ruskus, our second cat. He chose this home and was a great comfort to my mom and brother.

Another thing you can try is picking up the kitten and turning it on its back. It's normal to have wiggling and crying. If the cat hisses or gets aggressive, its time to move on to the next cat. I wonder if she would have bitten my hand off if I tried it at the time?

Certain breeds are social and more like -- gasp-- dogs. They crave attention. Like Leo--- I am certain he is part Bengal. Exotic breeds tend to be more sensitive. But I have also found that they need to stay with mom longer. 8-12 weeks works better for Bengals. My friends Bengal came from CA @ 13 weeks. After the general getting used to a new place and getting a brofur and fursis. He was good to go. They realized he was very lonely. He came from a huge cattery! Leo, my third kitty, came from a large kitty household too. I think he would have benefited if we brought his sister along. Taffy on the other hand, would have killed any cat that crossed her threshold.

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