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Master Chef

August 16th 2011 9:11 pm
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We all watched Master Chef tonight. Mietzi on the back of the couch. Mom on the couch and I on the cat tree. It was the final. Oh the suspence. Jennifer or Adrien. Quail or short ribs. Scallops or Prawns. Prawns are like shrimp I think. I don't know. I never had them. OK, the short ribs were too spicey for my taste, I would have liked the scallops raw and why did she stuff the quail with vegetables? Not necessary. But overall it was a good show. It made my mouth water. If Mom could only cook like that. Yeah right. Keep dreaming Timo.

NEXT season I'll apply to be one of the Judges on Master Chef. Yep. Gordon Ramsey and Timo. I'll get to taste all the dishes and give them one to four paws.

Good night. I'll go dream of quail now.


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