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DDP thanks and Big Foot has gone away

August 23rd 2010 5:20 pm
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I got selected as a Daily Diary Pick yesterday. What a surprise and an honor. Thank you so much, Diary Girl *wink*. I had a very nice day. I played with a fishing pole toy and chased Mietzi around.

I wanted to meow a big thank you to all my friends who made comments in my diary. You are so nice and I love you all:
Gleek my good friend - yes, the diary girl does like stories about Big Foot.
Hazel Lucy - I'm doing so good, I don't need my last dose of pain meds.
Sugar Bear - you are a sweet cat. I plan on eating just as much as before I lost my teeth, if not more, MOL.
Luke - thanks for your purrs and concats, buddy.
Thomas - we do look alike! Maybe we are cousins. We are two handsome man cats for sure.
Henry - thank you for your concern. Your purrs helped me feel good again.

Also thank you to all the furrs who sent gifts. Love you all:
Buddie - for the pawmail and the blue ribbon. Thanks for purring for me. Wow, those ribbons are powerful. I feel so good now.
Tinkerbell, Bear Bush and the Bush Family - for the Mighty Paw. Te He, Mighty Paw, that's what I had.
My dear friend Molly - yummy Shrimp. Mmmmh, I gobbled those right up. Thank you! I am feeling good again.
Adam Dylan and family - a beach ball. I played with it yesterday and it was great fun. Thank you so much. I am still purring for you, Adam. Hope things with your food go well.

Thank you, dear friends for all your well wishes and purrs for my paw and my teeth. I appreciate it so much and I am all healthy again. Mom talked to German Grandma yesterday on the phone and told her about the dentist pulling three of my teeth. German Grandma doesn't know that much about cats but she's nice. She came to visit two years ago. Anyway, she asked my Mom if cat's teeth don't just fall out by themselves. Well, yes, I suppose they do. But before they fall out they rot away and get infected and it hurts if you want to bite into a nice, big steak. So, yes, those teeth had to come out. My paw is back to normal again. Thank catness.

Thank you all for caring. Big purrs and hugs,

Paw Script: Mom picked up my manly collar from the vet. Thank goodness I don't have to wear pastel colors any more.


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