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I'm starting a Revolution and I have a Bum Tooth

August 18th 2010 6:40 pm
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So I declared this week "Take your Cat to the Diner" week and Mom comes home tonight and puts me in the car. I'm thinking, Yay! We are going to the Diner. Pawsome. Where did I end up? At the dredded VET. Because it's actually "Take your Cat to the VET week. I got a Rabies shot. That's not too bad. But the Doc, it was a nice Lady Doc, insisted of looking into my mouth and it turns out I have a bum tooth. I have to go back in tomorrow to get my teeth cleaned and maybe the bum tooth has to come out. Rats! The guy Doc will take care of my toothies tomorrow. The Lady said he LIKES working on cat's teeth. Weird. I would much rather have the Lady Doc again. She is nice.

Now get this: Mom wants me to start a Revolution! She asked the vet about Revolution and the vet said sure I can have a Revolution. It's gonna do me some good. I don't really want a Revolution. I wonder what gave Mom that idea? I'm a real gentle and nice guy. It looks like Mietzi is supposed to join me in the Revolution. Now what kind of Revolution should we start? Cats Rule and Dogs Drool? Well, that's kind of obvious. This requires some thought. You guys gotta help me think. I've never started a Revolution before. I'll think on it while I get my bum tooth fixed.

I wonder what the piece of paper means that Mom taped to the kitchen cabinet? It says: TIMO NO BREAKFAST!

Let's start a Revolution

Purred by: Luke (Catster Member)

August 18th 2010 at 8:38 pm

Sorry to hear about the bum tooth, hope you are fixed up in no time. I do have to wonder about a guy who "likes" to work on cats' teeth - that's just weird! I'm not sure about the Revolution, I'll get back to you on that one...

purrs, Luke
Purred by: Newman (Catster Member)

August 19th 2010 at 6:03 am

Dang, it sounds like your Mom has started a Revolution! I hope your toofie problem goes away. Maybe your Revolution should be: Brush Your Toofies or Lose Them!

I love brushing my toofies. Good luck at the dentist today!


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