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The Day after Thanksgiving Hunt

November 28th 2009 4:21 pm
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Wow, I'm a daily diary pick today. I didn't even notice until now. I was busy stuffing my face with turkey. Thank you to Molly, Samoa, Alfie and Buddie for the gifts and pmails. Also thank you purry much to the Diary Girl for picking me.

Did you all have a happy Thanksgiving with lots of turkey? Did your pawrents go on the big "Day after Thanksgiving hunt" yesterday. I heard it's the biggest hunt of the year for the hoomans. Mom got up real early. She wanted to get this one movie, but it was already gone.
She did get some nice sweaters - I'm happy that I don't wear sweaters.
She got some warm boots - Thank catness I don't have to wear boots.
She got a set of flatware real cheap - Why would anybody want to eat with forks and knifes?
She caught two nice, cuddly blankets - Now those we can use. Good job Mom.
She stood in the checkout line for over an hour to snatch a cat bed on sale for me - Ooh Mom, I love you too.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends. Love you all.

Mom! Should we warm up some leftovers?


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