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Tornado Warning

June 14th 2009 7:00 pm
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Last Sunday something scarry happened. We had a tornado warning. I know it was already a week ago but I beg Meowmy to write in my diary more often, I purr and meow and make my cutest face but she says she is busy.

So anyway, it was a lovely day in the 70s. Then in the afternoon it got cold real fast and it got dark. Meowmy had the talky picture box on and they said we should go into the basement because a tornado is coming our way. Then the loud dog houler went off (the hoomans call it a siren). We don't have a basement, so Meowmy grabbed Mietzi and put her in our bathroom's linen closet. Then she came back and wanted to pick me up. But I was half asleep and didn't know what was happening, so I tried to hide under the table. She said we need to hurry and this is no game. So I let her carry me into the bathroom. She closed the bathroom door and let Mietzi out of the closet.

I don't know if you have tornados where you live but they are very dangerous. We just had to wait. I kept looking at the ceiling because I heard the wind houl and it rained really hard. Mietzi was purrty good but she can't sit still furr long. She kept asking what will we play next. She kept running up on the bathroom cabinet and into the tub and out and back again. Then she started pulling open some drawers and cabinet doors. She hissed at me once because I was in her space (says she). Then she discovered Meowmy's hairbrush and rubbed her furr all over it. She said it feels really good. When Mietzi had played enuff with the hairbrush Meowmy brushed my furr with it and Mietzi is right - it does feel good. Meowmy said she needs to buy a new hairbrush now. I don't see why, that one worked really good.

We waited about half an hour, then the wind and the rain died down. The tornado ended up turning north and it missed us. It did some minor damage in another town, no hoomans or furrs were hurt.


Purred by: Dana D

June 15th 2009 at 3:52 pm

OMC! Yes we get those scary things here too! Though we've never had one hit our town, we've had a few close calls.

We don't have a basement either so when those loud dog houlers go off mom wrangles us all into the bathroom closet. It has to be the closet since the bathroom has an outside wall.

Not much by way of protection but it's better than nothing! mol We will be glad when severe weather season is over!

Purring for those effected by that scary thing & for your families nerves. mol


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