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A special Greyhound

May 17th 2009 7:45 am
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A few days ago Meowmy came home and she smelled like dog. Big dog that is. So I gave her a questioning look and she explained. The big dog is a Greyhound and her name is Autumn. She is seven years old and she used to run races together with other Greyhounds. Then after she was done racing the hoomans had her have puppies for a few years and now something furrtastic has happened in her life. My Meowmy's collegue adopted her! He brought her in to the office the other day, so Meowmy got to meet her.

She says Autumn is the sweetest dog ever. Very, very nice. Still a bit shy, but who wouldn't be. She is in a new place. She now has one dog sisfur and three cat siblings. She shows no aggression at all towards any of the other furrs in the house. One of the cats got curious and went into Autumns crate to investigate. Autumn was outside the crate and saw the cat but never did anything. Meowmy's collegue is so happy that they have Autumn and his two skinchildren are too.

Meowmy said that some hoomans make the Greyhounds run races and they bet money on who wins. Money, she says, is something that's very important to the hoomans. Mietzi and I like to race too. But we just run furr fun whenever we feel like it and nobody is betting "money" on us. It makes me sad that the Greyhounds have to do something that they may not want to do - and all furr something called "money".

Happy purrs for sweet Autumn,

Paw Script: You all know that I am scared of dogs but a dog like Autumn... Who could not like a dog like that. Meowmy's collegue said Greyhounds are kinda like big cats, MOL. Calm and mellow and just plain nice.


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