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Timo's Tall Tales

Hair Day

May 9th 2009 3:39 pm
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This morning in our house:

Mietzi sat at the patio door asking if she can go out purrty please.
Meowmy said no, she needs to leave soon.

I sat next to my Da Bird toy asking Meowmy if she will make the bird fly furr me.
Meowmy said no, she can't play with me now, she needs to go and get her hair done.

"Hair done" I thought, it looks fine just the way it is. Oh, by the way, hair is what the hoomans call the furr that grows on their heads. Meowmy said she needed to get some color put in her hair. This is strange. Hoomans are so preoccupied with looks. Why do they want to put color in their furr? I don't care what color a hooman's or an animal's furr is. It's what's inside that counts, your purrsonality - not outside looks.

Well, on the bright sight, Meowmy did go outside with us when she got back from "getting her hair done". She planted flowers on the patio and we walked around in the beautiful weather. It's sunny and 63 here in Iowa.

I'm taking a nap.


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