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Timo's Tall Tales

Morgan's Bed and Neighbor's Cat

March 22nd 2009 5:17 pm
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I ordered me a Morgan's Bed. You know, from Morgan the Pirate Gatto. Morgan sent the eagle off with my bed and I put the peanut butter sandwich out but she didn't come yet. I'll make another one and put it on the lawn tomorrow. My bed is called "Cats on Nip" - how appropriate. I have been into my Nip toys a lot lately. I can hardly wait fur it to get here.

Yesterday we had a surprise visitor. Mietzi and I were hanging on the lawn enjoying the nice sunshine and I turn around and there was a cat sitting about 2 yards away from me. He is a boy. Now, I had to protect Mietzi so I fluffed up all my fur and growled and he ran off. We both ran back to our patio. Meowmy was watching the whole time. Later another neighbor said to Meowmy: Timo was on my Patio earlier. Meowmy said: no, he was with me the whole time. Oh, you must have seen that neighbor's cat. He looks like Timo, just smaller. Timo didn't like him.

Waiting to take a nice long nap in my new bed,


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