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Timo's Tall Tales

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See you later dear friends

July 9th 2016 7:40 am
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Catster Community is closing. We are sad. This is not Good Bye. This is just See You Later. Hoping to see you all again, somewhere, somehow. Many of you we have already found on other sites. For sure we'll all meet again in the great hunting grounds in heaven.

We had so much fun here. It was a purrfect place. Thank you all for your love and kindness.

On to new adventures! We love you. Big hugs and kitty kisses,
Mietzi, Timo and the Guest Cat


I'm flushed

October 3rd 2015 8:55 am
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No, I'm not turning red in the face. Mom still squirts that medicine into my ears, even tho I told her my ears are all better and I don't need it anymore. Mom said we have one more week of ear flush to go. It says "flush" on the bottle. So see, I'm flushed.

Furrst, thank you so much to my dear friends Toby and Josie for the cupcake and to my other dear friends Pipo and Minko for the big hugs. Love you guys. Hey, if you're not reading Toby's diary, you are really missing out on some good writing. He writes way better than I. Just click on the cupcake he left me, and click on him somehow and then you can send him a friend-request and pawmail him to tell him that you send him a friend-request. And then you get his new diary entries in your Recent Pal Activity.

I think the new food I eat is working. I'm less itchy. As a matter of fact, I felt so good this morning that I ran several zoomies. Life is good when your ears don't hurt and you're not itchy.

It is so cold now! Summer is over. It's 52 right now.
Feeding all of us has gotten much more complicated says Mom. As you know we have one Guest Cat/Foster Cat. And then there is sisfur Mietzi. Mietzi and Guest Cat can eat "normal" food. I have to eat my anti-itch food and nothing else! And all of us eat wet food all the time. So during the 2 - 3 feeding times Mom watches us like a Hawk, so that I don't walk over and try any of the "normal" food. Sometimes Mom put me into the laundry room or puts one of the girls into the laundry room to eat. But most of the time she manages to watch all of us and keep us all at our assigned food bowls. Which is easy with Mietzi because she eats up on the counter. Then after we lift our heads out of the bowls our food gets put into plastic containers and stored in the fridge until we meow and meow for more food or until it's the next feeding time - whichever comes first.

Oh, and I still get the gelcap with fishoil Omega 3 for my skin in it. Mom poked a hole in it and poured it over my food but the problem is I don't like my food stinking like fish. I didn't eat it. So Mom still pops the gelcap into my mouth really fast while I eat. I'm a good pill-taker says Mom.

Happy weekend to all. Stay warm. We might need to turn the fireplace on.


Bird and Squinny

September 27th 2015 1:19 pm
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Thank you so much to Muppet for the pawsome Mouse! It's better than the squinny that walked up on our patio, ate something and then ran away again (squinnies are smaller than squirrels and they have stripes). This was the first ever squinny or squirrel we have seen here. We usually don't get them because all our trees are still small.
Then yesterday a bird flew into our patio door and sat there dazed for a long time. Mom sent Mietzi out to put him out of his misery. But the bird didn't want to be put out of his misery. He ran off the patio, Mietzi ran after him, she was going to pounce on him but he cursed at her and his beak looked sharp. Mietzi pulled back in mid-attack. The bird fluttered over to a neighbor's patio and later he was gone. I think it might have been a woodpecker. He was pretty good size.

Thank you also to new friend Waffles for the Emerald! Nice bling for my collar.

I think they sent my blood to China. They took it Friday and today they still hadn't called with the results. So Mom called them. Turns out my blood is all good, just like me. I heard Mom say something about dental? I don't know if I have dental insurance?


I'm a good boy

September 25th 2015 7:58 am
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I just wanted to set the record straight. I'm a good boy. Usually I don't hiss and growl at the vet, nope, never. But yesterday they were touching my ears and my ears hurt. And the vet lady was yelling. Mom says she just talks with a loud voice. She wasn't yelling.

Thank you so much to all the friends who stopped by and brought me presents. Smiley Cassanova, Sammy, Beepers and my love Kandi. Thank you so much for caring.

Today was day one that I got medicine into my ears. Well, actually it was day two. Mom has to pull the liquid medicine up into a syringe and then squirt it into my ears. Yesterday she forgot to take the cap off the syringe, MOL. I think a little medicine still got into my ears, even with cap on. Mom says I was so good, letting her squirt that stuff into my ears. Well, I squirmed a little.

I also got pills that have Omega 3 liquid in it to take. It's for my skin itchiness. Now you can prick a hole into the pill and pour the liquid onto my food. But yesterday, while I was eating, Mom just shoved one pill into my mouth and down it went. They are gel-caps, so they're easy to swallow. And they are not as big as the horse pills that one of my Facebook people friends has to take for her bronchitis.

See? I'm a good boy. I take pills.
Please purr and pray that they find out why I'm nibbling all the fur off my paws. Thank mew.


Vet Doc today. Ouchie

September 24th 2015 10:41 am
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Today I had to go to the vet doc. Not nice. It was a new vet lady, not the one I always have. She is nice says Mom. But she talks very loud. So I didn't like her right off the bat because she talks so loud. Goodness, I'm not deaf.

I even hissed and growled because they did so much stuff to me. First I have an ear infection, so Mom needs to put medicine in my ears once a day :( Next I got my distemper shot, well that combination shot FVRCP or something. Then they stole my blood and cut my nails :( We'll get the blood test results tomorrow. I heard them say something about coming back for a dental cleaning soon.

Also I've been nibbling the fur off my paws and under my belly. They put scotch tape on my paw and belly and pulled it off real fast. It felt funny. Then they examined the scotch tape with my skin on it under the microscope. They found nothing. So they think I might have allergies. They are ordering me special food to try to see if that helps. Once the new food is here, I can only eat that and nothing else. No more bon bons. :(( Mom had them order the canned food for me because I had a urinary tract blockage years ago and Mom doesn't want me to eat so much dry. I hope the new food is yummy. But otherwise I'm in good shape for 12 1/2 says the doc.

I hope your day was much better than mine.


Newsflash! You can unpack your decorations. Catster not- moving yet!

May 20th 2015 4:43 pm
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Furs, take a deep breath and unpack your moving boxes again. Here is what Watch Dog said in the All Paws Bulletin Group:

PAWS UP! **Move to New Platform NOT Happening Tomorrow May, 21, 2015**
The move to the new platform IS STILL HAPPENING, but we have a little more time, and A LOT more work to do, before we MUST get off of the old platform.

I'm actually relieved that we now have more time to test the sites, and possibly get some Pawsome Pages folks in to start looking at styling.

I should have an idea of the new date by the end-of day Friday.

Thanks for your patience everyone. Please help spread this update by sharing with your Groups and social networks
Watch Dog

here is the link


Important Mews - We are moving!!

May 17th 2015 3:23 am
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We are moving!!! Finally. We are very excited. Where are we moving to? Well, just up a Platform. Oh, we are not really moving out of this house. We're staying in the middle of the Midwest, but Catster (and Dogster) are finally moving to a secure Platform that can't be hacked as easily as this one, and there will be no fleas hopefully (crosses paws), and everything will actually work!

WHEN ARE WE MOVING? Next week Purrsday or Furrday (May 21 or 22).

WHAT YOU NEED TO DO to get ready for the move? Not much. Just the things in your fun stuff boxes won't work anymore because the site will use new code. Thank Catness. No more of that furry complicated CSS code that took us days to learn just a little bit of and now we've forgotten it anyway.

So your background and page decorations will be gone. Also the things you have put on the right side of your page will be gone. Like memento pictures that some furs made for you, slideshows, etc. Everything that you have created by using the Fun Stuff boxes will be gone.

DON'T PANIC. You can recreate all that on the new Platform. But you'll need the photo(s) you used for your background and decorations, and the other stuff that you have put on the right side of your page. Chances are you or somefur else, has a copy of that saved. Photos, memento pics, slideshows might be in your Photobucket or even on your own computer. If you have Memento pics that somefur else made for you and you don't have a copy saved, send them a PawMail, they might be able to email you a copy. For example, the Meezers (Pipo and Minko) created countless Memento pics for furs over the years. If you know that the picture you are looking for was created by them, send them a pawmail.

Another thing you can do to FIND YOUR BACKGROUND-PHOTO: right-click on your background, then left-click on "View Background Image". Many times that will lead you to the Photobucket account where the picture is saved. You can then copy that photo to your own Photobucket (right side: Options, Copy). (Please don't use other fur's backgrounds without asking purrmission. Other Furs worked very hard to create it)
Happy moving!

THE GROUP PAWSOME PAGES has already volunteered to help Furs figure out how to decorate their pages again after the move. A big hug and kitty-kisses to these furs. They spent countless hours helping furs in the past and they'll do it again, without any compensation, just for the Love of Catster and Dogster.

Here's what Watch Cat has to say about the move. Hope the link works, otherwise you'll have to take the spaces out (another annoying thing that hopefully won't happen any more on the new Platform):
Community Site Update

Purr-Scipt: You cannot comment on this diary entry, nor on any other diary entries on Catster and Dogster. It's one of the many features that's broken, and that's why we're moving.


More gifts arrived

April 11th 2015 10:40 am
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More birthday gifts arrived. You guys are the best. Thank you and big hugs to:

Pinkie, Nonnie, Biggles, Angel Buddy sent me TWO kites. How cool. Look! I'm flying them both at the same time :)

Tulips from pretty Natasha. Thank you dear friend. They are as pretty as you are.

WeeBees, our favorite Meezers, send a big bouquet of flowers. Very pretty. Thank mew.

BIG hugs arrived from Sam, Mr. D, Raza and Angel Baltster. Hugs right back to you my friends.

More pretty flowers from Humphrey and Roger. Love them. Of course I like flowers. I agree, it is purrfectly manly to enjoy flowers. They are pretty and they small good and some of them even taste good. :)

Grace, Casey, Leo and Frankie sent big hugs and suggest that Mom bakes me a Catnip Cake for my birthday. What a good idea!!!

Lily and Uboo sent me a mouse. Purrfect guys. Because the first mouse that Moose and Spencer sent run under the stove and hasn't been seen since :(

Lily and Uboo said that Mom should give me special bon bons for my birthday. I'll be sure to mention that to her.

Let's eat: I got cupcakes from Humphrey and Roger. Wow guys. Flowers AND cupcakes. You know how to spoil a guy.

Toby and Josie also want Mom to give me more bon bons. I'll mention it to Mom. Very helpful suggestion. AND they sent cupcakes. Mmmmh is this a new flavor? Trout and nip? Delicious. Thank mew.

Luke, Tully, Sammy and Natasha sent a big Sunflower. I can really use that now. AND it's working. Purrsday was rainy but now it's sunny! Thank mew. We need more sun.

Finally, my true love, Kandie, sent me her heart. I love you too my sweet girl. I'm praying for your health.


OK, I changed my background

April 6th 2015 5:14 pm
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All right, in honor of my birthday I changed my background from Christmas to something Springy. Mom planted both of these flowers. The yellow and the red ones. She can't remember what color her tulips are. She thinks red. We'll just have to wait until they bloom.

Mom forgot my birthday. I got NOTHING :( Thank catness my friends didn't forget. Thank mew for coming by and bringing so many goodies. You guys are the best:

King Meiko and MacKinzy for the Big Hugs and Mac, Angel Ivy, Legolas and family also for the Big Hugs. I hug you right back! I love hugs :)

Midnight Son and Family for the flowers.

Toby and sister for the big Easter Basket (wow, it's filled with cool stuff)

Cupcake from Midight Son, Angels D-Max and White Boots. Yummy.

'nother cupcake from Beepers and family. Thanks. A guy can never have too many cupcakes.

Daffodils from Humphrey and Roger. Thank you dear friends. They match the ones on my page.

A little Easter basket from pretty Miss Lily. Lots of nice things in here. Thank you.

More lovely flowers from Midnight Son and family. Mmmmh they smell good.

My own Mouse from Moose, Spencer, Yoda and family. Fantastic! Thank you so much. Mietzi is not allowed to touch this one.

A Blue Bird from Milo, Mallee, Angels Smokey Joe and Sam. I love birds! How fun.

A baseball from Miss Hazel Lucy and Mazie. Yesteday was baseball weather. 72 degree. Today is rainy. I'll keep it for later in the week. Thank you.

Yummy Easter Egg from Humphrey and Roger.

We love you all and can't wait until Catster works propurrly again. Mietzi is on facebook. Pawmail me if you can't find her there. Need to go and ask Mom to give me some bon bons for my birthday.

Hugs and love to all,


Help! Petsmart will be sold!

December 14th 2014 5:13 pm
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Help friends! I just heard on the news Petsmart will be sold! For 8 point some Millions. Mom buys all our stuff at Petsmart. What are we going to do if our store disappears? Where is she going to buy my bon bons? And Mietzi's Fancy Feast? And our nip mousies? Oh this is terrible. And just before Christmas. I hope Santa doesn't shop at Petsmart. If he does, we might not get any presents. Who is buying Petsmart anyway? I bet it's some famous dog from Hollywood with lots of doe.

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