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Livin Large

Lovin The Weather

March 20th 2010 12:26 pm
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I love the weather today. It's so warm outside. Im suppose to be an inside cat but I sneak outside every chance I get. I love playing in the grass and running through the sunshine. My dad gets mad at me for running out and mommy gets worried. Someone hurt me one time when I was outside and they dont want that to happen again. Mommy was really upset, she said she couldnt believe someone could hurt such a sweet kitty like me. Mommy and Daddy were ready to kick somebody's butt...mol. Heeee Heeee I snuck out earlier and chased bugs and rolled in the grass. It feels so good but after a few hours, Im ready to go back in and rest. Well, my furry friends, my belly is growling, time for some chow.

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