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Thank you and meet some new friends and old friends

March 19th 2014 8:19 pm
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I was a DDP on March 7th and Mom had a bad cold. Then she got busy. Then the house needed cleaning. Then it was so nice outside. FINALLY I put my paw down and told her that I have to write my thank you notes, with her help.
I am sorry that this is so late. As I was going around thanking furs, I read their pages and found out some interesting facts about our friends, new and old. I thought I'd share this with you.

Thank you so much everypaw, who stopped by and made my DDP day memorable: (If I furgot anypaw, please furgive me and pawmail me. It's not intentionally. Good help is so hard to find)
He is a medium gray boy. Lives in South Africa with lions. 6 years old and still lives at home with his Fur-Mom. Ladies, do you think he'll move out soon?
9 year old Orangie named after Mom's favorite day of the week. This man cat is not afraid to wear a stylish HL hat, which brings out his pretty green eyes. Lives in Canada. That is the country that sent us the Alberta clipper this winter.
This handsome man-cat has a very distinct way of talking and he has the bluest blue eyes in Texas. He is a soccer champ, lives in Texas and has lots of Meezer blood in him.
A gorgeous cat who is originally from Somalia but now he lives in the country where our Mom is from. Mom speaks his language fluent. I understand the important words of it. Like "Essen" means "food". He is a friendly guy who stays calm even if his sisfur growls at him. He is fluffy but not portly at all.
This fun cat has never seen a plate that doesn't deserve licking. He's very fashionable, has been seen wearing a red boa. Loves flies. All his furblings have fun and creative names.
Another dreamy Orange man-cat. He's only a year old. Loves to play, sleep and be held. And loves his belly rubbed. His humans say he can be a bit of a trouble-maker. He lives with two big dogs. Poor guy.
These two guys don't need an introduction. They are Wee Bees and they are Meezers. They have a dog guy and an unfurbro and another unfurbro we think. Their Mom makes beautiful memento pictures for furs, and has been doing it for years. These are two furblings who love each other's company.
I love this guy's name. He is such a gentleman. He's a nice Norwegian Forest cat with wonderful long fur that can keep any lady cat warm on cold winter nights. He likes to smile and is the guard cat and greeter. He also likes to take things apart.
I love this lady's long, fluffy hair. I wish I had hair like that. She is very beautiful and very shy. Lives in sunny Califurnia with three boys - how does she stand it?
This cat lives at Rainbow Bridge now with his little gumdrop furwife. He is a Catster original and loved by all. He's always one of the first to send a paw mail to furs who are diary picks. He purrs and prays for so many sick kitties and grieving families and goes around Catsterland sending rosettes and comfort. He is Always Loved, by us and by many.
He looks swell in a hat. 17 year old big helper-cat from Tennessee. Was born in the rich part of town. Was poor. Had nothing. No food, no place to sleep, no Mommy or Daddy. Kind human found him and took him home. Now he's rich. Has lived in four places so far. Would REALLY love to have his own room. Besides his given name he also answers to Pizza.

Last but not least:
This cat watches and moderates. BUT he does so much more that we'll never know. He is tirelessly at work FOR YOU and has been for years. He is your friend and advocate. He is ALWAYS friendly, answers ALL his thousands of pawmails, fights for you, goes above and beyond and to the ends of the earth FOR YOU. He is underappreciated. He is one of the last of the Mohicans. His name is John. The other last Mohican is Lori. We appreciate them both so much for their hard work. Big hugs and purrs.

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March 19th 2014 at 8:42 pm

That was original and lots of fun...we knew so many even without going to their page! OMC!

Glad that your Mom is feeling better, ours had some Larry-N-Gitus past weekend, but now is able to sound more like meowmy than froggy!



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