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See you later dear friends

July 9th 2016 7:41 am
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Catster Community is closing. We are sad. This is not Good Bye. This is just See You Later. Hoping to see you all again, somewhere, somehow. Many of you we have already found on other sites. For sure we'll all meet again in the great hunting grounds in heaven.

We had so much fun here. It was a purrfect place. Thank you all for your love and kindness.

On to new adventures! We love you. Big hugs and kitty kisses,
Mietzi, Timo and the Guest Cat


I got my birthday wish

June 24th 2015 7:17 pm
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Watch Cat is the best! He turned my plus back on. I had written to him and yup, he said no problem, it's back on.
So now I could finally change my background. A day late but oh well.
I didn't get a bird for my birthday, no tuna either, no new mini mouses. Was Watch Cat's gift of plus my only gift? Kinda. Mom opened a can of Fancy Feast for me but we have some of those always around anyway :( I don't like being 14. It seems to be a birthday were you don't get many gifts.

My friends sent lovely gifts though. Thank you to:
My sweet Zeke - Sunflower
Moose and family - Butterfly
Toby - Flutterby, um I mean Butterfly
Hazel Lucy - Cubby Cake
Luke, Tully, Sammy, and Natasha - a piece of green jewelry. Wow, green is my favorite color!

I love my gifts from my friends.


I want a Plus for my birthday

June 22nd 2015 7:14 pm
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Tomorrow is my birthday. I was going to change my background. While it's fine to celebrate Jesus' birthday any day of the year, since we don't know when His real birthday was, I was gonna put a birthday background for ME up. But I can't. My plus is gone :( Timo's too. The field were you change the background is gone :( We wrote to the Watch Cat asking if we can please get our plus back. We've always been pluses. I'm a plus kinda cat.

So all I want for my birthday is my plus. And maybe some Tuna. Mini mousies are always welcome too. They disappear. Under the fridge and stove :( Maybe I'll also get a few finches for my birthday. REAL finches. One of my cat friends has finches in his house in a cage (Hi Moose). I've asked for finches for YEARS. Evil Mom just doesn't get the message. Or maybe I'll get a conure. A REAL conure. Sun or green cheeked. ANY conure. Heck, I'll take ANY REAL bird for my birthday. Mom, are you listening?
Until then: Happy Birthday Jesus.



April 16th 2014 5:51 pm
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Please share in your groups and with your friends, cats and dogs.
Cat and Dog FOOD - MELAMINE again found in pet food.
(Melamine and cyanuric acid were found to be the deadly cause of the largest pet food recall in history in 2007.)


click this link

Also read below the paragraph that's marked with a red line.

Thank you to Hazel Lucy and Mazie's Mom for posting this and getting the word out, we all need to share this and get the word out ~ I remember what happened back in 2007, we should all be worried!!
Please spread the word and read the article!!



March 22nd 2014 6:26 pm
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Do you have a bracket? Mom has one. Actually she has three, but two are not doing so well. Lots of stuff crossed out.

I like watching the game with the ball and the baskets because the teams have interesting names. Right now we're watching Fighting Ducks and Badgers. The ducks are dressed in green, so I want them to win. Green is my favorite color. Mom says we want the Badgers to win, otherwise her bracket won't work out. Bracket :( Who cares about a bracket. Everycat knows that Ducks are nicer than Badgers.

Yesterday we watched the Wildcats play the Wildcats. Of course Wildcats is a very popular name for a team to call themselves. I'm a wild cat myself. So I understand how every team wants that name. The Wildcats won yesterday.

Mom picked Michigan to win a few games. Both the regular Michigan and Michigan State because she furgot which one the Meezer's favorite team is. So she just picked them both. Arizona is also doing pretty good in Mom's bracket.

I have to go back to my seat on the back of the couch, so I can keep yelling Duck, Duck, Duck...


Thank you and meet some new friends and old friends

March 19th 2014 8:19 pm
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I was a DDP on March 7th and Mom had a bad cold. Then she got busy. Then the house needed cleaning. Then it was so nice outside. FINALLY I put my paw down and told her that I have to write my thank you notes, with her help.
I am sorry that this is so late. As I was going around thanking furs, I read their pages and found out some interesting facts about our friends, new and old. I thought I'd share this with you.

Thank you so much everypaw, who stopped by and made my DDP day memorable: (If I furgot anypaw, please furgive me and pawmail me. It's not intentionally. Good help is so hard to find)
He is a medium gray boy. Lives in South Africa with lions. 6 years old and still lives at home with his Fur-Mom. Ladies, do you think he'll move out soon?
9 year old Orangie named after Mom's favorite day of the week. This man cat is not afraid to wear a stylish HL hat, which brings out his pretty green eyes. Lives in Canada. That is the country that sent us the Alberta clipper this winter.
This handsome man-cat has a very distinct way of talking and he has the bluest blue eyes in Texas. He is a soccer champ, lives in Texas and has lots of Meezer blood in him.
A gorgeous cat who is originally from Somalia but now he lives in the country where our Mom is from. Mom speaks his language fluent. I understand the important words of it. Like "Essen" means "food". He is a friendly guy who stays calm even if his sisfur growls at him. He is fluffy but not portly at all.
This fun cat has never seen a plate that doesn't deserve licking. He's very fashionable, has been seen wearing a red boa. Loves flies. All his furblings have fun and creative names.
Another dreamy Orange man-cat. He's only a year old. Loves to play, sleep and be held. And loves his belly rubbed. His humans say he can be a bit of a trouble-maker. He lives with two big dogs. Poor guy.
These two guys don't need an introduction. They are Wee Bees and they are Meezers. They have a dog guy and an unfurbro and another unfurbro we think. Their Mom makes beautiful memento pictures for furs, and has been doing it for years. These are two furblings who love each other's company.
I love this guy's name. He is such a gentleman. He's a nice Norwegian Forest cat with wonderful long fur that can keep any lady cat warm on cold winter nights. He likes to smile and is the guard cat and greeter. He also likes to take things apart.
I love this lady's long, fluffy hair. I wish I had hair like that. She is very beautiful and very shy. Lives in sunny Califurnia with three boys - how does she stand it?
This cat lives at Rainbow Bridge now with his little gumdrop furwife. He is a Catster original and loved by all. He's always one of the first to send a paw mail to furs who are diary picks. He purrs and prays for so many sick kitties and grieving families and goes around Catsterland sending rosettes and comfort. He is Always Loved, by us and by many.
He looks swell in a hat. 17 year old big helper-cat from Tennessee. Was born in the rich part of town. Was poor. Had nothing. No food, no place to sleep, no Mommy or Daddy. Kind human found him and took him home. Now he's rich. Has lived in four places so far. Would REALLY love to have his own room. Besides his given name he also answers to Pizza.

Last but not least:
This cat watches and moderates. BUT he does so much more that we'll never know. He is tirelessly at work FOR YOU and has been for years. He is your friend and advocate. He is ALWAYS friendly, answers ALL his thousands of pawmails, fights for you, goes above and beyond and to the ends of the earth FOR YOU. He is underappreciated. He is one of the last of the Mohicans. His name is John. The other last Mohican is Lori. We appreciate them both so much for their hard work. Big hugs and purrs.


Too cold for Bunnies

February 27th 2014 5:35 pm
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Sad news:

How cold is it here? Unfortunately too cold for bunnies. This morning we found one on our patio. It wasn't moving. It was frozen. It's at Rainbow Bridge now. Yes, we feel sorry for the Bunny. I like them better when they move and I can chase them. But I try to keep in mind that Bunnies multiply like Rabbits. A few just lose the battle against nature or predators. Mom held me and I got to do two quick sniffs at the bunny's leg. I didn't touch it. Was not allowed to touch it.

We need it to get warmer. It was zero this morning. We don't want any more bunnies like that one.


Need more coffee. It's cold

February 26th 2014 5:53 pm
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Polar Vortex go away,
you are not allowed to stay :(
8 yesterday, 2 tomorrow, maybe some snow tonight
*shiver shiver*

Our weatherman said this winter is like a bad Guest Cat. It just stays and stays and never wants to leave. Or did he say it's like a bad House Guest? Anyway, we are all sooo tired of winter. We have snow on the ground, more on the way. We want flowers and birds and bunnies and green grass. Nice warm sunshine too. I want it NOW. When is winter over?

Mom had her own problems today. She was at a seminar all day. Something about XL or excel. And they didn't offer any coffee. You could buy a cup of coffee at the hotel restaurant but it was two dollars a cup. Mom wanted to buy some at 3:00 but the restaurant was closed already. They closed at 1:30. Mom had a cup of coffee in the morning that she bought at the Mac place but she really needs more coffee. Mom runs on coffee. It's her fuel.

Tomorrow is day two. She's bringing a big thermos!
Restaurant closed at 1:30, tsk tsk tsk, who has ever heard of such a thing. With all the seminar attendees there, they could have made a bundle.

Curling up in front of the fire place,


update, FURRY important - There is a mistake, Edit

February 7th 2014 5:22 pm
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2/09/14 Edit: don't use the scan rule for photobucket files. Several furs reported that they had lots and lots of photobucket files downloaded to their puter when using it. Files that were not on the page they were trying to save. I have removed it from the scan rules listed below. Please check Abby's Dad's blog for details.

2/08/14 UPDATE - if you have an existing, old save that you did with HTTrack then don't delete it but do an update. If you delete it and start new it might take forever to do the new save. Here's how to do an update (read Abby's Dad's blog for all the info on everything HTTrack related, link is below):
"Beepers" on the Dogster forum posted a suggestion on how to speed up an update if you already have an existing download.

On the first option page, you can choose "Existing project name". Click the arrow to choose the one you want to update.
On the next page/screen, in the "Action" block, click the arrow again and choose *Update existing download.
Then click on "Set options" and the "Scan Rules" tab as usual. All your rules for the previous save will be there. Just add the new rules at the bottom and proceed as usual.

Pals, things are never as easy as you think they should be. Especially catputers are furry complicated.

IF you saved your pages with HTTrack as suggested in my last diary, please be aware that the pages will NOT work after Catster goes away. Don't panic, you'll just have to re-save your pages. Please read all of this. I don't want you to end up with a garbled mess after Catster is closed!! Here is the start of Abby's Dad's blog to explain. (ALL CAPS added by me):

"Folks on the Dogster forums groups discovered that the archives would not work when they had no Internet connection. That implied that the download would stop working once Dogster/Catster shut down. I verified that this is a problem and am very sorry to say that ALL THE DOWNLOADS THAT EVERYONE HAS DONE TO THIS POINT WILL BE USELESS ONCE DOGSTER SHUTS DOWN. The web browser was doing some stuff behind the scenes that I wasn't aware of.
The Good News
I have a fix...."

If you are a dog
then please go to Abby's Dad's blog and copy the new scan rules and re-save your pages. Here is Abby's Dad's blog.

then you already know that you are extra special. The scan rules need to be modified. Abby's Dad has also figured that out for us. This should work for cats: (take out the spaces in every line, Catster will add spaces)

UPDATE 2/08/14 I copied the below rules directly from Abby's Dad's blog (remove the spaces as always)

Copy and paste everything into a word document, also the litte -* at the beginning. REPLACE the ID 590841 with your own!!! There is three places where you have to replace the ID with your ID. You might not need the last three lines if you have no pictures or background from photobucket or flickr. I left them in anyway because it doesn't hurt anything. After you replace my cat ID with your own ID, copy and paste these scan rules into HTTrack. See Abby's blog for instructions about how to use HTTrack.

Test your saved page by disconnecting from the internet. (click on your wireless connection bars and select disconnect. Don't just close your browser, disconnect. That will simulate not having Catster/Dogster there anymore and if your page works that way then it will still be there after Catster/Dogster is gone.

I needed to give you this information since I told you in my last diary entry that this is a good way to save your stuff. I still like HTTrack a lot but I don't want you to have nothing, so please re-save or ask for help. Please go to the All Paws Bulletin Group if you have questions.

Yours truly,
hard at work saving,


If you need help saving your pages

February 2nd 2014 2:15 pm
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Brofur Timo has been a busy little beaver and he tried different ways to save our stuff. We like HTTrack best. It makes a mirror of your page and then you can access it offline after Catster is gone (*sniff*). It saves your page and the photo album with comments, all your diary pages with comments. It doesn't take long. Try it. Here's the instructions:

How to save your page

This is Abby's Dad's blog and he's brilliant. There's also stuff about how to save your videos.
The page save instructions start where it says "Read this whole thing through". Read and follow carefully. It's not difficult. Heck, Timo got it figured out so how hard can it be. It takes about 10-15 min to mirror one pet page. If it takes you MUCH longer then you did something wrong and should click on cancel. We didn't do the thing with the multiple url's at one time. We just did one pet and then the next and so on. Works great.

If you can't figure this out then pawmail us.

I wanted to mention the Internet Archive Wayback Machine.
Internet Archive: Wayback Machine
Many of you like it and I do to. But be aware, it ONLY saves your main page. If you want all of your diary pages, all your photos in the photo album, all comments in diary and on photos saved, then you have to open each page and save them all there. Otherwise it's most likely not gonna be there after Catster is gone. The Internet archive is neat to see what your page looked like in past years. There are sometimes old saves there. Just be careful. If you don't save every page of your diary there then it's not gonna be there after Caster closes. That's why I like HTTrack better.

Also Httrack saves stuff on my computer's c: drive and then I can make a backup on a flash drive, but Internet archive is on the Internet. What if it ever closes? Not the Internet, The Wayback Machine. What if they ever run out of funds or just disappear? Then all your stuff is gone.

Finally, if you have ANY questions at all about this saving pages stuff then please come to the Dogster and Catster All Paws Bulletin Group And just ask. There are no stupid questions. Furs there will help you.

Feeling kinda sad today because it's only one more month *sniff*

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