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The View from Here - The Purrings of Binx

The Recovery...................

February 20th 2009 3:01 pm
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I haven't purred in my diary lately - as things have been soooo busy with the new baby boxer brother (Lennon) and all.

My eye (well - the space where my eye once was) was doing well for awhile. My drainage seemed to have stopped and Mom, Dr Heather and I all breathed a collective sigh of relief - thinking my eye was finally going to be OK and no additional surgery was needed.

2 weeks ago - Mom noticed my eye was swelling up - and I was starting to have drainage at the top corner of where my sutures where. Mom started cleaning it with antibacterial soap and putting compresses on it - to reduce the swelling.

Last weekend - I developed a slight fever -and my drainage was the worst Mom had ever seen it. She called Dr Heather - and made an appt for Dr Heather to examine me on Wednesday (the 18th of February).

In the meantime - Mom gave me 1/2 of a baby aspirin dissolved in water (to knock out my fever) and continued with the cleaning and compresses of my eye.

My fever was gone by Tuesday - but I was still having my drainage issues.

Dr Heather came on Wednesday - examined me - and told both Mom and I that she had to reopen the corner of my eye - where the drainage is coming from. She said it is not an infection (my fever was unrelated to my eye) and she wanted to reopen that part of my eye and scrape it clean - as she was assuming that I must have gotten something in there (maybe a lash or something) that was causing the drainage - as the rest of my operated area looked fantastic.

Wednesday Dr Heather took me away from my home - and I stayed with her overnight. She wanted to make sure that I didn't have any food past 7pm - and knowing that Lennon and I share the same sleeping quarters - she wanted to make sure Lennon was still getting food (cuz he has lots of growing to do).

I ended up not having surgery til late on Thursday and Dr Heather kept me overnight, again, to make sure I didn't have any adverse reaction to the anesthesia. Mom made sure she packed 2 of my blankies, my food and a couple of my toys - so I had some of my home comforts with me - when I was away.

When Dr Heather opened up the corner of my eye - she immediately found the source of my drainage issues - there were a couple of sutures still there - and my skin and fur were starting to grow into them. OUCH! Dr Heather removed the remaining stitches and that was the end of my surgery - nice, simple and quick.

I am now resting and eating. I am still a bit tired from the operation - but it sure is nice to be home again! I ate 2 cans of cat food, some kitty treats, drank a little milk and curled up on my pink fuzzy blanket to lounge in the sun :)

Paws crossed - this will be the last time we have to deal with my eye again!!

Now - I am focusing on the recovery.........


Eye, Eye, Eye....

January 24th 2009 3:00 am
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On Wednesday - Dr Heather stopped by to check on my eye.

I was having some problems with discharge coming from the area where my eye was removed, and Dr Heather initially put me on Clavamox - to see if that would help with the drainage I was having.

I am happy to report that my discharge has decreased dramatically. I have a small spot -in the corner of my eye - that has a little bit of discharge and crusting. Dr Heather looked at that tiny little spot and decided not to schedule surgery, to reopen my eye!! Dr Heather said that the discharge is getting smaller - and she hopes it will resolve itself on it's own - without surgical intervention. Dr Heather said it could be a part of the healing process, or there may be a little bit of my stitches still in there. Mom has to keep an eye on it (no pun intended) - and if I continue to have discharge - Dr Heather will go into the corner of my eye, where I still have a tiny bit of discharge (which is a lot less invasive procedure than Dr Heather was first considering).

I got my 2nd series of the booster shot and my rabies shots :(
I didn't even cry or squirm - Mom was so proud of me.

Dr Heather said overall - I am in excellent health and I have grown quite a bit since the last time she saw me. She said I am one sleek little guy :)

As you can see by my new pictures - we got a new family member! His name is Lennon & he is a boxer pup (he is a gift to Lizzy, from Mom, for Christmas). He is small for his age - so Mom has been caring for him as if he is a 5 week old (and not his real age of 8 weeks). Dr Heather and Mom will be monitoring his growth closely - and Dr Heather even gave Mom her cell phone # and home # - just in case something happens to Lennon and her office is closed. Dr Heather doesn't want Mom to take Lennon to the ER animal clinic - if she doesn't have to - as Dr Heather says Lennon really cannot be exposed to other dogs right now - as his immune system is fragile.

I don't know about that - you should see that little guy tackle me when we play - MOL! He even has these little baby barks and growls - I try to take him seriously - but he is so cute - and those itty bitty sounds that come out of my mouth - I cannot help but laugh and purr at him. As you may be able to tell - he is my newest play buddy! I have never been around dogs before - and I am quickly discovering they can be so much fun to play with - but - they do play a lot differently than us kitties do! That's OK - cuz when he wiggles his little butt - I cannot HELP but play with him!!

We also sleep together at night - with Mom. He is so warm and cuddly - but he sure does snore loud! Some nights he keeps me awake with all that snoring coming out of his lil snoot!

He also wakes up at 1 am (every morning) wanting a small bite of food to eat. Mom does it - as she says ANY caloric intake will help him immensely - even at 1 am.

Once I first moved in with Mom - I used to hiss and hide whenever she would walk into my cat flat apartment. Now - not only do I not hiss at Mom (I run up and greet her at the door), but when Daddy comes in the room - I no longer hiss or hide at him. I am still a bit cautious with Daddy - but I am getting so much better. I feel kinda bad that I don't run up to Dad, as I do with Mom. Mom said not to worry about it - as it took Winston 2 years to finally let Dad pet her and not run everytime she saw him.

I am slowly giving up my hobby of digging in Mom's plants. I found a new hobby - which Mom is not enthused about (but - hey - I am not digging in her plants - which is what I thought she wanted). Humans are confusing!!

My new hobby - hunting toilet paper rolls!! Yessss!! Only a REAL MAN will pursue the ever elusive, and dangerous, Charmin. Why they must be dangerous - as I heard such things uttered as "Don't Squeeze The Charmin"!! Why would any human even say that - unless it is dangerous?

Let's just say - once I am done with this "Charmin" character - he never looks the same!! You could say he looks a bit torn apart and shredded!

That' me:
The puppy loving Charmin Hunter!


How I got my name - Binx

January 3rd 2009 7:17 am
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Mom and I just hunted down how I was named, Binx.

Below is a link to the thread, where I obtained my name from fellow Catsters!

How I was named Binx Link!

I thought I would share with everyone, the origins of my name.

I think it is pawsome that it all started right here, on Catster!!


My musings on my morning

January 2nd 2009 3:13 am
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~An ode to my morning~

I was eating my tuna
Content as could be
I am an indoor kitten
With Kitty siblings of three

Then I heard the pounding of paws
And a Lot of Clatter
I went to my door
To see what was the matter

With a mew and a hiss
and a stomp and a squeak
I heard Lizzy proclaim
"It's a Mousie - EEEEK!"

I tried to pry open my door
To save the day
I then heard Winston mew
"The Mouse! It's got away!"

I heard a rumble of paws
I saw the kicking up of dust
I heard Skinner say
"Give up Mouse - it's a Bust!"

With a mew and a hiss
and a stomp and a woof
I heard Baby say
"Lizzy you got it with your hoof!"

Now the house is still
And there is no further clatter
I sure wish I could have opened my door
To see what was the matter.


Today I was introduced to Dr Heather (otherwise known as our- **Angel**)

December 31st 2008 12:13 pm
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Things have been progressing quite nicely at my new home!

I am eating all the tuna I want, I play all day long with my toys and I am always crawling all over the kitty condo. The top level of the kitty condo is my most favoritest spot. When I sit up there - I can see outside the window - it is sort of like kitty T.V. I watch the birds fly by, the squirrels climbing up the tree outside my window, and the cars that zoom up and down the road. Every once in a while - I will see my human neighbors outside. I do try to be neighborly and wave - but I fear my paw is too small and that I am at quite a distance that they don't notice. Well - at least I try - and that is the most important thing, right?

Baby (my sister) has been spending more and more time with me. Why - she even cries outside my cat flat door - asking Mommy to let her in. Mommy says she feels comfortable enough with me and Baby interacting - that she no longer needs to supervise us and that we can play alone. Baby is a lot of fun! When she has enough - she lets me know and I back off. I really don't want Baby mad at me, so I listen to her. She is a fun playmate, and she also has one eye - so I guess you could say we see things "eye to eye". We even will lay next to each other for kitty snoozes in the sunlight - that comes through the cat flat window. I got a new fuzzy pink blanket (that Mom bought for me, as a welcome home gift) that Baby really loves to lay on - and I do not mind sharing it with her (just as long as I can cuddle next to her).

Today I met Dr Heather - the **Angel Dr** that has taken such good care of Skinner, Lizzy, Baby and Winston. Mom normally has Dr Heather examine any addition to her family - and then sets up a vaccination schedule with Dr Heather - so Mom insures we are getting our vaccinations in a timely matter. The other reason for my meeting with Dr Heather ~ Mom noticed that where my eye was removed, I am having some weeping. Mom couldn't determine if I was scratching it and making it irritated or what - but thought it was prudent to have Dr Heather examine me.

Dr Heather said the vet that removed my eye did a top notch job - and that I have been extremely well cared for, while living with my Foster Mom. Dr Heather said, out of her experience of seeing adopted kitties from shelters, that she never seen so much care given to a shelter kitty and she gives high fives to Kindred Kitties and my Foster Mom - she was very impressed!

Dr Heather drew blood to test me for FIV - and I tell you one thing - I DO NOT LIKE NEEDLES! I was screaming my little kitty head off - but Dr Heather calmed me down by talking silly to me. In fact - it was so silly that I forgot about that icky needle - as I was too busy laughing at my silly Dr Heather :)

We started my first round of the FeLV vaccination (Mom said this is a series of vaccinations that will be administered to me) - and that was not bad at all. In fact - I didn't even notice the needle going in me - I just noticed that Mom was holding me in a rather odd position, one she normally doesn't hold me in.

After the physcial examination, in which Dr Heather proclaimed I am in excellent health (thanks to my Foster Mom and Kindred Kitties), she moved on to look at my eye.

She said it didn't smell bad (which is one sign of a staph infection), and upon examining me - didn't see any outright reasons for the weeping. Dr Heather said the location of where I was weeping is something not commonly seen in a post surgical site, where the eye has been removed. Dr Heather prescribed Clavamox (which Mom always has an extra bottle on hand, for Skinner) to see if that would help the weeping stop. Dr Heather said, if my discharge doesn't stop after I have completed my full dosage of the Clavamox - that she will have to go back in and do an exploratory - to see if there is a little piece of something that is irritating my eye and causing the discharge.

Dr Heather said that removing an eye, after it has ruptured, can be an extremely difficult procedure. So right now - we are trying the Clavamox to see if that will help me.

Tonight is New Year's Eve - the first one for Me and Lizzy. Tonight is going to be a very special night. One for my family to remember. I don't want to spill the beans, but check back on my page - or any of my other siblings pages - to see what I am mewing about.

I am off and running - there is a catnip mouse that needs to be hunted down before it scampers off!

Thank you, everyfur, for extending your paw to me in friendship and for the warm welcomes I have received! It makes me feel like family - and I cherish that feeling.

I wish everyone a Happy, Loving, Safe and Peaceful New Year!

Love, streamers, confetti and Happy New Year to All ~ Binx


Let me introduce myself

December 27th 2008 7:27 pm
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I am very new here - in fact - I just got my page up and running tonight.

My name is Binx, and I am the baby brother of Skinner, Baby, Winston and that silly puppy named Lizzy (she kinda looks like a moose to my eye - as I am a kitten and Lizzy is so BIG).

I had a very rough beginning - that once Mom pieces together the details - she will add to my story. From what we both recall - I was found in a junkyard with my 3 littermates. Abandoned, alone, and ascared.

We were the lucky ones, as someone rescued us and brought us to the shelter. We all had terrible eye infections and our Foster Mom took really good care of us, making sure we got our medicines and giving us lots of her love and attention. Well, I can be a little stinker sometimes, and hide and not come out when I should. :) I cannot help that I am black and I cannot be seen all the easily - can I?

Being that I hid - my Foster Mom had a dickens of a time giving me my medicine. My eye ended up getting worse, until one day it ruptured. My Foster Mom took me to see the vet, and it was determined that my eye had to be removed. That kinda put me in a tough spot for adoption. Quincy - my foster fur brother - posted a story about me on Catster - as I think he was awfully worried about my operation and what may become of me afterwards.

My adoptive Mom just happened to read Quincy's post and contacted my Foster Mom about the possibility of adopting me and adding her to her family. My new Mom already had a one eyed cat (named Baby) and would be honored to have me join the family.

Since my new Mom is in the "transport" area of adoptions - and after Mom and my Foster Mom pmailing back and forth - it was decided - My New Mom COULD adopt me and add me to her family!!

I underwent my operation on December 10th (along with getting "fixed" - geez, I didn't know I was broken - MOL)! As you can see by my pictures - after the operation - I had to run around with a cone around my neck - to prevent me from scratching out my stitches. Good grief - that was NO fun at all - and I did my best to escape that thing. I didn't like looking like a conehead :(

My recovery went well, and my Foster Mom and my new mom picked a date on which I would be joining my new home.

The date was December 23rd - and my new Mom says she was nervous the entire time - as they were getting sleet at my new mom's house and she was praying that we would be safe during journey. Well - new mom was being silly - as my Foster Mom can do anything she puts her mind to - and we arrived safely on that Tuesday.

I was very scared at first - especially when my Foster Mom left and drove away. I mewed until the cows came home - hoping Foster Mom would hear me and take me back with her. My new Mom started icing Christmas Cookies and after awhile - I came out to see what she was doing. That is when I saw... Him. He looks just like my Foster brother Quincy - that I had to do a double take and adjust my eye. Quincy - I mewed - what are YOU doing here. He smiled at me and introduced himself as Skinner. He told me he would come closer to me - but he has to keep his distance until I am fully vaccinated and I am a bit older. I asked him why? He told me he has 2 awful diseases that he does not want to pass on to me. He told me not to fear - he will be close to me in my heart - even though we have to keep our space.

My new accomodations is what the family refers to as the Binx Cat Flat. It is actually my Mom's bedroom - but she has my food, litter box, plants and a kitty condo full of toys to keep my busy. Baby and Winston come in at night - until we get used to each other. After that - they can spend time during the day with me too. Winston is a girl that likes her own space - but she is very sweet tempered and leaves me alone (I actually wish she would play with me - but I am not going to push it with her). Baby (my one eyed sister) is getting used to me - and now mews to come into my cat flat to spend time with me :) We are not up to playing together - but Baby is playing next to me. Mom told me that is the first step in getting a play friend - so I will have to be good and wait for Baby to play with me.

It is getting late here - and we are all going to get ready for bed. Lizzy is already tucked into her bed and snoring and Baby is pacing inpatiently outside my cat flat :)

My name is Binx and it is nice to meet you :)

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