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Sylvester Leroy is My name!

My Name Means...

July 8th 2011 8:31 am
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Oo.oo me too! me too! I am gonna do a diary entry of my name too. :) An I even have a middle name to do as well!

S~ Snuggly
Y~ Young at heart
L~ Loving
V~ Vigorous
E~ Essential to mommys life
S~ Strong
T~ Tubby
E~ Easy-Going
R~ Royality ( I have my pride don't judge me!)

L~ Lively
E~ Eager for any attention
R~ Roudy( I am a boy what do exspect)
O~ Outdoors is my favorite place to be.
Y~ Yappy( I love to talk okay)


Been awhile, but oh well

June 25th 2011 8:36 am
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It sure has been awhile indeed, since mommy has gotten around to posting. She figured since Stinky has his diary entries, that she could start writing for me again. Oh, Thank you mommy!

Boy oh Boy do I sure love summer. Mommy lets Emmy, Bella, and I go out everyday by our very selves. She said we are big boys now, and we are able to handle ourselves, and keep ourselves out of trouble. I love going outside! Just to prove it, I wake mommy up every morning at 7:00 A.M. SHARP! I begin by meowing and climbing all over. Mommy gets annoyed sometimes, but I can't help it thats how much I love being out there.

Once mommy lets us all out...I first stop and smell the roses(literally), they smell soooo good. Then I find a nice dewey spot in the grass, and roll endlessly on my back . He-he mommy tells me i am a naughty boy cause I always bring in dirt, and grass on my furr. Then I walk around the perimeter of the yard, to make sure everything is okay. Then, I waddle down to grandmas to go say hi to her and all of her kitties too. She has lots of them, their names are; Patches, Racey,Annie, and Orphan. Then I come home, like a good boy, and just lounge in my lawn chair until mommy calls us in.

Sometimes, I find little lime green bugs crawling around. An I love to play with them, but what I don't get is when I do eventually they stop playing and don't move at all. I don't get it, what did I ever do for them to be so RUDE! I think its because they think they are too good to play with me. Oh, well I will just stick with the birds, they are fun. They always play with me.

Then, once I come inside. I always get some tuna treats, then I go and crawl under mommys bed, and sleep in this hammock thing that is attatched to mommys bed, that I made with my nails. Its very comfty, but mommy fixes it every once in awhile. So, I just do it again, to let her know its my little spot. An I got it under control. te-he


11th Birthday!

March 14th 2009 11:30 am
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Hello Everyone!!

You never believe what today is....It is my 11th birthday...that means I am 77 in human! I am almost as old as grandfather waye...

Being I am getting so old, mom put me a on the vitamin thingys and a some other pills to keep me healthy and fatt..he-he

About a week ago was Angels birthday, she is only 2..she is a youngin compared to me.

I do have news though...we might be getting a new member in the family possible more than one.

The first ones name is B.C.(barn kitty)..she is a very cute kitty that paul and missy have outside...and she is momma is thinkin about welcomin her into the family.

The other one is Jamie...she is a bottle fed lamb..that moms aunt has and she already as two other ones and it is becomin a handful we might be havin a LAMB in the house!

Well I got a run...

Happy Almost St.Pattys day!



The House Was Mine!

February 15th 2009 8:50 am
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Hola Everyone!

I hope all of your valentines days went good for all of you! I know mine was good.

Yesterday Angel, mom, and dad went down to Maple Grove! The best part is I had the entire place to myself. I didn't do much.

First- I had some breakfest, and a sip of water. Then I lounged ontop of a big oak table infront of the patio door. I had to tan up a little bit. Then I took a very long nap, finally no interuptions. I went back and ate some more. Then I got into a cuboard, and shredded some papers..I drug out all of my cat toys, I also knocked over a kitchen garbage basket. Then I acted all inoccent when mom go home....hehe she never thought I could be so wild, for a elderly cat turning 11!

When she got home I had some cat treats, listend to mom playin guitar. Then I went to bed.

Now today I have a feelin mom has something up her sleeve..but I an't sure what it is yet.

Well I gotta run, I am going to hide under the bed for a while because I just seen a shampoo bottle....

Sylvester Leroy



February 9th 2009 3:17 pm
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Hello Everyone,
Boy sorry I haven't been on in forever. My sister Angel, has been hoggin the computer everyday! I never get a chance to go onto my wonderful caster. Finally I told her to back off, its my turn at the moment. (hehe us cats have power)

I have some news! Next month is my birthday on March 14th! I will be 11! It is Angels birthday to, on March 7 she will be 2.

Yup! I will be and old kitty, but hey I still have some spunk.

You'll never believe what mom got me. She got me new cat dishes, they are clear and square. They hole allot of food and water. I absolutely love them. The only bad thing is I can't tip them over anymore, I am beginnin to think mom doesn't want me to do that. I also got some new cat treats. They are very tasty, they taste like tuna and chicken!

Hm.....since she got me cat dishes already, I wonder what she is going to get me for my birthday......hmm...

Well gotta run, Treat time!



2009 is officialy here!

January 1st 2009 11:43 am
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Well Hello Everyone!

Hope this new year has started off good for you! I know mine is! Today I found that mom found some of my old toys and put them out for me to play with. I have been playing with them all morning!

When my sister Angel came inside. I got some canned kitty treats! They were very yummy in my tummy!

Mom has been doing allot of research on food for Angel. But now she is wondering about food for me! I am currently on 9 Lives canned and dry. Is that considerd a good food???

Ugh! Angel is trying to steel my treats again! I have to go and get her away from them. Then I got to get a bath! I love baths!

Sylvester Leroy


First Diary!

December 26th 2008 3:17 pm
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Hi Everyone!

I am so happy mom created a catster for me. I was getting very jelous of Angel getting to do all this cool stuff. But now I finally have one! I hope all your christmas wishes came true. For the most part mine did, but boy yesterday was hectic!

When it was suppertime, aunt connie brought her dog over(Rico). Him and Angel raced through the house tearing up everything. And disturbing my nap time. I was having a very good dream about eating shrimp. mm...sounds delicious doesn't it? They had to go and wake me up, ugh...dogs are dumb, but I guess us cats gotta love them.

Today looked so nice outside, I wanted mommy to take me out but she wouldn't, and I didn't understand. Finally she took me out and it was all snowy and I didn't like it on my paws. So she brought me back in and took Angel out. She told me when her and Angel go to petco she is going to get I and Angel a coat and some booties. Finally I will be able to go on walks in the winter.

Well thats is about all for now, Angel is trying to eat my treats I gotta go tell her to back off!

Sylvester Leroy

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