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What a Great Weekend! Costume Party & Cruise!

August 25th 2009 6:54 pm
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Still wearing my dress brand new one for the P*I*F party that we wanted to attend on Sunday for the first annifursary, but (pouts & swishes tail) we didn't get to go because Daddy Rob was at Meli Mom's & they had a friend there who doesn't seem to know about Catster or Dogster yet so it would have been rude to just sit down at the computer and start attending the party! But I did get to play with Lilly Cat & bat at Morse who hissed at me this time, but he & BabyCat had a good time playing chase! Briefly, we got to see Thomasina & Caelian Kian & Takoda Crow & we got to see one of the new cats even longer Crow Raven who has the cutest short legs! Meli Mom sez (Mel) that it's his Himalayan side that gives him those cute little legs & the shorter body. His fur is longer than the Siamese cats too but not as long as some Himalayans & he looks at Meli Mom like she is his person & that he would be very angry if someone made him leave! We got to see the other cats on Sunday too the other two part Himalayans but really didn't get any play time with them. Mel sez she is fine as long as they understand that Morse & Lilly Cat are not on the cat Merry-Go-Round and are staying in place. They do understand sez Daddy Rob. Loved getting to walk around on Mother's shoulders for a little while before I had to leave again. Enjoyed climbing into the window again too & doing some bird & squirrel watching & staring at my favorite trees in the yard. Still wish that I could go outside & climb them but Mother & Daddy Rob & Meli Mom say that the traffic is too much & the street far too busy & too many walking their dogs for me to climb that tree! In my dreams I get to climb it. Mel says (Meli Mom) that the cat Merry-Go-Round of ever shifting cats is giving her headaches! Well, I'm enjoying my time with BabyCat & Mother made it clear to Daddy Rob again that I'm her cat & that he is just keeping me safe. He says hmm, wonder what kind of cat Meli Mom is going to get him to replace me though I'm irreplaceable! Mel just gives him a look! Enjoyed chasing Pinto around & hissing at Dion too and batting at her. She acted surprised but needed to give her a hiss & bat for munching out on the cat food & blaming it all on Pinto my pet dog!

Will have to purr about the costume party & the cruise later cause wanted to put the Catster link for Dogster Junction in the diary again & for C&D Cruise Lines & don't have them right at my claw tips right now. Also Dad just realized he hasn't eaten today & we're having some good chicken & rice & fish later -- think it's from Mother's & Mel's house.
Luv & Purrs, Mosaic KaLeah The Countess of Thistles & Clover


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