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Mosaic's Myriad Meditations

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What a Great Weekend! Costume Party & Cruise!

August 25th 2009 6:54 pm
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Still wearing my dress brand new one for the P*I*F party that we wanted to attend on Sunday for the first annifursary, but (pouts & swishes tail) we didn't get to go because Daddy Rob was at Meli Mom's & they had a friend there who doesn't seem to know about Catster or Dogster yet so it would have been rude to just sit down at the computer and start attending the party! But I did get to play with Lilly Cat & bat at Morse who hissed at me this time, but he & BabyCat had a good time playing chase! Briefly, we got to see Thomasina & Caelian Kian & Takoda Crow & we got to see one of the new cats even longer Crow Raven who has the cutest short legs! Meli Mom sez (Mel) that it's his Himalayan side that gives him those cute little legs & the shorter body. His fur is longer than the Siamese cats too but not as long as some Himalayans & he looks at Meli Mom like she is his person & that he would be very angry if someone made him leave! We got to see the other cats on Sunday too the other two part Himalayans but really didn't get any play time with them. Mel sez she is fine as long as they understand that Morse & Lilly Cat are not on the cat Merry-Go-Round and are staying in place. They do understand sez Daddy Rob. Loved getting to walk around on Mother's shoulders for a little while before I had to leave again. Enjoyed climbing into the window again too & doing some bird & squirrel watching & staring at my favorite trees in the yard. Still wish that I could go outside & climb them but Mother & Daddy Rob & Meli Mom say that the traffic is too much & the street far too busy & too many walking their dogs for me to climb that tree! In my dreams I get to climb it. Mel says (Meli Mom) that the cat Merry-Go-Round of ever shifting cats is giving her headaches! Well, I'm enjoying my time with BabyCat & Mother made it clear to Daddy Rob again that I'm her cat & that he is just keeping me safe. He says hmm, wonder what kind of cat Meli Mom is going to get him to replace me though I'm irreplaceable! Mel just gives him a look! Enjoyed chasing Pinto around & hissing at Dion too and batting at her. She acted surprised but needed to give her a hiss & bat for munching out on the cat food & blaming it all on Pinto my pet dog!

Will have to purr about the costume party & the cruise later cause wanted to put the Catster link for Dogster Junction in the diary again & for C&D Cruise Lines & don't have them right at my claw tips right now. Also Dad just realized he hasn't eaten today & we're having some good chicken & rice & fish later -- think it's from Mother's & Mel's house.
Luv & Purrs, Mosaic KaLeah The Countess of Thistles & Clover


Blond for a day.

August 18th 2009 1:00 pm
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Think I might go back to another swimsuit & another hair color because being blond for a day, got a different reaction like the blond hairs had grown into my cat brain & suddenly I was the bombshell have fun cat but dumb. I am not a dumb girl cat & don't think blonds are dumb but as a blond HuCat suddenly it was I was the sex symbol cat, the fun girl. Poor blond people. Red hair again maybe? Will wear that particular swimsuit & hair again, but think if there's another pool party I'll opt for a new suit & hair color.

Enjoyed the Kitthaven party but couldn't post much. Wasn't as bad as Robin Hood's party, but we enjoyed it all the same especially the little fishies the Nemo fish that Little Emma joked and it caught on were "Cat-Fish" who tickled our toes & begged for food or must have as cats were giving these cute little catfish food underwater & seemed to be petting them. Oh to be such a cute little Himalayan cat! But I am a lovely Calico (licks fur & grooms) so... Are all Himalayan cats that adorable & cute? Hard to resent them or to be jealous but they just livened up that pool party even moreso than did Mouser with his dolphins and that sweet tuxedo kitty as the Mermaid with her bottled water. At least it's not Mother who has a Himalayn or part Himalayn now (batting tail back & forth & hitting things) as then I would be jealous & would have to jump up on her shoulders and walk around her neck to get her attention but I know she loves me & Thomasina & Caelian Kian so no worries there. Still enjoying my time with BabyCat & Daddy Rob felt even as he promised Mother that he would keep me safe for her & give me back when the time came & take me over to visit her that she needed to know that she would not be getting BabyCat back that BabyCat Calliope was his present & that he loves his BabyCat & she just adores Daddy Rob too. But we will still have play dates & visits. Maybe if we wind up in the mountains out in the country somewhere Mother can get us a nice new cat so I'll have another friend since Thomasina & Caelian Kian are always so cozy and so caught up in each other.
Luv & Purrs, Mosaic KaLeah The Countess of Thistles & Clover (Leah)


New Swimsuit & Kitthaven Estates Pool Party!!!!

August 15th 2009 6:39 am
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Have a new swimsuit from the guess it was the last cruise C&D Cruise Line voyage to South America the one where we definitely got to go shopping, but we missed the great 1950's sock hop at the end of the trip. Luv my new swimsuit & already have two but you know a girl cat can never have too many swimsuits! This afternoon/evening we are going to a swim party at the pool group thread @ Kitthaven Estates unless something goes terribly wrong or unless real extraterrestrials stop by for a visit & take us up to their space ship though not sure, maybe some of Daddy Rob's relatives might count & he says not to tell his friends but some of them might fit that description too -- although a couple of them might enjoy being compared to space aliens. The party is at 5 p.m. Catster time & for you dogs, yes, that's the same thing as Dogster Time (ha! Ha! ha! Cat laughing at you, so did you get it? okay I like some dogs so just a little joke at your expense doggies cause us cats are just way smarter than you!) & you can convert to your time zone but they are on California time which is three hours behind us on the East Coast.
Luv & Purrs, Leah

Subject: It's a Double Birthday Party, and you are invited! Sent: Fri Aug 14

You are all cordially invited to a DOUBLE birthday party!

Date: Saturday, August 15th
Time: 5 p.m. Catster time
Location: Kitthaven Estates
Event: POOL Party

We are having a pool party and BBQ to celebrate Beckham's 6th birthday and Emma's 4th Birthday. We hope that all of our friends can join us to celebrate. Of course there will be double the food, double the prizes and double the fun!

A link to the party will be posted the morning of the party. Hope to see you all there.

Purrs from Ginger Belle

The link isn't posted yet but I'm sure it will be later today, but it is in the pool thread so should be easy to find. states-12196
Welcome to Kitthaven Estates for Catsters estates-12196
Welcome to Kitthaven Estates for Dogsters

Both cats & dogs are welcome & the group is open if you want to join & come to the pool party today, should say BBQ cookout & pool party which as says above is 5 p.m. Catster Time in the pool thread under groups.


Science Fiction Birthday Party on Saturday, August 8th, 2009- @ 5p.m.

August 6th 2009 2:46 pm
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Already have a costume for the next event which is a Science Fiction themed party @ Dogster Junction for Robin Hood. Link below if you want to join & attend, but the group is supposed to be open that night so that you can just attend if you know Robin Hood and / or his friends. The party is this weekend Saturday, August 8th, 2009 at 5 p.m. Dogster time. Looking forward to it. I'm a beautiful uniformed creature from Star Trek on the space ship for the party & wanted my costume up not so much so no fur would duplicate cause that could happen anyway but just in case they want to avoid wearing what somefur else is wearing. Had another choice but some other cat has already chosen it and could go as the same character but no, think I'll wear this one.
Dog ster Junction nda13/cute%20cat%20or%20dog%20pics/scifiinvite.jpg
Invitati on to Robin Hood's birthday party

Luv & Purrs, Leah


Party @ Billie Bob's Fambly Meeting Place P*I*F on- Sunday....

August 6th 2009 2:40 pm
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We had a great time at Billie Bob's on Sunday this past weekend w/i Paw It Forward. Had a great pool party & wonderfurr cookout with loads of good food but the cats really liked two the very best and that was one that Dino made the salmon stuffed crab cakes & one that Hershey grilled out and left for us to warm up from the day before from Chauncey's recipe and that was the Beer Butt chicken. The party was for Lil Sassy and she had a good time playing in the pool with furs leading her around on floats and helping her go off the diving board (she's blind) and even though her furiend Gizmo didn't show up at the pool party she wasn't disappointed cause he made it to see her right after the party. His Mommy has been ill. Dino did the music was DeeJay and so we had Beach Boys beach music and at the end for the last song well for part of two Morgan the most gorgeous orange tabby and pirate / captain cat asked me to dance. Hmm, wondpurr when I'll get to see him again? He did send me a lovely rose & a very sweet message so maybe....
Many Purrs w/Luv, Leah

C@T = Thanks to the very attractive Morgan for my lovely rose and the sweet message!


BabyCat & Daddy Rob

August 2nd 2009 4:06 am
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Have been staying with BabyCat Calliope & Jaden Jaguar & Daddy Rob and the new Silly Lilly a baby Rex Calico cat and time has just slipped by and I haven't meowed an entry partly I think because our people have forgotten that when the cat moves the typist changes. No, I do NOT belong to Daddy Rob! I am still Mother's cat but she wants me to be safe and someone in our neighborhood kept staring under Thomasina's & my window and so that's another both of us are staying with others for now because Takoda Crow and Lilly Cat are very hissy at anyone who comes near the window and I was very curious although Thomasina would eventually hiss and move. Whoever has not tracked us to where we are now & whoever doesn't like Takoda Crow and the seemingly scrawny Lilly Cat who has a long slender build and a very strange cat face that definitely has Oriental to it. She probably also drives whoever stares and listens crazy with her constant mreowing and yowling and trilling and cooing and some very odd hard to describe cat noises that didn't bother me but seem to drive everyone and everyfur else half mad after awhile though Meli Mom says doesn't bother her & takes awhile to get on Mother's nerves too. Daddy Rob said he couldn't stand it that it was like having a rooster cat in the room with him or in the house with him following him around and that it just drove him quite mad until he couldn't even hear himself think!

Love being here with Daddy Rob and as said get to visit Mother at least once a week and sometimes more often and often for the night when I do visit although BabyCat doesn't always stay the night as Daddy Rob is convinced that Mother is trying to steal her back and trying to hide her from him and has become very protective of BabyCat again because she spends so very much time petting her. Like visiting Mother because she doesn't mind when I climb up on her shoulders now and walk round and round her neck in front of her face and back again and says she actually misses it!

However do love playing with BabyCat and running round and round the house with her when Daddy Rob lets us out of the room and then we play find Jaden Jaguar who is such a rebellious sarcastic sulky pouty cat and we have to liven him up by finding his tail and pouncing on it and biting it to get him to play chase with us. No need to get so mad and to take life so seriously Jaden! Does upset Daddy Rob when we knock over lamps and things and knock down the drapes and pull the covers off the bed playing but he doesn't fuss too much.

Well almost time for the morning bird watching and bug hunting! When the screen is open there's a place bugs can get in at the edge so we have a nice tasty mouth & beetles breakfast some mornings. Don't think Daddy Rob really approves but the window isn't open most of the time just early in the morning and right at the cool of the evening when he's in the room and working on the computer. Stretch. Yawn. Time to go bug hunting.
Purrs & Love, Leah


Out & About -- In the House

July 8th 2009 7:44 am
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Never going back to my room! Never! Okay to eat and to use the litter box but otherwise -- and to play with whichever cat is in the room if they won’t come out and play chase throughout the house but otherwise I’m not ever going back and as many times as they put me back I will put my little paw under that door and open it and I will get out again! I have a pet dog now and am working on having two pet dogs though I have managed to get on the nerves on Dion The CatDog something terrible lately! She is just so very jealous of all the attention that Pinto gives me that she has become a hissy lizard growly cat dog! She makes the strangest dog cross cat noises at me and chases me away from her boyfriend dog these days. Mel keeps saying to her (Meli Mom to Dion) Baby now you love cats so I’m surprised at you! Why do you keep chasing Leah all over the house? Stop being so jealous Baby! I see the Green Eyed Monster, Dion and it’s not pretty. No, it’s not so I’ll just have to wrap Dion around my little paw too because I like running all over the house and if Silly Lilly can run all over the house when she visits then I’m not going back to staying in that room! I can go wherever I want so I have taken to sleeping on the back of the sofa, on the backs of chairs, on kitchen chairs, under the table between Pinto and Dion when they sleep there & everywhere else I want to go and I even have a very special bed made for me by Mel on the computer table so I will sleep and sit anywhere I want from now on! I’m trying to get Takoda to come out with me too and he does some days but he tends to hide out and is still a bit hissy with the dogs. Dion really loves Crow though. We’ll just see about that because you’re my pet dog and you just don’t know it yet!
Purrs, Leah the Countess of Thistles & Clover

*** Thanks to Mouser for my great beach ball! Just love it! ****


Becoming an Escape Artist

July 3rd 2009 12:58 pm
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Once I was content to hide out in the room with Thomasina and Takoda Crow, but then Mother my beloved person stopped staying in the bedroom so often so I was no longer happy, but still I hung out in the bedroom so often slinking out of my room without a sound that a water and food dish were placed there for me, Crow, & Thomasina. Mel even talks of finding a place for a litter box in there. Plus we’re going to have a big bowl of dry food in there. Originally she thought this would encourage us to leave our room and refuse to return but she says we’re out so often that it doesn’t matter any more. We love to play in Mother’s room and we love it when she stays in there and we can climb up on the bed and watch tv with her or nap with her. Now I’ve become more like Lilly although I still don’t make as much noise as she does leaving the room. I love wandering all over the house and following Mom around. I love playing with the dogs, well with Pinto because Dion doesn’t like it when I snuggle up to her and knead her stomach with my claws and give her love bites. Dion says I draw blood and it hurts but Pinto is bigger and she just licks me and grooms me if I bite him, so I like to curl up and sleep up against him now because he’s my dog not Lilly’s and she needs to understand that one. Mother says I have him wrapped around my little paw and that he would hurt anyone now who hurt me, but he would protect the other cats too. But he loves me best …. And Lilly --- Hiss, hiss, hiss and claws to the air. My dog Lilly not yours!

My favorite day is sleeping curled up on the back of the sofa but I did get popped on the back end today for clawing the sofa. Mother says I mustn’t claw the sofa or use any of the furniture as a scratching post to use our big cardboard box and the Styrofoam piece in our room and to remember how much it aggravates Mel when we do it because she’s usually the one who sweeps up the Styrofoam pieces and Mother won’t let her take it out of the room. I love to play with Pinto Paint and we play mini shorter distance chase games because Mel and Mother both fuss if we run too fast and too far in the house so we just go short distances and play tag and try to be quieter. I love curling up in the kitchen chairs to nap too and having my canned food away from the other cats and leaving a little for Pinto to eat because he just loves cat food and I only eat about a tablespoon at a time and half a normal sized cat food can is more than a tablespoon. I’m not a big kitty cat. Then I like to go to Mother’s room in the evening and watch the fireflies start to light up and the birds flying to their trees for the night. Now in the morning I still like our room with its two windows best for squirrel and bird watching but in the evening especially around dark I like Mother’s room best. But I don’t have a set routine and it varies. As long as I can be near Mother and my favorite dog, I’m fine.
Purrs, Leah


Mother! Come & Get Me! BabyCat is a Monster!

June 26th 2009 10:14 pm
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Think BabyCat Calliope actually misses her sister in terrorizing other cats Lilly Munster. She didn't at first and was very happy to see me instead of Lilly until she realized that I was not going to stop meowing and climbing up on her Daddy's shoulders and going round and round cause I was very upset to be lost. I thought I was lost anyway, couldn't figure out why suddenly I was at Daddy Rob's with his brood instead of with my beloved Mother sleeping on the table by her bed and watching over her or on the sofa curled up at her side secretly while she napped or following her around the house quietly and keeping an eye on her cat guardian that I am. Mother is mine to protect and Dion The CatDog does understand that fact and watches over me while I watch over Mother.

Started like any other day and then I noticed this strange cat was in the house the other day, Lilly whom I hadn't seen in awhile. My how she's grown as she is as big as me and younger than me still just a kitten! I weigh about 10 lbs. now and she may weigh a little less but now she is just as tall as I am has just grown like a weed and Daddy Rob thinks she is related to Court Jester who is still growing and so will be a tall cat like him, long and big not fat but muscular like him eventually, but I say if she burns off energy as an adult the way she does as a kitten she will just be a long tall cat and not big. Anyway, I was playing chase with Lilly around the house when Rob arrived frantic because Lilly was missing and he couldn't find her anywhere. Then he noticed just who I was playing chase with and began trying to grab her but she is very good at the game of keep away and would leap away from him. She was really enjoying the game and crossing my path and I was crossing hers when suddenly Rob grabbed me while I protested but Lilly is claustrophobic and would have done the same, stuffed me in the cat carrier and latched the doors and wired them shut as Lilly is good at getting them open and took off calling out to Mel that he had caught Lilly. Maybe he thought he had, but he had me & didn't realize it until the next day when I began walking round and round his shoulders and trying to eat his hair and BabyCat began growling and attacked me! Apparently she doesn't attack Lilly just gets into hissing spitting spats with her where they circle around the room at each other. Now she is crying for Lilly, wants her to return so maybe something good has come out of this after all, that and I realize how much I like my home and even the dogs. I can't stand that Jaden Jaguar. He is such an arrogant cat, thinks that black cats are just it! The Cat's Meow!

BabyCat & I have spent our day tormenting Rob off and on trying to fight while changing places from his lap to his shoulders. Oh how she hates me and is jealous of me being anywhere near Daddy Rob, but I'm hanging onto him for dear life because I'm not missing out when he leaves cause he is taking me home and I mean that! I'll be home soon Thomasina & Crow & Morse! I miss all of you!
In Howling Wailing Despair, Mosaic KaLeah (Leah)


Mother! Where Are You???

June 9th 2009 4:53 am
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Got to play with Morse in Mother’s room yestfurday, but it really didn’t start off or end as a fun day! Mother usually doesn’t spend as much time with the dogs as Mel does (Meli Mom to the dogs or just Mom and to Morse), but yestfurday she seemed to think because a male Calico was here who looked somewhat like my appearance except his nose color was a bit different and his nose is broader than mine -- that I didn’t need any attention whatsoever. How very wrong of her to spend all that time with the dogs! I didn’t like Mr. Male Calico either and wanted him out of our room and meowed and meowed for Mother to come and get me or for Mel to so do, but no response! Can you believe they both just ignored me yestfurday?! How dare they ignore me! So I decided to run away, but that silly dog Dion wouldn’t even let me walk down the hall! Thought that Pinto was going to be a big problem but for some reason he treats me like I’m his special pet cat, so he herded me into Mother’s room and jumped up on the bed which I didn’t discover until I jumped up on the bed and he was there! He was mad at Mel cause she first chased him around with a water pistol and then she spent the day with Morse in his room and out of it and just ignored him for the rest of the day so he had to play with Mother yestfurday and he says Mother doesn’t like him as much as she likes Dion, but he played with her and Dion and he napped on the sofa with her and Dion napped on the sofa with Mother too! I was barely allowed! I played with Inspector Morse in Mother’s room part of the day and we chased around these mini super balls we found in storage under the bed and we played with these peacock feathers we found in the closet and curled up on an old feather pillow we found in there. I also napped with Pinto on the bed, but no Mother and all of my meowing didn’t bring her to me so my feelings were hurt. Pinto protected me from the bigger male Calico and growled at him when he came near me, when he left our room. I was not one bit happy about that cat visiting and the devil of it is we have no idea how he wound up in our house! He’s friend’s cat on over in the next neighborhood and he didn’t say anything about dropping the cat off and had been looking for his cat said it was missing so we’re thinking that maybe he just got into his car and that he’s been hanging out at our house as has happened before with other cats but we don’t know for sure. He’s home now as his person came after him last night and said he has no idea what the devil! Said he, haven’t a clue as to how he got to your house and ended up in the bedroom with the other cats. Maybe he got in the car or maybe he just ran away from home and followed my scent trail to your house since I’ve walked over there before or maybe he was in the big cat carrier under the blankets when I came to get one of your ferals to give to someone, but somehow he wound up at your house and not for the first time. He was hidden here at Christmas briefly so he does know this house, hidden as he was a Christmas present for someone who wanted a Calico cat. Uh, he was supposed to be a female but events turned when he was seen washing himself and they realized not a female as those giving him away thought after all. He’s a former feral kitty too.

Yestfurday morning I kept opening the door of the room and going to look for Mother and going into her closet and under her bed. Even the short time she was in her room, she ignored me! Mother! She wouldn’t even let me jump on her shoulders the way I normally do and blocked me and put me on the bed so I cried for Mel and she came and talked to me, but my feelings were hurt so I hid under the bed! Then I went to visit Morse in his room for awhile and curled up to him in the bird feathers. Finally, later in the day I decided since Mother wanted to nap with the dogs in the living room on the couch that I would join her and I did, just curled up by her head on the pillow and napped and curled up by her side. For some reason, she didn’t want me by her head and so when I returned there she tried to grab me, said she was taking me back to my room! Instead, I curled up between Dion and Pinto and napped my feelings all hurt again! Mother, you have to make up for hurting my feelings all day yestfurday! Why were you mad with me yestfurday? And you pet that male Calico! How dare you pet that male Calico cat! I was so very furry happy when that devil male Calico cat left! He’s big to me! Still a kitten said his person but he’s 15 lbs. -- BabyCat Calliope's age I think! Think his owner said his name was Court Jester! Yeah he’s silly and a fool all right!
Mreow, Meow, Leah (Mosaic KaLeah)

C@T = Thanks to Nakoma Bush for my lovely heart and hope that your family is all doing well!
C@T = Thanks to Miss Dixie Monroe for the lovely diamond and love being part of your club!

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