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Home:Metro Atlanta, GA  [I have a diary!]  
Age: 10 Years   Sex: Male   Weight: 30 lbs.

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Henry, Mori, Cat Cat, Fat Cat Investigator, King Henry VIII,Monster, The Orange Monster, Baby Tiger!

Kitty Complexion:
sleepyvery active
not curiousvery curious
not vocalvery vocal

Sun Sign:
December 25th 2005

Red Tabby

Naps & Exploring the house. Aggravating the dog...

The dog (Dion) eating his food, but no worries when she eats his food, Morse eats the dog's food immediately!

Favorite Toy:
drawstrings on pants, shoe laces, my hair when it's in a pony tail or hanging down, fringe, etc.

Favorite Nap Spot:
Near the dog or on the dog's bed or on the dog. Under any dirty laundry.

Favorite Food:
Iams & now whatever the dog is having...

Yes, he thinks he's a cat investigator. He's named after Inspector Morse not Morris the Cat.


Arrival Story:
Was absolutely intrigued by his ad on Craig's List without photos which seemed designed to keep all away from him. Described as big and the ruler of the house who could basically do without anyfur and anyone. Just had to have him. His owners had moved out of the country and left him with a friend in foster care, but didn't ever come back for him and agreed at Christmas time to allow him to be put up for adoption. He was a kitten when they were transferred to Great Britain & he hasn't seen them since so doubt that he would know them at all. He lived with a lady who fosters cats and does rescue work all that time. When I went to see him as unfriendly as he was described, he batted at the drawstring on my pants and played with my shoelaces & rubbed against me Rrowring to be petted and shoved his head under my hand. I was sold. That was it. He had to come home with me. Wasn't going to leave without him anyway, but immediate love for this cat! One of the biggest cats I've ever seen too, just huge big and tall and long with a very curly tail.

Very inquisitive cat. Knew right away that he may be Henry but he wasn't answering to that name and when I said Morse he came to me right away once he was in the house. Was told he hadn't been around or close up to dogs in awhile but he took up with Dion immediately and rubbed against her. Also was told he hated to be picked up. Must have been due to the other cats there because he loves to be picked up & carried around and shown places he is allowed to be as he is a bit cautious about some places in the house. // Mother has decided & rightfully so that my original name was Henry VIII from my previous persons whom I owned since I seem to think I am the King of the House & bang on my room door any time I want something & some days that's very frequently & I will stand & knock my paws on the door until someone comes to see about me. I am a very important cat ya ' know!!!!!

Lives Remaining:
9 of 9

Forums Motto:
Henry the VIII Rules & Reigns!!!!

Fiery Dragon:
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Falling Jacks:


I've Been On Catster Since:
December 24th 2008 More than 7 years!

Rosette, Star and Special Gift History

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Morse's Inquisitive Investigations

Sob... Sob.... Sob....

May 30th 2010 9:11 am
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My dear friend Lily I miss you so already. You were so full of love and life. I hate the evil people who did this to you and they need to get a cruely to animals charge. Maybe one day I'll be able to go back to that house and visit your little grave by the creek. I loved you so. I'll miss you waking me up grooming me. I'll miss having you curl up and sleep by me. I'll miss you bouncing off the walls. I adored you my sweet little Lily Cat. You are so sorely missed and I knew before Mother and Meli Mom accepted it. They had a bad feeling when you stopped yowling, had such a bad feeling but didn't know for sure until the house owner found you and buried you. You were so very loved and so very full of love and warmth for others my sweet sweet friend. When we got to the new place, I refused to come out of my cat carrier and Mom knew but she had to keep going over to call you. Then when she saw the spot on the porch where you had come down, she knew and went no more. She's so sad. We're all so sad. I will miss you so my beautiful friend as you take your well deserved place amongst the angel cats my beloved soul mate who I stole away from all the other cats, my light. Fly down and comfort me sweet angel cat.



September 26th 2009 8:57 pm
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We're at another house tonight & they are allowing us the use of their computer so that I can tell you that we were in a fire today & we are at a very nice neighbor's & not at our house. Don't know what caused it yet just that we had had to go offline due to a thunder storm with lightning that had flickered the power off & on so I didn't get to post at Billie Bob's place this a.m. & Meli Mom & Mother had not slept the night before so they lay down as we did to nap & LillyCat is a siren & alarm onto herself & awakened us yowling her head off & Mom realized the power was off & smelled something strange & went downstairs & realized that smoke was all over the place but the smoke detectors were already on their second alarm by that time & this time they were not quitting were going off constantly so that they were going off when Meli Mom sent Pinto & Dion down the hall to get Mother & she was screaming all of our names & worrying about our semi feral Siamese friend down the hall but we had to get out & she did know that one of the boards had fallen from around the air conditioner window unit so that if he was desperate he could jump push & another piece would fall & he would be out but he didn't & Mom saw him in the window later. She ran outside with me in her arms, Mother on her arm, Pinto on his leash that she had grabbed, her purse that was by her & the phone which she had grabbed when she ran to call us & called from outside & when she ran to the side of the house she made Mother get off the porch because smoke was black against the downstairs driveside windows & beginning to bellow out & then flames shot out the cracks around the windows & she realized this was for real & not just smoke. We're all safe though she had to go get Dion who took off & LillyCat but they're safe & so is our semi feral friend and the entire house isn't destroyed just a basement area & all the clothes in storage there most of which were being sifted through to be given away & smoke & water damage in the basement & the side windows are gone & they said part of the ceiling upstairs somewhere so I guess right above that area of the basement & other damage.Some good neighbors asked us to come & stay with them & we really appreciate it & thank God that no one was hurt. Please remember us in your prayers.thanks.
Rrowr, Inspector Morse


Pee Wars

September 25th 2009 3:02 pm
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Sometimes we’re mad with Mom & sometimes the dogs & sometimes just at each other or we’re marking territory around Mom as ours & the dogs have the fear of someone called Alpha Dog in their blood & bones they say so they stopped peeing on top of our pee, but we don’t know this Alpha Dog & wouldn’t recognize him or her if we did because we’re cats. Mom finally sought help online & so I include one of the links. Though I do get ahead of the story what Mom has found works is the peroxide with towels to sop it up & then to deep clean with the rug cleaner with a little Oxy Clean mixed in with the rug solution, but keeping us from going on the rug again? Well, we don’t much care for the peroxide, but will go on top of it after it dries & the rubbing alcohol suggestion didn’t work cause we find that a strong challenging might be another pet smell so a little Pinesol on a four square folded paper towel tacked to the carpet or straight pinned to it keeps us away as that stuff must be from Mountain Lions though Takoda Crow insists it’s tree pee & that the trees might pull up their roots & come after us or might come to life when we try to climb them outside & give us a hard time like the tree in a movie The Wizard of Oz that threw apples at people.

What happened? Mom kept moving us for one. We would try to walk on the computer keyboard & she was trying to get the computer fixed, trying to do it herself doing different things & trying different things but it was getting worse & worse & she wasn’t happy with us jumping up onto the computer table & putting our paws all over the keys & walking on different buttons & messing up what she was doing though I cross my paws across my heart that we did NOT break the computer in the first place. What we were trying to do was help Mom fix it, but we weren’t helping, and well, okay we wanted some attention too! So Mom would get annoyed & fuss & she was just so very grouchy & put us down on the floor so I admit I started it over the computer (not on it under the table) but not elsewhere -- we were already peeing in other places, but I’ll cover that one another time. One day I got so mad at Mom that I jumped down from her lap & walked under the computer table & squatted as near to her feet as I could & just peed all over her feet just let it rip & wasn’t finished when she got down on the floor & reached under that computer table & grabbed me, so I hissed at her & let her know how I felt about the interruption & she thought I was done, but I wasn’t -- I ran off a little way & crawled back under the table from the other direction & sneaked back to her feet & started peeing again. Oh Wow! Was Mom ever mad! Mom grabbed me again & picked me up (& I’m not a light guy either!) & she held me up my face to hers & she just fussed at me & hurt my feelings. You weren’t paying any attention to me Mom & I expect attention exactly when I want it -- unless you’re cooking or playing with one of the household monsters or mopping & then I understand because that might cause the monsters or the mop to come after me & I don’t want that to happen. Have no desire to get sucked into one of those monsters! Then every time I wanted Mom’s attention & she ignored me, why I just crawled as close to her feet as I could get & peed even on the pillows she keeps on the floor for her feet, the throw pillows & old bed pillow in its tapestry coverlet & the dogs found out it wasn’t okay for them to (a) follow suit & pee on top of my pee requiring me to pee again to mark my territory and that is part of it: sometimes I’m just marking my territory to let the dogs know that at Mom’s feet on the cushions under the computer is my place & trying to let Lilly Cat know the same! (b) lick the pee & try to help Mom clean it up this way causing them sometimes to pee spontaneously on the kitchen floor right after as cat urine is much more foul & stronger than dog urine. Lilly Cat has also peed to let Mom know that removing her feet from the computer keyboard is not acceptable, but I’ll let her tell her own version of the pee wars, which I’m sure she will try to blame all on me!

Might not go to part two of the pee wars tomorrow as there are more pleasant topics such as my escape into the great outside yesterday evening & playing outdoors & shrimp & taking over the house & better cat topics such as the ones I just mentioned. Need to start visiting my groups again now that Mom has done hours & hours of updates & just slews of downloads & re-adding programs & etc. Maybe she’s just caught up enough that we can play a little more on Catster (& maybe the dogs will not dominate the computer all the time!) but that’s all for now.
Rrowr & Purrs, Inspector Morse

--- Pinto claims Alpha Dog is Mom, but you know she reminds me of a cat so I think he’s wrong! Hmm, but she does howl like a wolf sometimes…. ml
Getting rid of pee stains

To copy & paste in your address bar == you could try checking Catster too remembering that cat urine is highly more toxic & noxious than is dog urine! Cats rule on territorial markings! Mom says that we shouldn't be proud of this accomplishment or call it an accomplishment. At least the house smells much better to her now & actually to all of us cats including Crow Raven (he will have a page soon!) since the very large monster that spits water & cleanser all over the carpet & then sucks a bunch of it back up (EEWWW! It's drinking dog piss!) cleaned up all that nasty dog drool & dog pee! I mean who would want dog pee in their house? Why do humans have such a problem with our noxious urine, the cats urine too? Smells good enough to us & lets other cats & those bad dogs know to stay out of our spots & gets the message across to Mom that we demand attention now or don't appreciate being removed from the computer keyboard ....

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