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Nikolai's Notes

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Thoughts for Today

January 28th 2010 11:56 am
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We are hoping Louis is doing well in his surgery, or in his recovery, if the operation is over.
We are hoping Arnold P. and Rocky Ann are feeling alright, and all the other sick kitties to.
We are thinking of the human, J.D. Salinger who just passed away at 91. Mommy wasn't sure he was even still alive! Can you imagine if we kitties lived that long? Mr. Salinger had become reclusive and was said to have become quite the odd duck. Humans mostly loved him for the work he did, not for his personality, which they could not have known due to his secretive lifestyle. Maybe he figured he'd be more loved if he was only known for his work, maybe he was right.
Us kitties are a different story. Few of us do much lasting "work." Some kitties paint a little, some "work" by unrolling toilet paper, or hunting bugs, rats or mice. Some are fine warmers of lap, and some even save lives by letting people know about fires and such. But since our work and what we produce (nothing that should be picked up with bare hands, in most cases) is not considered of great importance, we get to be loved for ourselves. And each of us may have a smaller fan club than a famous author, though certainly Catster has given us all larger fan bases than we would have otherwise, we are loved for being ourselves. Our eccentricities are for the most part embraced and celebrated.
Aren't we fortunate that way?
Rest in peace, Mr. Salinger, mommy read all of your books, and hopes you had cats in your life that made you happier and did not judge you.


Help Save the Cats of L.A.

January 27th 2010 4:24 pm
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We asked Catster to post something 'bout this in their "news" section but no dice.

L.A. has benefited from feral cats keeping the rat population down, organically, and for free, for many years. LA is a dirty place and in that warm climate, vermin and disease may well have taken a real toll, especially among the poor, without the kitty clean up crew.
Now the trap, fix and return programs that help keep these feral cats from horribly outgrowing their food supply has been discontinued. The results will be tragic. Please help these cats whose lives are already hard enough. This page has some suggestions on what you can do. rctid=1&erid=7640497

Mommy also suggests someone there start a spay/neuter referral service, as some groups that help with spay and neuter and aren't funded by the city still exist, it will just be challenging for those in need of such services to find them now.
This address has some resources listed, but one needs to research and find out what services are still available.

This is the sort of thing mommy does in her volunteer work in Oregon. Hopefully someone down in LA will do the same if this stupid decision can't be overturned.
Thanks for your help. -Niko


Purr For Louis LeBeau

January 27th 2010 10:47 am
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We all know Louis is having a big operation tomorrow. Let's all purr happy, healing kitty powers his way. We know he will be just fine, and the doc will remove all the affected tissue and leave not a trace of tumor but just nice, healthy, normal cells, and Louis's body will respond really well to having those bad cells gone, and heal up really fast. And he will feel good and be hungry and playful and happy really quickly with those bad cells all gone and no longer taxing his body.
We all love you, Louis. -Niko, Vince, Ming, and Amity


Mommy's Stories

January 22nd 2010 10:32 pm
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Mommy says she got her wallet back! Yippee! And her money was still in it! Yippee! And the money they gave her earlier today must have been someone else's, so she gave it back. What a crazy ordeal! At least she won't have to go to the DMV now.
I lose my collar sometimes, but there is never so much fuss! -Niko


Mysterious Mystery

January 22nd 2010 5:46 pm
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Mommy told me about a mysterious event that occurred today.
She lost her wallet on the train back from the airport Monday. It was found within a few hours and turned in to the train's lost and found. Phew. Mommy figured the cash that was in it would be gone, but accepted that as an "idiot tax" since she should not have lost it in the first place.
So today she finally drove the 30+ miles to the lost and found place to get her wallet back. She gave them her special number and waited and waited. Lots of other humans had lost things to, and they got them back with the special number rubber banded to the item.
Mommy had to wait longer than anyone else, something was wrong. The man came out again and asked her to describe the wallet, apparently the special number wasn't enough, perhaps she wrote it down wrong. Mommy waited more. Then 2 men came out, and one had an envelope. It was her money! She didn't even expect to get that back. Then they broke the news that her wallet was lost again to her. The lost and found lost her wallet? And how did they not loose the money with it? They said the wallet could be referred to as "stolen" if she called to inquire if it had turned up yet. Now who would want mommy's stinky old worn out wallet filled with canceled cards and her I.D. and a bunch of clutter and NO MONEY other than a few coins? Wouldn't they have preferred the money? So mommy was completely confused and dumbfounded. Who would want her cashless wallet?
It just goes to show that sometimes a purrson can try to prepare themselves for an eventuality and then find when the time comes that the result is something they would not have predicted in a million years. Often us kitties have to go to the vet and our humans have time before the appointment to wonder and wonder and research different diseases and say to themselves "oh, I bet he has that, that isn't good!" Then the vet discovers the problem is something totally different. Like with Vincent, mommy didn't see his tongue was hurt, she though he may have rabies or rotting teeth or a new allergic reaction of his mouth. Then he ends up having this weird tongue injury. That is just weird. So when all you kitty mommas and daddies are worrying yourselves sick with the possibilities, remember the truth could be something totally different, so there is no point wracking your brains. The things that happen in life don't fully make sense, so just hope for the best and try to keep an open mind. It may work out better than you think, it may not. You can't be ready for everything. And if you find mommy's black fake snake skin and leopard print wallet, please send it back to her. It has a memento of a dead friend in it. xxxooo-Niko



January 14th 2010 9:48 am
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Wow, I can't believe I am DDP, and all my Christmas decorations are still up!
We are still watching the news about Haiti.
A man on a T.V. show said some pretty cold and just awful things about Haiti and the earthquake yesterday. He even said this tragedy may be a "blessing in disguise!" I'd like to hear him say that to a survivor who lost everything!
I guess he says judgmental and hateful things about lots of people, but a whole nation of people who have already been victimized over and over again? Come on! Have a heart and quit blaming victims, guy! Why kick someone when they are down? Why is this guy on T.V.?
Hard to think of how to help those folks, they need portable, self-contained hospitals and heavy equipment to dig out the survivors, helicopters, water...they pretty much need everything.
Some things have been said about buildings not being up to code there as though this would have been a minor thing had they been, but let's face it, no code is going to ensure a building will survive a 7 point earthquake, that is a huge earthquake. I sure wish people wouldn't fixate on this "blaming the victim" kind of thinking. Maybe it helps reassure them it can't happen here, but it sure can, even if you live in a palace. And yes, the poor get the worst of it, just as they do with everything, but they live how they can afford to live and get griped at and persecuted enough, they don't ask to be poor.
Anyway, on to other news, though those in Haiti are never far from our thoughts nowadays.
Yesterday I got up on a beam somehow. Mommy didn't see how I did it, she just saw me up there and took pictures and helped me down when I was ready.
I learned a scandalous secret last night. Amity and Vincent were on the couch, and Amity licked Vincent's head! Mom tried to take a picture, but her batteries were dead. Since she has no proof, I may choose not to believe her story. I still really don't like Amity, and she still chases and picks on Ming and me. She is a brat!



January 13th 2010 11:04 am
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Our hearts go out to all the kitties of Haiti and their human friends. Things were already so bad for residents of Haiti, now this. We wish we could do something to help, especially with getting those who are trapped alive out from under the rubble. Purr they can hang in there until help gets to them. -Nikolai



December 24th 2009 7:30 pm
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Mom forgot my "gotcha" day was the 18th! I think it was because 2 of her goats gave birth on the 17th. Those show-boating goats are stealing my thunder! Oh well, I'm not one to care.
Tonight mommy and I played paper wad catch, just like old times. She says I'm still her little kitten.
A sweet main coon I lived with in foster care named Zepher was killed by a car the other day. My mommy and his mommy were so sad. And my cousin, Chia, had a kidney episode. the vet gave him fluids and switched his food and he seems to be doing better, but he is about 18 years old, so you know how it is. He is a Main Coon to. Maybe a bad week to be a Main Coon. I hope everyone else is alright.
Love, Nikolai


Toilet Tank

December 10th 2009 8:09 pm
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Mommy was in the bath, and I was on the toilet watching her. For some reason the lid was open, so I just perched on the edge. Then that stupid Amity came in. So I got an idea. I got in the toilet bowl, so I could bat at Amity and she could not get me. Brilliant! Lucky for me, the toilet functions about as poorly as everything else here so there is only a tiny bit of water, just at the bottom. I didn't get wet!


I Almost Jumped In!

November 18th 2009 8:15 pm
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THEY drove me to it!
Tonight Ming, Vincent and Amity were all laying wayyyy too close together. I don't like that Amity, she is mean to me. Anyway, this is the first time this has happened so mommy took a bunch of pictures and was saying nice things to them. Meanwhile, I was up in the kitty loft looking down upon this scene. Mommy noticed me, FINALLY and stood up on the couch to give me some pets. Then I realized I really needed some mommy reassurance. But while I worked my way down the ladder from the kitty loft, mommy went away! I ran around looking for her, then I ran into the "little" room. Mommy was sitting in there. I jumped for her lap! I almost made it! Mommy said it was for the best that I didn't, for she was in the bath! She tried to console me with a petting, but I didn't want her to touch me with wet hands, and besides, I was embarrassed! So I just watched her in the bath.
When she got out, Ming had moved to the computer chair, but Vincent basically had his face resting on Amity's butt! What is with that? He is MY boyfriend! Mommy tried to get me to sit next to Vincent to, but I wasn't comfortable with that scene. Not at all. So I went and ate. Gotta fill the void in my broken heart. Mommy tried to find my laser toy to distract me, but the place is a mess, she can't find it. Thanks for nothing, mommy. I'm a sad little boy. ..Update: mommy found my laser, so I feel better now.-Nikolai

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