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More Progress Notes

September 27th 2010 6:43 pm
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Mommy is cuddling the feral kittens every day. They still hiss, but one of them licked her!
The foster kittens, Mars and Sputnik, are back from the adoption place! Supposedly, worms came shooting out of them Sunday. Strangely, no one called mommy about it, an no one bothered to look at their medical records that say thy were wormed with strongid, then proceed to worm them with something that works on non-roundworms. They could have wormed them right then, and let potential adopters know they have just been wormed. They are KITTENS and KITTENS GET WORMS. They have been on Advantage, but kittens get worms anyway, they just do. It is no reason not to adopt them.
Anyway, naturally, they showed not a sign of worms under mommy's care. Perhaps the stress of the adoption place got to them.
Anyhow, all that meant more waiting around and running around for mommy. Too bad this isn't a paying job, if mommy was paid by the hour, we'd be doing alright. So,the boys are home, for us to play with, at least until Friday.
The ferals will have to wait until they are gone to take over the bathroom.
Mommy finally named them, Sparks and Stormy. She still leaves food out for momma feral, but has not seen her in days.
Grandpa took Amity to the vet for her limp. The vet found nothing wrong, and thinks the nerve affected when a cat straightens its paw out may have somehow been damaged. So Amity gets .1ml of some anti-inflammatory pain med daily now. Today she was seen walking on that paw. The paw thing may be a chronic condition, but mommy sure hopes not.
Wasn't it nice of grandpa to take Amity to the vet? Mommy was too broke, and was just giving her paw massages every day.


Ferals in the House!

September 22nd 2010 8:49 am
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It has started to get too cold at night. Used to be, you cold leave your windows open until mid October, but not any more. Who needs a real summer anyway? I'll tell you who. the zillion vineyards around these parts. The grapes aren't getting the heat they need. It is likely to be a poor wine year, indeed. Mommy set up a cage in the house for the feral kittens, since it is cold. They like to hiss and watch the goings on.
The grape harvest is not all that is poor. Mommy had maybe two days of work last month, and zero this month. And she is supposed to drive the foster kittens 40 minutes to an adoption even, then drive herself 40 minutes home, then drive 40 minutes a few days later to pick them up if they aren't adopted, then 40 minutes home.Then the next day, she has to drive 40 minutes to an appointment in the same area, and 40 minutes home. That is a lot of extra driving! She is just going to have to find some way to get some money before then, or it is not happening. She just can't afford it, and she is not going to start putting foster kitten expenses on her credit card! She is afraid this is the last time she will foster with this group. They are just too far away. She wanted to bring the kittens in Monday when she actually has an appointment in that area, but the woman couldn't promise her cage space, except on the weekend. Sigh.
Well, I'd better go. Keep purring for Sugar to poo out that blockage!


A Sighting!

September 20th 2010 1:45 pm
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So, momma feral was seen in our yard yesterday. Momma put out the live trap, and heard it bang shut at about 10 p.m. She took a peek outside. Do you know who she caught? A big, fat opossum. Momma asked him not to get confused and attack her, then let him out. She decided she'd better do her trapping in the day or next time it may be an angry raccoon, or worse, a skunk!
So momma got call that she may need to foster 4-8 more kittens, if no one else can be found. For the next 3 or so days while her current fosters are being treated for an eye infection, she is plum out of places to safely stash kittens. Luckily, her friend gave her this huge, modular cage set from a dog groomer. Today she unscrewed one of the compartments, and will clean it and use it for the kittens until it is safe to let them have the run of the bathroom.
So momma has now fostered 12 kittens. She thinks she is gong to have to figure out a way to fund all this. The spays and neuters and vaccines she gets for free, but there is much driving, and it is harder to get kitty litter, decent quality food and incidental medications for free. Plus, her phone minutes are getting pretty high because there is always some cat emergency going on. So she's going to have to think of a way to fund raise. Maybe some kitties out there have ideas.
The spay and neuter group she volunteers for in addition to the fostering can now take tax deductible donations from those who specify they want their money to go to her or her friend's kitty sheltering and foster activities, so that is something. Only problem is, the group was part of a 10 year plan that has just ended, so they are not pursuing funds very hard. Unfortunately, the need for fostering and for subsidised spay and neuter has gone way up. Momma feels spay and neuter is the only real answer to kitty overpopulation, but that doesn't mean no funds should go towards the care of the cats who are being born, or that they should be considered less important. So complicated, the issues. Like with everything else, there are enough resources out there, they just stay in the top 1% of the human population instead of going where needed.
My ears are still tender. Momma is afraid to give me the excel ear meds again, as she is afraid I'm over-sensitive to them. She may just use some ear wash today. Oh, she says I need to get off the computer, she has to set up that cage. I'm so glad it isn't for me!


MIA Psycho Feral

September 19th 2010 9:45 am
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Mommy doesn't get it. The feral momma who escaped spaying the other morning seems to have vanished. Formerly when the feral was roaming the catio, she certainly couldn't get out, which was why she went into ma's bedroom when the back door was open. But now, ma can't find her anywhere. She cannot find any clumps of fur indicating she squeezed out someplace. It is frustrating. Now that feral may be loose someplace! Next time, momma is going to have any ferals fixed IMMEDIATELY, even if it means she has to feed the kittens herself for a while. Mommy feels like she never does anything right. Lately, I concur.
Andre and I both had ear mites, and she washed our ears and gave us drops. But I didn't feel too hot for a few days after, mommy thinks I may be really sensitive to those drops. I didn't act in any way that would be noticeable to anyone but her, it was pretty subtle. I just didn't seem as cheerful as usual. She washed my head and ear areas with warm water as the bottle suggested in case of a bad reaction, but it still took me a few days to feel better.


Today is BAD and No Good!

September 17th 2010 9:50 am
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So, today mommy got up very early. She was going to take momma feral and the feral kittens to be fixed, and spend time doing errands while waiting. That meanie was also going to take our new pall, foster kitten Tanner, to Petsmart, and pick up old foster brother, Sputnik, who has developed an eye infection she needs to treat.
Foster momma got away from her again when she went to put her in a kennel! So the spay and neuter plan went down the tubes. But she is still planning on the kitten exchange.
But we love Tanner! Mommy is Mean!
Andre and I have ear mites. Mommy is treating us, but I'm still suffering.
She is going to give Tanner a few drops of mite meds even though his ears look clean for now so she doesn't get a whiny phone call about him developing mites in a few weeks. Being a foster parent is funny, she feels like she gets blamed for everything that goes wrong with her foster kittens, even weeks after they leave her care. Maybe she just feels forever responsible for us, or maybe she needs to do more preventative care.
Anyhow, my miserable news gets worse.
Louise is not doing well, he said in his journal his tests looked bad. We all love Louise and want him well.
And Nikolai, dreamboat #24, is gone. He is an especially good friend of me and my boyfriend, Andre.
So things are sad today. It is rainy and awful, but it is supposed to be sunny this time of year. My ears are bothering me, my new little friend will be taken away, that nasty feral is loose in our catio, so mommy has blocked part of it off, and we have sick and absent friends. I'm a blue, blue kitty, in more ways than one. -Nikolai


List of Cat Medical Help for Low income? And Foster News

September 14th 2010 8:46 pm
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Mommy dropped 3 of her fosters off yesterday, and no one has been adopted yet. The 4th is about done with his eyeball treatment. Mommy was able to catch the feral that snuck into her room. She had to use a net. That cat literally climbed the walls. She broke mom's fan but mommy was just glad she didn't break her old mirror, or cat figurines, or hurt herself. She gave momma feral a 3 in 1 vaccine since she had her down anyway. Today she learned a neighbor has been feeding her, so that is good news, she will be returnable to that site after her spay. Still not sure if the kittens can be tamed, or if they will have to go be ferals with their ma after everyone is fixed. Mommy heard there is a mean old tom up where she found feral momma to. He also needs to be caught and fixed.
Some nice kitty put a list of resources for low income cat owners needing help with vet costs in their diary, and mommy lost it. She forgot who it was that posted it. Maybe Margo? She can't find it anyplace, and her laptop died, it was on there.
Does anyone have a copy or remember who made that great list?
She needs to save that stuff, because right now we are apparently really teetering on the edge. Mommy can get help spaying and neutering her fosters, and the fostering group pays for most of their medical stuff, but she does end up spending at least a hundred bucks a month on her fostering activities. She is really trying not to, but sometimes spending her own money now instead of waiting for their approval and taking 3 hours to drive to their participating vet or some other place and back just seems to save time and gas. It is going to cost her either way, since the foster group can't pay for her gas. So she will buy things they may be able to give her, like food and litter and ear meds and eye drops sometimes. And it adds up and up and up.
Hey, mommy did learn one cost cutting secret. She is going to try it really soon.
So if you are a fan of pine litters, apparently pellet stove fuel works to! Mommy just bought a bag. $2.99 instead of $9.99 for the litter. It says it is made in the U.S.A. and all real wood and no construction waste, etc. You do not want pressure treated wood or anything made with it in contact with your kitty at any time, it is treated with poisons to keep bugs out.
So, the pellets look like the pine litter and the label was very re-assuring. We'll let you know how it performs. Momma hates clay litter, but she is broke enough she is using some that grandpa was keeping in his garage in case of spills. It is not nice! Are we getting locked up to for expressing dislike of clay litters?
So, I'm getting to like little Tanner, the last of the foster kittens. Andre, Tanner and I all laid in a pile on the couch for some time, and mommy made a video of us licking each other. She says the fostering can be really stressful, but it all seems worth it when she sees cute things like that.


Feral and Foster Fallout

September 13th 2010 10:30 pm
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2 foster kittens were adopted, and 3 more went to the adoption center today. Only Tanner, who has an eye infection, and the feral family remain with us.
Speaking of the feral family, feral momma somehow got out of her kennel and ended up in mommy's bedroom. So mommy needs to catch her and put her back in the kennel. Don't be surprised if ma is a cyclops tomorrow! MOL!


Old Chia

September 1st 2010 3:54 pm
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Old cousin Chia may be crossing the bridge today. He is about 18 and had been diagnosed with kidney failure some time ago. He has been acting like he feels really good for a couple days, but last night he started loosing bladder control. Could be his crystals, but more likely, his body is shutting down.
Poor Chia, mommy has known him more than half her life, and they were kids together. He was a big, jolly Main Coon, saved from life on the streets.
Come what may, let him not suffer. He is a grand old man.
Update: Chia may be getting a reprieve. The vet tested his urine to see if crystals could be the problem, otherwise, it may be his thyroid gland again.


Foster Follies and 2 Secrets.

August 27th 2010 4:20 pm
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My boyfriend, Andre, put up some new pictures today. They are pretty cute.
Things have been weird. There are 6 foster kittens in the bathroom, and a momma feral and her 2 kittens in a kennel on the catio. Mommy is spending lots of time making sure boxes are emptied and food and water dishes stay full and de-worming and writing notes and weighing kittens, playing with the kittens, taking pictures of the kittens. It is lucky for us she's out of work right now, or we'd get no attention at all! Well, that's not true, we'd still get night time attention, I guess.
Andre wants to play with the kittens, but mommy says no.
I have 2 secrets about my new boyfriend. He's flatulent, and he makes big poops in the closet and tries to bury them with mommy's shoes. The first time he did it, I got blamed, because the poo was so big!


Kitten Krazies

August 15th 2010 10:29 am
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So, another rescuer got that momma cat, so mommy avoided facing her moral conundrum this time. Whew!
She went to a garage sale on her bike the next day, however, and what do you know, there was a lady giving away kittens, unfixed, and unvaccinated. It was also a rather trashy part of town, so mommy worried people taking the kittens may not care for them properly. One lady had already taken then returned one because her husband said "no."
So mommy told the lady with the sale that she was a fosterer and her group could get the kittens vaccinated, fixed, examined, etc. then adopt them out to pre-screened homes. Mommy also said she'd like to pay to get the momma cat, who belonged to the ladies son, fixed.
The woman was agreeable to all that, so mommy called the fostering agency on her cell phone while she biked home to get the car to let them know there were 6 more kittens who needed help. Oh boy, were they happy! MOL!
Luckily, the bathroom and all her equipment and a carrier had already been sanitized for the momma cat who didn't end up coming, so all that was left for her was to write her info down and a note promising a free kitty spay for the boy who owned the momma cat. and to go get the kittens.
They are really cute: two Siamese with gray markings, 2 with orange, and one tan tabby and one orange tabby. They are also pretty friendly. Mommy flea treated them right away, and will weigh and worm today. Only one problem so far. They are not at all more likely to potty in the litterbox than anyplace else! And they REALLY like to potty under the clawfoot bathtub, so mommy must lay on the floor and reach blindly under, grabbing at their poopies to clean it. Not pleasant. So despite the fact that it will cost them about 16 square feet of floor space, mommy is going to have to wall off the tub for the time being, add more litter boxes, and possibly add an alternate litter to one box. And hopefully that will get them on the right track. She can't adopt out kitties who poop everywhere, can she? Not a lot of demand for that.
Andre and I like to look at the kitten's shadows under the door.
After mommy saw the miserable mess the kittens made for her this morning, she had to go sit down for a moment. Andre decided to jump on her lap, but instead of doing so in a careful way, he just jumped half way up, and clawed her frantically to get all the way up to her lap. Boy, did she yell, and Andre left quite a scratch on her arm. He was embarrassed and sorry afterwards, and went out to the catio.
So mommy is having a rough time of things so far today. Her laptop also died, so we are on this dinosaur 'puter that is so slow you can't even watch movies. Why even own a 'puter that slow? I don't know, that is a good question! It also takes up half her desk and sounds like a lawn mower.
Please purr the litter box training will work, and fast.

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