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Camera Reccomendations?

May 23rd 2011 9:52 am
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Hi, don't know if anyone reads my journal anymore, it is so seldom updated. We are on facebook a lot, so message us if you want our contact info there. Too much of mommy's radical politickin on there lately, but she says things get worse for us kitties, the poorer the poor get, and the more the middle class shrinks. Cuz kitties don't get treated too well already, and we do not want to see it get worse. Alright, mommy, you just Bogart our page! Not set up really well on the lifeboat yet, because mommy isn't very good at that stuff. Concerned about changes here...mommy doesn't mind her personal writings and info on fostering and such to be used by other cat owners if it will help kitties, but she does have a big prob if any of it is used to sell products dangerous to kitties, like dusty litters and bad food. She also objects highly to the promotion of breed snobbery, and 3 sections on "breeds" on the home page is just that. Kitty racism contributing to the kitty holocaust. So, anyway, she has to weigh if staying and trying to counter bad info (hard to do with censorship) and just getting us off is the better thing to do for kitty kind and her morals. Some owners have said things she has shared have helped them with kitty problems, and that does count for something, or we'd be gone already. Anyway, maybe some kitty reading has views on all that.
So, our camera died. It was supposed to be a good camera, but had some bugs. Mommy would push the button sometimes it would just sit there, for a long time, before taking the picture. Not good with kitties. It also had a real problem with low light situations, and would compensate with an overkill flash, which ruins eyes in kitty shots, even with paper taped over the flash to soften. the red eye protection was no good, at all. So, anybody know a camera that takes shots quickly and doesn't ruin kitty eyes so much? Mommy researched the heck out of this one before getting it, but ended up with a dud, anyway!
Lots of love to those in the South experiencing tornado devastation. I just don't understand this violent weather. We hope lots of survivors are quickly found.



April 18th 2011 7:27 pm
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We have 3 feral kitties in a dog kennel on the catio, and a snotty tabby foster kitty who is mostly in the bathroom, but whom mommy has been letting out into the house. Too many kitties. Hissss!
Mommy is on facebook too much, so we haven't been around a lot. Hope everykitty is well. -Niko


Mommy is seeing other cats...AGAIN!

March 23rd 2011 6:18 pm
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Mommy spending the night with 5 other kitties nowadays. She says most of them are very old, and 3 are on fluids. It makes things a bit tricky, 'cuz she was trying to have us on a raw diet. But today she was able to come home and spend some time with us and even lay down with me and make me a kitty cave like I like, and she held Lilly and let her nurse on her fuzzy robe like she likes. And we got a raw breakfast at about 11, and she will give us raw dinner before she goes to be with the other kitties. She also leaves us kibble for now, in case something keeps her and she can't be home to give us raw food.
I hope none of those ancient kidney kitties gets sick or dies while mommy is taking care of them. That would make her really sad, and ruin her perfect record as a catsitter, to boot! I kid, mommy doesn't catsit enough to worry about her record, but she would not enjoy having someones kitty say goodbye on her watch. She told their owner to specifically forbid them to get ill or die while she is out of town. Let's hope they remember, they all need to make it to 20 years, at least! MOL


Goodbye, Cousin Chia.

December 27th 2010 12:14 pm
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Grandpa decided to put cousin Chia down today. Mommy went with. Chia was a 17 or 18 years old, resembling a main coon. He'd had thyroid surgery and kidney problems. He'd stopped eating well, though mommy got him to have a little turkey last night, and his legs weren't working well. He was very dehydrated, even though he drank a lot of water. It seemed as though nothing else could be done. He was purring and mommy and grandpa were petting him while he slipped away.
Rest in peace, poor Chia.


I did Hard Time

December 16th 2010 3:32 pm
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So since the bathroom be sinking in the mud, the bathroom door won't close, and mommy has to use a wire to keep the door shut when she locks Andre and Lilly in there at night so they don't keep us all up. She could fix the door, I guess she be too lazy. All she'd need is a screwdriver and chisel.She's got that stuff. Anyway, last night the wire was too loose, and Andre was banging the door around. So mommy got up and made sure they were both in there, then closed the door and tied the wire around the knob to the ladder again. And what did she find when she let those two out in the morning? I'd been locked in there with 'em, when I should have been sleeping with mommy! Well, I was very annoyed. I slept all day today on the bed to make up for it.
Mommy needs to fix that door today.


Gotcha Day?

December 3rd 2010 4:20 pm
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Mommy has forgotten my "gotcha" day. It is some time in December. Isn't she awful to forget?


It is Official!

November 25th 2010 11:30 am
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Andre is our new farm spokescat. He showed way more interest in the goat than any other kitty. So check out my brother Andre's page for all future wacky farm updates. He needs more friends anyhow.
I'm not a real bright kitty, so I don't know how to post links right. Here is his address.
Happy Thanksgiving, all.


Bath Tub Monster

November 24th 2010 6:52 pm
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Mommy brought a big, dirty, smelly white animal with horns on its head home today, and put it in the bathtub. Then she cranked the heat up high, and was making all sorts of phone calls, and draping blankets on the animal. Sometime he'd bleat, but he mostly was quiet. He didn't look like he felt really good.
I guess the cold snap really got to this little runt of a kid. Mommy thought he just needed his hooves trimmed when she saw he didn't want to join the other goats for treats, so she took him to the barn and trimmed his overgrown hooves. He was overly passive the whole time. She accidental cut too much off one hoof, which should have made him jump and yell, but he did not. So she got really worried. She offered him some pelleted goat food with molasses on it, and he didn't want it. She knew he must be at death's door, because goats love molasses and treats more than anything. She fed him a drench of corn syrup and corn oil, and stuck him in a cat carrier she happened to have in the car to take him home. She thought how embarrassing it would be if she had an accident on the icy road with a goat in a cat carrier in the trunk!
She got him home and laid him in the tub. She offered him warm water, pellets, and alfalfa, and started making calls.
She wasn't able to follow all the advice she got as she would have liked to. She cannot spend $200 to save a $20 goat, or that money wouldn't be there if one of us kitties got sick. But, she didn't want to put the little guy down without giving him a chance, either. After a while she set up the giant dog kennel and moved him into that, because he was starting to show interest in getting up, a good sign! He is in the bathroom still, with the heater expensively blasting away, so he gets lots of visits from us kitties. Mommy goes to comfort him whenever he bleats, and checks frequently to see if he has pottied or eaten. She'll check his temp in a few hours to see if it is nearer where it should be.
Tonight shouldn't get quite as cold as last night, so hopefully the rest of the goats on the farm (he was the very smallest) will be warm enough in their hoop barn. Mommy let the two big, pushy does back in with the rest of the group so there would be a lot more body heat in the barn tonight. Hopefully they will be more comfortable that way, goats like to be crowded together, she regrets not doing that yesterday.
Boy, I sound like Vincent used to giving a farm report! MOL.
Mommy does hope the little fellow will get well so she can take him back to the farm in a day or two. As for Thanksgiving, fortunately that will be held at the house of 68 cats. Mommy plans to prepare her dishes at grandpas, because as much as she likes goats, she sure doesn't feel that preparing food to be shared with other people in the same house where one is convalescing is very sanitary. Goats are not as clean as kitties, they are more like dirty old farm dogs that never get baths. Yuck.
Happy Thanksgiving, every kitty!


Kittenmas and Winter Holliday Collars

November 23rd 2010 10:05 pm
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Mommy is finally cutting out some fabric for collars.
They will all made from clean, sturdy, vintage cotton prints, and have a breakaway clasp, so if you get hung up, they pop off. Mommy adds a sparkle decoration to each, as well. I think she has about 14 winter patterns. There are Christmas trees and candy canes, and Santas, and hearts, and snowflakes and such.
Anyway, kitties ask us about these now and then, but mommy has been busy with other things. But she knows kitties like collars for gifts, so she wants to make them available in time for that this year.
We'll have a picture of the winter prints up soon, in case any kitty would like to have some. Part of the sale will go to help low income Oregonians get their kitties spayed and neutered.
We were glad our friend, Minnie, came through her operation alright today. Now we are hoping she will feel good soon, and her intestines will be doing their job again, shortly. Also, we are hoping the lab finds the mass removed is not of an aggressive variety.


Best Laid Plans

November 22nd 2010 8:32 pm
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Mommy has an appointment to take Lilly to be fixed tomorrow in a town about 40 miles away. But it looks like there will be a snow storm! Mommy has been contacting all her pals in town to see who wants to visit and help her kill time while Lilly is being fixed. But she may have to cancel, after all! Oh well, she will have to wait and see. Lilly can wait to be fixed, if needed. She is only 3 lbs.
Burrrr! Keep warm, everyone, and think of Minnie tomorrow, for she will for sure be having her operation.

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