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She's Gonna Blow!

October 22nd 2011 7:28 pm
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Mommy is very stressed out today.
Our raw food regime was interrupted at the beginning of October when the meat grinder broke. The repair place kept coming up with reasons why it wasn't ready, then today mommy went to get it, and they had closed the shop early! A 35 minute drive each way! Plus, mommy had 3 chickens thawing for us in the sink already. It took her forever to get home, for some reason. She can't afford to feed us quality wet food unless she makes it herself. It is only about $2 a lb to make it at home, if you have a good MEAT GRINDER. She has been in a grouchy mood all day. She is sweating bullets over re-homing these foster kittens and foster cat of hers. They are getting big fast, but are still so cute and adoptable. She called the place she used to foster for, even though fostering for them always turned into a very expensive fiasco, and she was stuck with one "returned" cat from them that wasn't even her foster. But, she thought if they could take the momma cat she is fostering it would be nice, as she is having to be kenneled, anyway. But they did not have a cage available for Hilda.
Any humans out there had any luck re-homing kitties? Mommy has tried the local paper-affiliated classifieds, fliers at the vet, petfinder, craig's list, and facebook. She thought about fliers in the feed stores, but those people usually want outdoor, disposable cats.
These kittens will be in the teenager stage in no time. It costs about $70 every 20 days to feed them. And what's worse, this being a two room shack, there simply isn't enough room for 12 adult cats.
Mommy is just so depressed by it all. That the sweetest, most precious things in the world are discarded like trash. That people just want kitties to die. Hate them so much they want to take their very lives. Can you imagine being hated so much that people would pay to have you dead? They pay to have kitties "destroyed" in shelters like hazardous waste but so many won't pay to have kitties rescued, or to spay and neuter them. Humanity is monstrous. Sometimes mommy thinks if she starts to cry about it she will never stop. If people won't think of the cats, they should at least think of what they themselves are becoming.
When mommy saw the video of the little girl in China being run over, again and again, and all those people taking a good, long look at the dying child, then walking away, she thought about how that's just what people do to cats. And in China, where cats are treated even worse than they are here, now a little migrant child is being treated like cats are in America. And if people keep treating cats worse and worse here, will people just walk away from run-over children soon here too? Cruelty has a numbing effect. Empathy shuts down. People become wholly self-centered. And this may serve them well in combat, but should man exist to be nothing but a killing machine? The animal most effective at adapting to and changing its own world, does nothing to help it?
Anyway, the more mommy thinks about it, the more she thinks cats are just too good for people. She knows not all people are monsters yet, but fears they get closer every day. As desperation increases so will the "kill or be killed" thinking. Already she is seeing more abandonment. She hasn't had anyone ask for help to get their cat fixed in days, not even for free. People just don't care.
Anyway, mommy is despondent. Some kind people have tried to help her with rescue, but there are just too few kind people and they all have a huge burden and too many people who do nothing or just contribute to the problem. Most people say you should just "walk away" when you see a kitty in need of help. Yeah, just walk away, just like the people in that Chinese marketplace did! And the woman who finally stopped to help was an impoverished scavenger, who set down her own heavy burden, at risk of it being stolen, to help the dying child. : (


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Purred by: Gleek (Catster Member)

October 25th 2011 at 8:57 am

Congrats on your diary pick today! I sure hope your meat grinder is back in action, or you all must be really hungry! MOL! We'll purr that your Mom can find homes for all the fosters. It sure is a difficult job and your Mom deserves a big high five for taking in and fostering kitties!
Purred by: Elsa: Dream Girl #31 Angel (Catster Member)

October 25th 2011 at 8:24 pm

Happy diary pick Nikolai! I had no idea chicken was a good deal for us kitties but we don't have a meat grinder and Dad likely would not get the hang of it!

Your Mom is a real hero when it comes to all kinds of kitties. Her thoughts are so right about what some people are.

We prayed the kittens will get adopted too.

Love Elsa, xo
Purred by: Nikolai (Spay & Neuter) (Catster Member)

October 28th 2011 at 7:36 pm

Thanks, Elsa and Gleek! Yeah, mommy goes off sometimes. Never at us, though. : )

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