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It's good to be loved

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I'm still around

June 10th 2015 4:53 pm
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Hi efuryone!

Well mama says today is unofficially my birthday. She wanted to update my profile on here to change my birthday to today, but it wouldn't let her. Guess Catster still has all kinds of fleas.

Fur my birthday, I got real chicken!! (Don't worry, mama only gave me a few tiny pieces.) But only I got some cuz mama says it's my special day.

Mama says in human years I am about 64. Now I'm older than her! (Mama is 50.)
Many tanks to all of you here and on Facebook fur your paw mails, gifties, and treats.

Hope the rest of you are doing well! Love you all.


My video is now up!

June 20th 2014 9:40 am
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Yay, this time the video of me at the vet is on my page. Go check it out! It's only about 23 seconds.


update on me 6/19/14

June 19th 2014 9:35 am
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Hi efuryone!

Well I know that yesterday I was a DDP, as I am again today...I wanted to come here and tank you all fur your pawmails, gifts, rosettes & comments but mama tried and tried to get on Catster and couldn't access it. So please accept mama's and my apologies.

I went to the vet Tuesday fur a recheck on my cellulitis lump. My lump is getting smaller and smaller! Mama also posted a video of me being a lovey dovey boy there. Efuryone at the vet likes me, even my doctors. AWWWWWWWWW what can I say? It is SO good to be loved.


I was a DDP

June 16th 2014 7:43 am
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Well apparently I was a DDP this past Saturday but lazy mama nefur told me! BAD MAMA!

Mama is still hotpacking my lump, which is getting smaller. It's starting to bug me so I growl and complain when she does it.

And to top things off, I'm sneezing now. I sneeze about 30 times a day or more. Good thing I'm going back to the vet this Tuesday.

At least I can sleep with mama at night. I sure like that.


DDP again 6/13/14

June 13th 2014 7:48 am
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My tanks to Catster fur making me among today's picks.

And...I'm feeling better! My lump (mama thought there were 2 but it's actually one big lump) is going down. I got to sleep with mama last night and that was so good.

I'm trying to be more cooperative when mama pokes at me with those hot packs. They actually are starting to feel good now.

Today is also my sweetheart Callie Rose's birthday. Happy birthday my beautiful darling!


my past birthday

June 12th 2014 7:37 am
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Tuesday was my birthday and it was a somewhat unpleasant day fur me. Mama saw this big lump on my side, near and around a set of bite wounds, so she immediately took me to the vet. I had to get poked around *again* fur the 2nd time in about a week (sigh). They put this needle or probe thingy in the spot where this lump is (and it is kinda tender there - I growl when mama applies pressure to it) to check fur infection. The vet said there is no pus, that it's something called "cellulitis" and he put me on more antibiotics. I have to take Clavamox (again!) fur anofur week or so and Baytril too. Plus mama has to apply hot packs to my lump to get the swelling down. She has to do this twice a day, and 3 times a day when she's home. Gosh I hate it. The heat bothers me and makes me upset. I have to stay still fur 10 to 15 minutes every time. That's hard!

But the good part is at least Daniel's not bugging me too much. This morning he tried to swat at me but mama told him no.
Please keep me and my brofur Daniel in your purrs and purrayers...we both need them...I heard mama say Daniel might need to be rehomed, and big tears were coming down her face...I like my brofur, I just need him to let me be. And he does fur the most part.


please keep me in your purrs

June 9th 2014 10:29 am
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Hi efuryone again,

Well as you know I got beat up about a week ago.
While I am starting to feel better, my brofur Daniel keeps trying to pick on me. Mama even got this stuff they call "Feliway" in the hopes it would help. She thinks it does, since I am more prone to come out from hiding, but then if something startles me or makes me hiss, that Daniel goes on the offensive again and I want to hide. I'm so tired of my brofur wanting to hurt me when I do something he doesn't like. I know as a cat that Daniel thinks he has to eliminate ofur weak kitties like me. He was being so good to me fur a while and then last weekend he had to attack me badly. Please purr fur me, and fur Daniel too....

PS Daniel tries to boss my sisfur Serena but she's stronger than me and attacks him back (swats etc.)


I got hurt again...

June 3rd 2014 6:53 am
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Hi efuryone,

I haven't had anything much to say fur the last few weeks or so. I have been getting along great with my siblings. Serena likes me and she licks me sometimes, so I lick her back. (MOL)

This past weekend Daniel hurt me again. Maybe twice (mama's not sure). Sunday I was laying in bed with mama, when mama went to pet me. She petted my back end. (Please bear in mind, I never minded mama petting my back end befur then and mama thinks I got hurt there - I only hiss when I am hurt or want to be left alone.) I *PHISSSSED* at her to let her know not to do that, and then Daniel ran to me and started beating me up. I tried to run away but he caught me and grabbed me. He scratched me up and left me with wounds on my ear, left hind foot, side and possibly my back end. Mama intervened and she got lots of bites and scratches too but she's ok. Mama's afraid to look fur wounds because efury time she does I hiss, and Daniel attacks me. (sigh)

So... because I was hurt, mama instantly knew I better go to the emergency vet. I really didn't want to do that, I just wanted to be left alone....but mama said it was to make sure I was ok and got treated fur my wounds. We had to wait a while cuz they were really busy. Mama was hoping I'd purr fur her but I was too scared and hurting to purr. This nice lady vet looked at me and I did my best to cooperate, altho I really didn't want her poking at me. She had to take my temp which I didn't mind. Mama and me left with antibiotics to prevent infection. YUCK. I have been good and let mama give them to me. At least fur now.

Sunday night mama brought me (in my carrier) to her bedroom so I could be left alone. I got to spend the night with her. Because I was still traumatized and hurting I didn't sleep with her. (I usually sleep next to mama.) I stayed in there up until Tuesday morning (today). Today when she went to feed us, she opened the door and I ran out of there. I heard mama tell someone on this thing called a "phone" that she wanted to bring me back in the bedroom alone fur my safety but she was afraid if she tried to pick me up I'd hiss (I did that once many years ago - I don't really like to be picked up) and that would cause anofur fight.

So mama fed us, and when she saw I was still in the dining room, she reluctantly said I could stay there. She is reluctant, cuz like I heard her say on that handheld thing mama had, the dining room and living room are all connected and she is just worried that Serena might hurt me. (Serena has never hurt me yet, but she did hiss at me once today so mama's fearful she might try something.)

Mama is purraying Serena and I will be OK togefur. I really don't want to keep getting beat up. Mama said she's going to take Daniel to the VET to see if they can help keep him from doing this to me ever again.

Kitties and humans, please purray fur me...I'm tired of being beat up just because I hiss...and purray that maybe something can be given or done fur Daniel so he doesn't react like that. (Or maybe I need something so I won't be afraid?) Mama read somewhere Daniel is protecting the "herd" (whatever that means) by trying to eliminate the weak or sick members of it. (Does that mean when he beats me up he's trying to kill me? If so, why does he leave me alone all the time except when I hiss?)

Tank you all.

Solomon the hurting and nervous boy

PS - mama said she will not give up on me and is not putting me up fur adoption because I am her special boy and we need each ofur. We are thisclose! Mama said she would die if she had to give me up.


hello again

December 1st 2013 8:47 pm
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Hi efuryone,

I is sorry mama didn't post any diary entries fur a while. Mama's been stressed out a lot. She said it's cuz she's getting older. MOL Really? I didn't know humans get more stressed with time.

But it's kinda good I guess cuz mama has to stay home with us, and of course I get to be her bedtime buddy! I LOOOOVVVVVEEE to sleep with mama. I sleep on her pillow, knead on her head (as gently as I can), and purr contentedly to sleep. Of course sleeping is my specialty, MOL! ;)

Purrty soon I will be celebrating five years of living with mama! It's been just wonderful living here...oh sure, Daniel picks on me, but I have a home, a full food dish, a loving mama, and a sisfur who actually likes me...what more could a guy ask fur?

OK back to sleep....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


I'll be 10 on the 10th! and a purrayer need

June 9th 2013 11:15 am
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Tomorrow June 10 is my TENTH birthday!

Of course mama says I could be older or younger since nobody knows (not even me) how old I am. But I have been with mama fur almost five years (in December 2013) and my vet said I was between five and 10 I am probably 10 now.

I hope mama will have something special fur me!

Mama furgot to tell you we found another lump on me, under my right front leg this time. We are purraying it's just a sebaceous cyst and keeping an eye on it. Mama says no vet visit unless it gets bigger since they know I am prone to them (cysts).

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