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Days of Our 9 Lives

Weird Day

December 26th 2008 4:29 pm
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Mom & Dad were home all day yesterday. That's kinda nice, except that it means the dogs were wandering the house all day. I had to swat @ them a couple of times. They were moving too much too close to me. I got lots of cuddles from Dad & he cut some of my mats out. I can't help it that I don't like to be combed & can't reach all of my own fur. I kept trying to sit in Mom's chair, but everytime I did, she'd dump me out! I thought she loved me... *pout*


I Just Want To Be Loved

December 24th 2008 2:24 pm
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I love Mom. I don't get all of the attention from her like I used to. I miss getting hugs from her without dogs jumping @ us. I love Dad, too, but he calls me stinky. When Mom pets me, all she seems to do is fuss with the mats in my fur. I do & don't want to go to the groomer. I don't like how mean Fred is when I come back, the car ride, being held down with an e-collar on, or the sound of the clippers. I do like how light I feel & how much I can feel Mom & Dad petting me after, though. And they tell me how pretty I look. I like that. I think I heard Mom say that Fred might go to the groomer, too. Wonder how mean he'll be to me if we both go @ the same time! Mom hasn't been brushing him as much lately because every time she touches one of us, the dogs come running & interrupt. If I ignore the dogs, I can get all the hugs from Mom that I want. Dad lets me lay with him & he scratches my rear, right by my tail. This makes my head go back & forth & my eyes glaze over. Mom calls me "animatronic," whatever that means. Dad thinks it's kinda scary, but funny too. I keep asking Mom for wet food, but all she gives us is treats. I wonder if my sick tummy is the reason I don't get wet food anymore...
I learned that if I don't swat @ the dogs, Mom tells me that I'm a good boy & pets me more. So I've been letting the little loud one come close when she wants to. Thank goodness she doesn't try to lick me like she does Sam! I don't think I could handle that. But I like that Mom gets happy when I'm not mean to her. Seven won't even try to play with me. She's too scared of me & Fred. I don't think I mind too much.


A Rollercoaster Morning

December 18th 2008 4:34 pm
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Dad left for work early this morning. A few hours later, Mom came out of the "no-no" room (we cats aren't allowed in there because we had too much fun with the old bed & blankets) followed by those darned dogs. Seven just wanted to go outside, but Annie seemed confused. I steered out of her way. I followed Mom around like normal, but she kinda ignored normal now that those dogs are here. But a while later, Mom was sitting on the couch while I was laying on the table. I did my Stevie Wonder impression. Mom wiggled her head back @ me. I wiggled my head back @ her. We did this a few more times & Dad came home. The dogs went outside. Mom got up & she picked up Sam for a hug! Traitor! I hustled over there & told her I wanted a hug too. She put him down & asked me what I wanted. Duh! I already told her! Finally, I stood up on my rear & reached out my front paws. She smiled so big, picked me up & gave me a big hug. "Ugh, you're so heavy!" she said. I never comment on her weight, do I? Gee! Then Dad went & made some comment about my odor. Mom hugged me close & told him not to talk about me that way. Okay, she's forgiven. She managed to put me down, no matter how many claws I got in her shirt. *sigh* Well, some hugs are better than none. I settled on Dad, hopping up in front of him on the couch. Then he ruined the moment by starting to cut out the mats in my fur! I don't like them any more than Mom & Dad do, but still! Personal space! Here's hoping for a peaceful evening. I can't wait until the weather gets better & those dogs stay outside longer.

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