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Harriet Update

January 16th 2009 5:05 pm
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Harriet is doing fantastic! She is fitting in just wonderfully in her new home. She is getting along with all her siblings, including Mosi. It seems that Ray-Ray and Harriet have the closest bond so far. She bats him on the head when he's being naughty and licks him on the head when he lays next to her. Out vet did find that Harriet had Giardia although she has no symptoms. Good thing we did that fecal check! She's been on meds and will we need to run another fecal check next week. We also gave her another round of dewormer just to be sure and will give her one more next week.

Harriet is learning when feeding times are and we are transitioning her to Evo. She is still a little timid of the noises and our movements, but I think she will soon get used to it all. We're so very happy that Harriet is doing well with us. She's such a sweetie and is the perfect fit for us!


Harriet at her new home

January 9th 2009 11:28 am
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Harriet has been settling in quite nicely. She's had the office all to her self and Mom slept in the room with her the first two nights to keep her from being lonely. When we left her alone in the room, she meowed and wanted to come out. We've been letting her out and she's been just fine. Harriet and Duffy got along instantly. She's been getting on well with Milo who doesn't seem to care that there is another cat around. Ray-Ray hissed at her a little bit for a day or two but now they are touching noses and don't seem to mind each other. Foo is coming around, he just makes some noise and walks away. He'll be fine with her soon. Mosi is being difficult as I suspect she would. Mo has spent a lot of time on the bed staking her claim to it. She's been rather difficult with Harriet around feeding time. Mosi will probably learn to tolerate Harriet but never like her. Harriet seems to be very submissive to everyone. A few hisses and swats but nothing serious. All typical and expected. Harriet slept with the office door open last night as Mom slept with Mosi in Mom's bed. All seemed fine last night with no incidents.

We are working to get Harriet on the cat's feeding schedule. She seems a little confused about it but she'll come around. We have been feeding her alone in the office, but we may have to switch around who eats where (except for that crazy Ray-Ray!!).

Harriet went to see our vet and had a good checkup. Heart and lungs sounded good. She checks in just over ten pounds. I had our vet check her potbellied tummy. Looks like she's just a little overweight for her size. So once we get her on our feeding schedule, we will watch her portions. Harriet's teeth are not great, including a broken tooth. She needs a cleaning which we will get done after she is settled in and comfortable. The vet is checking her fecal sample as a precaution and we are going to give Harriet two more rounds of dewormer for good measure.

Harriet is such a sweet, docile little love. She knows her name and comes when we call her. She just wants love and pets. What a lovely, sweet girl. She's a perfect fit for our family and we love her tons!

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