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The Morgan Bed


January 25th 2009 8:48 pm
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My heart is just pounding away...I can't believe she said yes !
DANCIN' GIRL agreed to be MY VALENTINE . Since day one when I saw her I had this feeling that we had known each other forever...I just looked into those green eyes and it just hit me! This beauty is for me!
So, I roamed thru the pages of Catsters knowing that she was on my mind...always on my mind...I took a look at some kitties...none of them were as lucious & beautiful as my DANCIN' GIRL.
I am one happy cat tonight! I will dream of my DANCIN' GIRL and I think she is dreaming of me.
I will dream of Montana and the cold. Of us, laying in front of the fire
with our paws crossed over each other. Content just to know we have tender feelings for one another and a first romance has started for us both.
Valentines Day 2009 is going to be a great day in my life!
Thank you Dear DANCIN' GIRL for saying you will be


Walter The Cat


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