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The Morgan Bed

Mr. & Mrs. Walter The Cat

October 4th 2009 2:22 pm
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DANCIN' GIRL & I got married on Sept 26th. We are happy, very happy.
My wife looked like a doll, a beautiful little precious porcelain doll like I see around Mom's house . I was so nervous I kept asking my best man Hogg Boss Bush if my collar was ok, did he have the ring?
Little One, the maid of honor got the giggles when I almost dropped it..she is my new sister in law..cute..Little One...
The wedding was awesome. You should have seen the Bush guys in all their finery and the Bush ladies looking so beautiful . They are so nice and they did most of our pictures for us.
Right now, we are just laying on our bed watching the mountains outside smile at us. The sun is glistening over them lightly as the cool air begins to roam in Montana. It's a wonderful place, a special place for people to think and to be creative.
DANCER & I love to camp & roast marshmellows stuffed with shrimp and drink our hot catnip chocolate .
We ride our bicycles & fish, hike & we hold each other tight. It's hard to believe we are finally married.
Thank all of you for you best wishes. We were made for each other, my DANCER & I.
Thanks to CATSTERS, I am now a happily married man.


Lady, She is a Lady ! And The Lady is Mine !

July 6th 2009 8:05 pm
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We are engaged, in love, furrever love! I have offered my heart to my DANCIN' GIRL and she has accepted my proposal of marriage. She was giggling..meow like~giggling when she answered~surprised and embarrassed I think. DANCER ! Such a feline; her fancy full buns swishing with her every movement,every pound full of wit and charm. And eyes ! Eyes that will mesmerize you and whiskers so elequent and long ~ you want to just touch them and taste them!
I wish for everyfur one that they should be this happy. This is a rare moment of awesome, pawsome happiness and I want to share it with all my CATSTERS pals.
DANCIN' GIRL, a princess, a paradise of twinkling stars for me to watch, a hundred bluest oceans to feast upon and ..and a lady. And the lady is mine.



January 25th 2009 8:48 pm
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My heart is just pounding away...I can't believe she said yes !
DANCIN' GIRL agreed to be MY VALENTINE . Since day one when I saw her I had this feeling that we had known each other forever...I just looked into those green eyes and it just hit me! This beauty is for me!
So, I roamed thru the pages of Catsters knowing that she was on my mind...always on my mind...I took a look at some kitties...none of them were as lucious & beautiful as my DANCIN' GIRL.
I am one happy cat tonight! I will dream of my DANCIN' GIRL and I think she is dreaming of me.
I will dream of Montana and the cold. Of us, laying in front of the fire
with our paws crossed over each other. Content just to know we have tender feelings for one another and a first romance has started for us both.
Valentines Day 2009 is going to be a great day in my life!
Thank you Dear DANCIN' GIRL for saying you will be


It's A Wrap!

January 18th 2009 7:02 pm
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I, Walter The Cat, have got my Meow Mommy wrapped around my big soft furry paws! Grummpa JOnes says he doesn't get that much attention! MEOW ! But then he does not stand on the sink in the bathroom and purr softly while she brushes her teeth.....nor does he stand on the counter (much to her consternation) while she makes her coffee and cooks her meals. Then, the newpaper. Oh, how I love to get myself in the middle of her paper and hear her squeal......"Oh Walter The Cat, Quit That!"
Yep, I am spoiled rotten. I meow and she runs. If I don't like fish one day she switches me to chicken...and my water is always fresh from the tap...well maybe sometimes from the toilet...meow....
She thinks I am a miracle...a skinny ~runt looking thing from a shelter...something like I went from a frog to a prince.....whatever that means ! Meow...
Anyway, I am happy. She is happy. I love the whole family, all of them. I like Grummpa JOnes and I like the teens and I like the babies who are I a grandcat? Meow...and I love to pester the dogs and run like crazy. They chase me clear to a bed, any bed ,and I am meow laughing at them so bad! Then, they put their paws up there and I have a batting contest with them! And it's fun and good exercise.
See you guys again...MEOW at you all later!
Walter The Cat


The Morgan Bed

December 29th 2008 12:30 pm
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Walter The Cat loves his Morgan bed which was a gift from Bosco.
At first, when it arrived Walter The Cat would not even look at it. We watched him play with the ribbons on the gift, the toys in the bed and of course, the box it came in.
I had put this Morgan Bed which is made by one of Bosco's pals on my bed and he would attack it, turn it over, chew it. I thought, well, ok, it's a great toy!
So, about two weeks ago I go in the bedroom to make my bed and look at that...Walter The Cat is stretched out in the Morgan Bed....and loves it!
We love Walter The Cat. We love him. There is such a great joy in having this cat in our lives.
We found him at a "No Kill" showing at the Pet Store. He was all skinny and had mites. I looked into his eyes and his bit off ear and heard the people telling me that this cat with the mites and so skinny would not get taken probably.
This cat is that a word....charming! And handsome, I call him gorgeous! Ha. Hes just our pal. He loves our dogs, attacks them from all heights and they roll in the floor wrestling.
He's just everything you would ever want in a cat or friend!
Walter The Cat says MEOW CATSERS ! We love you!

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Walter The Cat


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