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Through Callie's Calico Kaleidoscope

The Wonderpurr Dogster Junction Gangster & Roaring Twenties- Costume Party

August 25th 2009 6:11 am
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On Friday we went to a great wonderpurr furtastic party @ Dogster Junction that Bear the cat hosted (lovely black male cat) & it was just one of the best parties! Most dressed like gangsters although some were just flappers or in 1920's fashion and stood in front of their old 1920's luxury cars. Everyfur seemed to have a great time & there were raids as some of the gangsters turned out to be old time G Men what we call today FBI agents! We got raided by the cops & by the FBI at our party at the speakeasy so everyfur ran around & hid and some took off in their cars & the law chased one down as she had stashed goods & moonshine in her trunk & Takoda Crow our family member had even paid her wads of hundreds for the bootleg liquor. You have to remember that in the 1920's Prohibition was in full force so all liquor was illegal, to make it, to sell it, to distribute it in any way shape or form. Our family member Inspector Morse was one of the gangsters & accidentally gave info to two he thought were gangsters -- Robin Hood & Bear who turned out to be two of the undercover agents. Two dogs in our furiends family, and it figures as they're security dogs in real life, German Shepherds August Max & Marcus Maxx were dressed like gangsters and also turned out to be agents infiltrating our party over our illegal hooch. At the end of the party it also turned out that one of the females & Duffy a dog were also undercover agents but 'ya know they drank our liquor so they should have arrested themselves or each other & marched on out. We had a great food fight too throwing some of the round meatballs & the bacon coated meatballs at each other but most just ate them -- except for Maxi who was already wearing a hard had & who ran for his umbrella to keep the barrage of meat balls away from him. Max is a dog a Chihuahua cross is it Jack Russell Terrier? Will have to check his page again which means I will have to cross into Dogster territory so I'll have to do that later.

Anyway, we had a great weekend and I got to be silent screen star Anita Stewart in a sort of gypsy headscarf of the 1920's & actually made my face look like a normal cat's for a change instead of all wide eyed and scary so Daddy Rob picked a great costume for me! He's getting better at those kimi things too! We also went on a cruise but I will meow about that one another time! Right now, Dad! You forgot my birthday so I need for you to make up for it & soon!
Mreows, BabyCat Calliope

C@T = Thanks to Bitu who gave the great Australian Tour on C&D Cruise Lines on Saturday for the beautiful red ribbon & the Happy Birthday Wishes! At least somefur remembered my birthday Dad!


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