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Through Callie's Calico Kaleidoscope

The Pool Party & Cat Merry-Go-Round

August 18th 2009 3:40 pm
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Had a great time. Couldn't post as much as we wanted & posts would seem to take & we would think we saw the posts on the screen in the messages & then they just vanished, but still had a great time. Great food & the cats got Ferrari's & a dune buggy for their birthdays & one for his annifursary! Oh my cat! Didn't know we had a great beach right by Kitthaven or an ocean channel from the pool straight into the ocean but the mermaid cat & the scuba diver with dolphins & the cute little Nemo fish all swam in through the ocean channel right into the pool & at the end of the party right back out to sea so it was great! Wish I had known as maybe I would have brought my surf board & could have surfed while waiting my turn to ride in the dune buggy with Emma driving, but the party ended before my turn came. That was okay because we had grilled lobster & other yummy foods that kitty cats just love so had a great time. Also got to see my furiend Takoda Crow & had a great time splashing in the pool with him. Isn't virtual world fun? Where else could a cat go swimming and drive around in a car? And where else could a cat scuba dive & swim with dolphins in the pool or turn into Nemo fish from finding Nemo & swim around & be adorable & cute & get petted by other cats instead of eaten the way we normally do to fish, us cats? Instead we had two cute little pet fish for the entire party! Where else could a cat transform into a mermaid & splash around in the pool & have such fun & then get out & transform right back into a cat & an angel cat at that? Yeah we had a great time!

NO! I'm not going back to Meli Mom's or to being her or Mother's cat & Takoda Crow my great furiend is still Meli Mom's cat, but that little Himalayan cross Siamese cat just took up with Meli Mom & has fits when they try to make him leave. He's been there before -- Daddy Rob knew but he just told her oh yes, he saw Takoda Crow in the room as he knows how stressed she is getting about the cat merry-go-round situation and he didn't want to start anything, but David Dad does promise that Takoda Crow is indeed Meli Mom's cat, just that he got so tired of chasing that little Himalayan around that he started taking the other two to visit him -- they stay with a friend usually -- instead of trying to make him come home because he would just cry & cry to go back over there has really just decided that he belongs to Meli Mom & that he is not leaving & gets harder & harder for anyone to catch him to make him leave. Meli Mom sees him from afar or in the half dark & he resembles Crow enough that she doesn't get upset says Daddy Rob & so she's fine for now & not having catniption fits because the little kitty was so sad that she couldn't say he had to leave. She says he's such a sweet thing but also full of mischief & she just couldn't turn him away plus Lilly Cat just adores him & they play so well together but then again so does she & Takoda Crow. The new cat Crow Raven loves to play with Takoda Crow too so eventually everyone will have all of their cats in the same place & until then those who are having catniption fits and it's not just Meli Mom, just need to chill. Okay Mama Michelle? Your kitty cat is very safe too & you will have her when the time comes very soon & meanwhile she will just have to visit you or you her. Know you're worried about the safety of your home with cleaning going on for some sort of remodeling too, so just know she is safe & will remain safe & that she still adores you, but she does still climb the curtains say her temp. people & you will just have to work with her on that one. She likes to hang from the top & to perch on the curtain rods top & try to sit which sometimes crashes the drapes. Wish Daddy Rob would let me get away with that one instead of fussing when he catches me on the drapes & telling me I'm being a bad cat! Yes, Mama Michelle us cats are going to need a drape climbing wall though it won't be quite as fun without a window there!
Many Purrs, BabyCat Calliope
(Jaden Jaguar sends a surly hiss everyone's way from his hiding place -- Dad says he is such a bad cat!)


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