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Through Callie's Calico Kaleidoscope

Great Birthday Bash for Beckham this afternoon / evening!!!!

August 15th 2009 5:50 am
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Going to Beckham's Big Birthday Bash later this afternoon well, Catster Time it is although for us it qualifies as evening or night but still looking foward to it so please cats in the sky cats that be let everything be okay for the party & let the pages even if they move fast load properly. Clasping paws together to cats in the sky & cats that be & pleading.

As you can see, got my new swimsuit for the party & hoping that the Great Pirate Roberts uh I mean Morgan the lovely Orange Tabby is going to be there. Oh yes he is different that our furiend Morse, very different in manner & appearance because he's a bad guy pirate uh, I mean a wonderpurr ship's captain. I don't consider chasing each other around the room & hissing & fighting & batting at each other & then settling down for a purring nap together very cat romantic & that's what Morse & his girlfriend do! Blech!

Subject: It's a Double Birthday Party, and you are invited! Sent: Fri Aug 14

You are all cordially invited to a DOUBLE birthday party!

Date: Saturday, August 15th
Time: 5 p.m. Catster time
Location: Kitthaven Estates
Event: POOL Party

We are having a pool party and BBQ to celebrate Beckham's 6th birthday and Emma's 4th Birthday. We hope that all of our friends can join us to celebrate. Of course there will be double the food, double the prizes and double the fun!

A link to the party will be posted the morning of the party. Hope to see you all there.

Purrs from Ginger Belle

Now it's a double birthday party!!!! They've added Emma too! tates-12196
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