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Science Fiction Party -- Robin Hood's WoofDay 08-08-09 DT 5 p.m.

August 7th 2009 3:34 am
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Didn't realize that I hadn't meowed since I was a Daily Diary Pick! Time flies when you're having fun & I've been having fun on Catster & in our house, our home playing with Leah. Dad says that one day we will have to give her back, but I just adore Leah! We have such fun ambushing Daddy and crawling round and round his neck and down his shirt & trying to get on top of his head but he always reaches up & removes us from his head. We like to sleep curled up together like best girl friend cats of the friend type or like sister cats. We also like to sleep curled up together against Daddy and hard for both of us to be curled up together & also against Daddy but we're working on that one. Must be some way to conquer that one!

Also have been having fun on Catster playing in groups and reading groups stuff but went to a pool party on Sunday at Paw It Forward and within there at Billie Bob's Fambly Meeting Place. He stopped by the next day, angel dog Billie Bob, but missed him but Dion & Pinto & Morse got to see him or were there around that time, lucky dogs! Lucky Morse! Sunday we went to Lil Sassy's pool party & cook out at P*I*F and got to swim and chase each other around and eat! Notice that's the entry that got Augie the dog a Daily Diary Pick if it was based on one entry and you never know, but his story is better and longer than ours and the angel dogs, after all, that flew around were his family dogs too! All the others have already covered the wonderpurr food the beer butt chicken that Hershey left for us, the salmon stuffed crab cakes, the oversized hamburgers, the shrimp of all kinds but that's what I get for not updating my diary sooner I guess. That was also Augie's first pool party! Our first one was at Kitthaven and will have to purr about that old one again so that you will want to join Kitthaven and come over for Beckham's pool party on August 15th! Will have to remind Augie -- think he's a member of Welcome to Kitthaven Estates which is a group for both cats and dogs and oh! that's right. All of us were going to meow or bark about different parts of the Ice Cream social for Ginger Belle two weeks ago but forgot! Well, another entry. The pool party was great fun and a cat was going to ask me to dance at the end came over and looked at both me and Leah and Takoda Crow grabbed me! Oh, Crow is it that way? Hmm. Will have to think on that one! Dad thought I adored Jaden as a boyfuriend cat, but no he is like a pesky rebellious brother cat! Always tormenting me, but we have fun playing when he's not in one of his ultra sulky moods where he hides out and wags his tail back & forth like a dog but only when a cat does that we're usually annoyed or mad! So Crow & I danced and maybe we will dance again at the formal celebration dance for the first annifursary of P*I*F on August 23rd a Sunday or that's when it's scheduled so far!

So I'm a Star Wars Queen / Princess Padme Amidala for the big Science Fiction party. Okay storm skies -- no knocking out the power and no strange Windows Vista updates and no power outages / brown outs for no reason because I've got my costume already and Dad says that's I'm scarily stunning! Hmm. Maybe I should actually let him take my picture without hissing and hiding and maybe he should try not shining a bright light into my face! Do you enjoy bright lights shined into your face? No! Thought not! Putting the links at the bottom but you have to copy and paste them because our attempts at highlighted links and words as links always take furs close to the right place but never quite to the exact right place but we're working on learning what exactly we're doing wrong! Copy & paste into the address bar links then for Dogster Junction where the party is being held and it will be in the Social Club thread and for the invitation for you to read all about the party! 5
Dogster Junction nda13/cute%20cat%20or%20dog%20pics/scifiinvite.jpg

The Party Invitation for Robin Hood's big Science Fiction BDAY bash!

C@T = Thanks to Timo Katze 939349 for the ConCats when I was a Daily Diary Pick & for the great frozen cherry drink that is so cool & refreshing!
C@T = Thanks to Hooch 707783 for the ConCats when I was a Daily Diary Pick & for the yummy delicious ice cream cone! luv ice cream!
Healing Purrs to you too Hooch & you hang in there & get all better!


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