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Through Callie's Calico Kaleidoscope

Really? A Daily Diary Pick?! ME!

July 26th 2009 6:18 pm
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Dad! Daddy Rob! Look at the Diary Central page now! I am a Daily Diary pick & Daddy you told me for me that would never happen! Dad! We didn't even find out too late because (oh no) like some of our friends we just managed to load this week a Windows Vista update and oh my cat is the computer running slow. We were on the cruise to South America and supposed to get to have fun tonight at a 1950's dance and we didn't even make the official tour of South America yesterday on C&D Cruise lines but we did our own unofficial one on our own and a shopping trip and, no don't worry Daddy is not going to try to do the photos himself! Someone friends are going to do the photos for us thank the cats that be!

Wow!!!! I am a Daily Diary Pick! I can't believe it! I saw the little frozen drink on my page on the opening page as new concatulating me and that's how we found out! Thanks Catster for making me a Daily Diary Pick! Okay Dad so now I get petted more tonight and tomorrow and special food right? For all of us cats here -- if we can lure Jaden out of mouse hunting hiding. They're building near us and suddenly we have mice in the house and Dad is most horrified but he says he will let us catch them because he is not having sticky cruel mouse paper and not having it around his cats either and no poison around his beloved cats! Very different treatment of mice with pets around! He says only in dire necessity will he buy mouse traps of some kind too. We're doing a good job of eradicating the mice so far, so we think the traps will be unnecessary though he is reading about humane traps.
Purrs & Mreows, BabyCat Calliope

Will write about the ice cream social we did manage to attend but just barely for Ginger Belle's birthday yesterday later & all about our cruise to South America!


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