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Through Callie's Calico Kaleidoscope

Inviting Cats to see us....

July 3rd 2009 8:10 pm
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For awhile now Dad has know there was something very strange about me sometimes. Yes, that's right Dad who isn't the Cat guy at all and who won't have his own Catster account will only share a page has --- discovered that I am helping other cats get into the house. He is finding out how they get in but it's mainly just one that holds my interest so I'm blocked away from him for now. He is a male Tortoiseshell cat and he has been curling up to Dad at night and the minute Dad has opened his eyes and tried to turn on the bigger light to get a good look at me, I have taken off. Only it's not me and I'm at his feet or his side. He wondered why my flea treatments weren't working perfectly well sometimes seemingly not at all and I have so many fleas. Well, the other me who doesn't look just like me doesn't have so many fleas now and he's off in a corner under something having a fit because his new evil Daddy just gave him a nice flea treatment and wants to give him a bath because he is dirty and smelly and reeks of dead squirrels and dead birds and dead mice like he's been sleeping part of the time on his stored hunting bounty. Dad hasn't named him yet and says that the other cats have to have their own page on my former Mom, Meli Mom's account before he can go up on a page. He's a rebellious little cat with one bad attitude and he likes to hiss at Dad and while I have hissed over certain things I've been getting full blame because he hisses much of the time and has all kinds of different hisses. So Dad said he is staying but if we bring any more home he is going to have to find the new ones a home after they get their shots and their flea treatments and get a bit socialized because he wasn't planning on being the feral cat rescue man but looks like he's gonna be one!

No, on the rosette. We hit the button to give the gift to our friend Dandelion when he made Daily Diary Pick and the screen flashed and suddenly I had a gift on my page instead. Dad said it could be corrected but we were backspacing to fix the message when the mouse rolled and he accidentally hit the button to give the gift all the same so we just sent another one and spent one zealie uselessly. Oh well. No, I wasn't a daily diary pick. Dad says I'm too hissy and rebellious right now to be considered for that one like I'm going to be the big friendly guy like Morse! Not gonna happen!
Hisses & Purrs, BabyCat Calliope


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