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Through Callie's Calico Kaleidoscope

Mothering a Baby Becoming a Mother

June 13th 2009 6:36 am
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Lilly you’re going to be a Mother and you don’t even know how to groom yourself properly! So much to teach you before you have kittens though I suppose you expect instinct to take over and teach you everything you need to know. Here let me lick your fur for you. There! Now you’re clean. Now you try. Hmm. That’s not the best job… What happened to your Mother? Why didn’t she teach you these things? Did she abandon you? Do ferals just leave their Mom younger? See, I’m a feral and I didn’t but maybe some do. Of course, I was rescued too! You were just rescued by Daddy. Silly Lilly cat! Here, no you take your paws and lick them and then you swipe them over your head like this you see? Good that’s getting better. Now, no spot cleaning is good sometimes but you need to do a more thorough job and we’re lady cats not the males so ya hide out when you clean thoroughly. Only the boys don’t care! But that’s better and you’re learning. Oh, I feel like I’m the Mother cat here having to teach a kitten about to have kittens how to do basic things like groom. Good thing that Daddy found you! Guess you knew that you needed some help when those kittens were born so you watched for a good human to find you and take you in and that’s smart of you, very wise! You’re getting big and you look so silly when you bat balls around like a small kitten! Well purr @ ‘ya again later! Much to do today!
BabyCat Calliope


BabyCat Calliope (Callie)


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