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Through Callie's Calico Kaleidoscope

Hiss! Hiss! I don't like you Lilly....

June 9th 2009 7:04 am
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Hiss! Hiss! Mreow! Mreow! Mreow! Cat growl low in the throat! Hiss! Hiss! Hiss! Hiss! Stop trying to get me out from under the chair Dad! Running to the table and hiding under it. Hiss! Hiss! Growl! I don’t like you any more Daddy! Licking whiskers, smacking mouth, waving tail back and forth and thumping it on the floor. Growl Hiss Angry meowing. I hate you Daddy. Get away from me. Stop trying to pick me up. Tail thumping and thumping. Running to under bed. Daddy’s face appears looking under bed trying to talk to me in soothing words. Hiss! Growl! Hiss! Mreow. Funny cat noises. Claws unsheathed and swatting at Dad’s hand. Go away! NO! Leave the food and back off! Daddy doesn’t love me any more. He only loves Lilly the new Calico kitty. Hides under bed for days, me and won’t come out and takes meals under bed and sneaks to the edge of the bed to use litter box and hisses at Daddy if he sees me in the litter box. One night Daddy is sleeping and I crawl out and lick my paws on the bed by him and curl up by him and push Lilly away and he wakes up and fusses at me but he grabs me and puts me by Lilly and pets me and tells me he still loves me. I have to fight to get on his shoulders by Lilly and he won’t let me knock her off, but I can still curl around his neck and she can’t do that! Okay, guess she’s not going away but BabyCat is mad and she’s not forgiving Dad any time soon. Lilly sleeping on the pillow by Dad’s head, so I curl up against him and sleep. Daddy’s wrong and I’ll never like you Lilly even if the other cats do! But your fur is dirty and you are younger than me and no Mother to teach you how to groom properly so let me just lick your fur for you….
BabyCat Calliope


BabyCat Calliope (Callie)


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