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Through Callie's Calico Kaleidoscope

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The Wonderpurr Dogster Junction Gangster & Roaring Twenties- Costume Party

August 25th 2009 6:11 am
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On Friday we went to a great wonderpurr furtastic party @ Dogster Junction that Bear the cat hosted (lovely black male cat) & it was just one of the best parties! Most dressed like gangsters although some were just flappers or in 1920's fashion and stood in front of their old 1920's luxury cars. Everyfur seemed to have a great time & there were raids as some of the gangsters turned out to be old time G Men what we call today FBI agents! We got raided by the cops & by the FBI at our party at the speakeasy so everyfur ran around & hid and some took off in their cars & the law chased one down as she had stashed goods & moonshine in her trunk & Takoda Crow our family member had even paid her wads of hundreds for the bootleg liquor. You have to remember that in the 1920's Prohibition was in full force so all liquor was illegal, to make it, to sell it, to distribute it in any way shape or form. Our family member Inspector Morse was one of the gangsters & accidentally gave info to two he thought were gangsters -- Robin Hood & Bear who turned out to be two of the undercover agents. Two dogs in our furiends family, and it figures as they're security dogs in real life, German Shepherds August Max & Marcus Maxx were dressed like gangsters and also turned out to be agents infiltrating our party over our illegal hooch. At the end of the party it also turned out that one of the females & Duffy a dog were also undercover agents but 'ya know they drank our liquor so they should have arrested themselves or each other & marched on out. We had a great food fight too throwing some of the round meatballs & the bacon coated meatballs at each other but most just ate them -- except for Maxi who was already wearing a hard had & who ran for his umbrella to keep the barrage of meat balls away from him. Max is a dog a Chihuahua cross is it Jack Russell Terrier? Will have to check his page again which means I will have to cross into Dogster territory so I'll have to do that later.

Anyway, we had a great weekend and I got to be silent screen star Anita Stewart in a sort of gypsy headscarf of the 1920's & actually made my face look like a normal cat's for a change instead of all wide eyed and scary so Daddy Rob picked a great costume for me! He's getting better at those kimi things too! We also went on a cruise but I will meow about that one another time! Right now, Dad! You forgot my birthday so I need for you to make up for it & soon!
Mreows, BabyCat Calliope

C@T = Thanks to Bitu who gave the great Australian Tour on C&D Cruise Lines on Saturday for the beautiful red ribbon & the Happy Birthday Wishes! At least somefur remembered my birthday Dad!


The Pool Party & Cat Merry-Go-Round

August 18th 2009 3:40 pm
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Had a great time. Couldn't post as much as we wanted & posts would seem to take & we would think we saw the posts on the screen in the messages & then they just vanished, but still had a great time. Great food & the cats got Ferrari's & a dune buggy for their birthdays & one for his annifursary! Oh my cat! Didn't know we had a great beach right by Kitthaven or an ocean channel from the pool straight into the ocean but the mermaid cat & the scuba diver with dolphins & the cute little Nemo fish all swam in through the ocean channel right into the pool & at the end of the party right back out to sea so it was great! Wish I had known as maybe I would have brought my surf board & could have surfed while waiting my turn to ride in the dune buggy with Emma driving, but the party ended before my turn came. That was okay because we had grilled lobster & other yummy foods that kitty cats just love so had a great time. Also got to see my furiend Takoda Crow & had a great time splashing in the pool with him. Isn't virtual world fun? Where else could a cat go swimming and drive around in a car? And where else could a cat scuba dive & swim with dolphins in the pool or turn into Nemo fish from finding Nemo & swim around & be adorable & cute & get petted by other cats instead of eaten the way we normally do to fish, us cats? Instead we had two cute little pet fish for the entire party! Where else could a cat transform into a mermaid & splash around in the pool & have such fun & then get out & transform right back into a cat & an angel cat at that? Yeah we had a great time!

NO! I'm not going back to Meli Mom's or to being her or Mother's cat & Takoda Crow my great furiend is still Meli Mom's cat, but that little Himalayan cross Siamese cat just took up with Meli Mom & has fits when they try to make him leave. He's been there before -- Daddy Rob knew but he just told her oh yes, he saw Takoda Crow in the room as he knows how stressed she is getting about the cat merry-go-round situation and he didn't want to start anything, but David Dad does promise that Takoda Crow is indeed Meli Mom's cat, just that he got so tired of chasing that little Himalayan around that he started taking the other two to visit him -- they stay with a friend usually -- instead of trying to make him come home because he would just cry & cry to go back over there has really just decided that he belongs to Meli Mom & that he is not leaving & gets harder & harder for anyone to catch him to make him leave. Meli Mom sees him from afar or in the half dark & he resembles Crow enough that she doesn't get upset says Daddy Rob & so she's fine for now & not having catniption fits because the little kitty was so sad that she couldn't say he had to leave. She says he's such a sweet thing but also full of mischief & she just couldn't turn him away plus Lilly Cat just adores him & they play so well together but then again so does she & Takoda Crow. The new cat Crow Raven loves to play with Takoda Crow too so eventually everyone will have all of their cats in the same place & until then those who are having catniption fits and it's not just Meli Mom, just need to chill. Okay Mama Michelle? Your kitty cat is very safe too & you will have her when the time comes very soon & meanwhile she will just have to visit you or you her. Know you're worried about the safety of your home with cleaning going on for some sort of remodeling too, so just know she is safe & will remain safe & that she still adores you, but she does still climb the curtains say her temp. people & you will just have to work with her on that one. She likes to hang from the top & to perch on the curtain rods top & try to sit which sometimes crashes the drapes. Wish Daddy Rob would let me get away with that one instead of fussing when he catches me on the drapes & telling me I'm being a bad cat! Yes, Mama Michelle us cats are going to need a drape climbing wall though it won't be quite as fun without a window there!
Many Purrs, BabyCat Calliope
(Jaden Jaguar sends a surly hiss everyone's way from his hiding place -- Dad says he is such a bad cat!)


Great Birthday Bash for Beckham this afternoon / evening!!!!

August 15th 2009 5:50 am
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Going to Beckham's Big Birthday Bash later this afternoon well, Catster Time it is although for us it qualifies as evening or night but still looking foward to it so please cats in the sky cats that be let everything be okay for the party & let the pages even if they move fast load properly. Clasping paws together to cats in the sky & cats that be & pleading.

As you can see, got my new swimsuit for the party & hoping that the Great Pirate Roberts uh I mean Morgan the lovely Orange Tabby is going to be there. Oh yes he is different that our furiend Morse, very different in manner & appearance because he's a bad guy pirate uh, I mean a wonderpurr ship's captain. I don't consider chasing each other around the room & hissing & fighting & batting at each other & then settling down for a purring nap together very cat romantic & that's what Morse & his girlfriend do! Blech!

Subject: It's a Double Birthday Party, and you are invited! Sent: Fri Aug 14

You are all cordially invited to a DOUBLE birthday party!

Date: Saturday, August 15th
Time: 5 p.m. Catster time
Location: Kitthaven Estates
Event: POOL Party

We are having a pool party and BBQ to celebrate Beckham's 6th birthday and Emma's 4th Birthday. We hope that all of our friends can join us to celebrate. Of course there will be double the food, double the prizes and double the fun!

A link to the party will be posted the morning of the party. Hope to see you all there.

Purrs from Ginger Belle

Now it's a double birthday party!!!! They've added Emma too! tates-12196
Welcome to Kitthaven Estates

If you're a dog just change the catster after the www. to dogster -- yes it's a group open to both dogs & cats!!!!
Purrs & Purrs & Purrs, BabyCat Calliope


Science Fiction Party -- Robin Hood's WoofDay 08-08-09 DT 5 p.m.

August 7th 2009 3:34 am
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Didn't realize that I hadn't meowed since I was a Daily Diary Pick! Time flies when you're having fun & I've been having fun on Catster & in our house, our home playing with Leah. Dad says that one day we will have to give her back, but I just adore Leah! We have such fun ambushing Daddy and crawling round and round his neck and down his shirt & trying to get on top of his head but he always reaches up & removes us from his head. We like to sleep curled up together like best girl friend cats of the friend type or like sister cats. We also like to sleep curled up together against Daddy and hard for both of us to be curled up together & also against Daddy but we're working on that one. Must be some way to conquer that one!

Also have been having fun on Catster playing in groups and reading groups stuff but went to a pool party on Sunday at Paw It Forward and within there at Billie Bob's Fambly Meeting Place. He stopped by the next day, angel dog Billie Bob, but missed him but Dion & Pinto & Morse got to see him or were there around that time, lucky dogs! Lucky Morse! Sunday we went to Lil Sassy's pool party & cook out at P*I*F and got to swim and chase each other around and eat! Notice that's the entry that got Augie the dog a Daily Diary Pick if it was based on one entry and you never know, but his story is better and longer than ours and the angel dogs, after all, that flew around were his family dogs too! All the others have already covered the wonderpurr food the beer butt chicken that Hershey left for us, the salmon stuffed crab cakes, the oversized hamburgers, the shrimp of all kinds but that's what I get for not updating my diary sooner I guess. That was also Augie's first pool party! Our first one was at Kitthaven and will have to purr about that old one again so that you will want to join Kitthaven and come over for Beckham's pool party on August 15th! Will have to remind Augie -- think he's a member of Welcome to Kitthaven Estates which is a group for both cats and dogs and oh! that's right. All of us were going to meow or bark about different parts of the Ice Cream social for Ginger Belle two weeks ago but forgot! Well, another entry. The pool party was great fun and a cat was going to ask me to dance at the end came over and looked at both me and Leah and Takoda Crow grabbed me! Oh, Crow is it that way? Hmm. Will have to think on that one! Dad thought I adored Jaden as a boyfuriend cat, but no he is like a pesky rebellious brother cat! Always tormenting me, but we have fun playing when he's not in one of his ultra sulky moods where he hides out and wags his tail back & forth like a dog but only when a cat does that we're usually annoyed or mad! So Crow & I danced and maybe we will dance again at the formal celebration dance for the first annifursary of P*I*F on August 23rd a Sunday or that's when it's scheduled so far!

So I'm a Star Wars Queen / Princess Padme Amidala for the big Science Fiction party. Okay storm skies -- no knocking out the power and no strange Windows Vista updates and no power outages / brown outs for no reason because I've got my costume already and Dad says that's I'm scarily stunning! Hmm. Maybe I should actually let him take my picture without hissing and hiding and maybe he should try not shining a bright light into my face! Do you enjoy bright lights shined into your face? No! Thought not! Putting the links at the bottom but you have to copy and paste them because our attempts at highlighted links and words as links always take furs close to the right place but never quite to the exact right place but we're working on learning what exactly we're doing wrong! Copy & paste into the address bar links then for Dogster Junction where the party is being held and it will be in the Social Club thread and for the invitation for you to read all about the party! 5
Dogster Junction nda13/cute%20cat%20or%20dog%20pics/scifiinvite.jpg

The Party Invitation for Robin Hood's big Science Fiction BDAY bash!

C@T = Thanks to Timo Katze 939349 for the ConCats when I was a Daily Diary Pick & for the great frozen cherry drink that is so cool & refreshing!
C@T = Thanks to Hooch 707783 for the ConCats when I was a Daily Diary Pick & for the yummy delicious ice cream cone! luv ice cream!
Healing Purrs to you too Hooch & you hang in there & get all better!


Really? A Daily Diary Pick?! ME!

July 26th 2009 6:18 pm
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Dad! Daddy Rob! Look at the Diary Central page now! I am a Daily Diary pick & Daddy you told me for me that would never happen! Dad! We didn't even find out too late because (oh no) like some of our friends we just managed to load this week a Windows Vista update and oh my cat is the computer running slow. We were on the cruise to South America and supposed to get to have fun tonight at a 1950's dance and we didn't even make the official tour of South America yesterday on C&D Cruise lines but we did our own unofficial one on our own and a shopping trip and, no don't worry Daddy is not going to try to do the photos himself! Someone friends are going to do the photos for us thank the cats that be!

Wow!!!! I am a Daily Diary Pick! I can't believe it! I saw the little frozen drink on my page on the opening page as new concatulating me and that's how we found out! Thanks Catster for making me a Daily Diary Pick! Okay Dad so now I get petted more tonight and tomorrow and special food right? For all of us cats here -- if we can lure Jaden out of mouse hunting hiding. They're building near us and suddenly we have mice in the house and Dad is most horrified but he says he will let us catch them because he is not having sticky cruel mouse paper and not having it around his cats either and no poison around his beloved cats! Very different treatment of mice with pets around! He says only in dire necessity will he buy mouse traps of some kind too. We're doing a good job of eradicating the mice so far, so we think the traps will be unnecessary though he is reading about humane traps.
Purrs & Mreows, BabyCat Calliope

Will write about the ice cream social we did manage to attend but just barely for Ginger Belle's birthday yesterday later & all about our cruise to South America!


Much Better Now....

July 21st 2009 3:24 pm
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Now that Lilly Cat is gone. Oh, I didn't like Lilly Cat at all, tried very hard to please Daddy but eventually he realized that no matter how much he tried to like Lilly Cat he just didn't, tried to love her and would have kept her but bad match for our bunch of cats! The new kitten is a good match and she's a Rex cat of some kind and Dad has it written down but can't remember which kind since he and her former people talked about all different kinds of Rex cats and curly coated cats and she doesn't really look that curly to me, but they talked about that one as well about aberrant Calico genes the Agouti / Non Agouti gene and how it can alter things but she has a little Rex head and these big ears but not as big as her parents ears are unless they grow and her head looks small compared to those big ears and she is kind of a strange little girl cat, doesn't meow a great deal but every now and then this strange meow comes from her. She likes to curl up against me and sleep like I'm her Mother cat and she likes to climb up Daddy, starts at his legs and climbs him like he's a tree and gets to his shoulders and lays down, but she lets me curl around Daddy's neck when I want to and balances against me and perches. Sometimes she just lays across one of Daddy's shoulders this new Silly Lilly and she is quite silly and even zoomier than the other Lilly whom my former Mom renamed as a nickname Lilly Cat. Imagine that! Lilly Cat calmed down at Meli Mom's and partly because she just believes firmly that those are her dogs and they belong to her and she even gets on Pinto's back and tries to stand and ride and lays down and rides and he doesn't mind! Mom says Lilly Cat baffles Dion The CatDog and that Dion acts like she might be some sort of strange creature that's not a cat and that she baffles her Meli Mom too is so very different than any cat she has ever had. I adore our Silly Lilly and Jaden puts up with her too, but acts a bit like Dion does with Lilly Cat and acts like she might possibly be a species different than ours maybe part some other wild creature such as bat or chipmunk or squirrel crossed with a cat and he seems really confused by her at times.

But the important thing is that I have Daddy back and I am willing to share him with this strange little kitten who isn't all that strange to me. Hey, us Torties and Calicos are just by nature different than other cats and that's just the way it is and I don't baffle Jaden so why does she? After all she's just a kitten and her ears are just a little bigger than ours but not like she can fly (or she hasn't shown any signs of it yet) or dig burrows or anything like that so she's fine and she's just a little thing three plus months old, our little kitten and she's still growing but Dad said she will probably be small and always look a bit kittenish kind of like an elf cat to me. Eventually she will be on the pages but just not yet. Jaden doesn't even have a page yet!
Mreow & Purrs of Joy, BabyCat Calliope


Inviting Cats to see us....

July 3rd 2009 8:10 pm
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For awhile now Dad has know there was something very strange about me sometimes. Yes, that's right Dad who isn't the Cat guy at all and who won't have his own Catster account will only share a page has --- discovered that I am helping other cats get into the house. He is finding out how they get in but it's mainly just one that holds my interest so I'm blocked away from him for now. He is a male Tortoiseshell cat and he has been curling up to Dad at night and the minute Dad has opened his eyes and tried to turn on the bigger light to get a good look at me, I have taken off. Only it's not me and I'm at his feet or his side. He wondered why my flea treatments weren't working perfectly well sometimes seemingly not at all and I have so many fleas. Well, the other me who doesn't look just like me doesn't have so many fleas now and he's off in a corner under something having a fit because his new evil Daddy just gave him a nice flea treatment and wants to give him a bath because he is dirty and smelly and reeks of dead squirrels and dead birds and dead mice like he's been sleeping part of the time on his stored hunting bounty. Dad hasn't named him yet and says that the other cats have to have their own page on my former Mom, Meli Mom's account before he can go up on a page. He's a rebellious little cat with one bad attitude and he likes to hiss at Dad and while I have hissed over certain things I've been getting full blame because he hisses much of the time and has all kinds of different hisses. So Dad said he is staying but if we bring any more home he is going to have to find the new ones a home after they get their shots and their flea treatments and get a bit socialized because he wasn't planning on being the feral cat rescue man but looks like he's gonna be one!

No, on the rosette. We hit the button to give the gift to our friend Dandelion when he made Daily Diary Pick and the screen flashed and suddenly I had a gift on my page instead. Dad said it could be corrected but we were backspacing to fix the message when the mouse rolled and he accidentally hit the button to give the gift all the same so we just sent another one and spent one zealie uselessly. Oh well. No, I wasn't a daily diary pick. Dad says I'm too hissy and rebellious right now to be considered for that one like I'm going to be the big friendly guy like Morse! Not gonna happen!
Hisses & Purrs, BabyCat Calliope


Hiss! Spit! Hiss! I hate you most of all Leah!!!!

June 26th 2009 10:29 pm
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Everything was back to normal when Lilly vanished. Of course Daddy fussed at me when he couldn't find her thinking that possibly I offed her or helped her get outside again, but really & truly wasn't me and had nothing to do with me. Check your backpack more carefully next time you go visiting Daddy Rob cause Lilly just loves to crawl in there and sleep and really you should remember that since you have had to rescue her from your zipped backback many a time before. Just because she didn't make a sound this time didn't mean she wasn't there. She loves you Dad and after that attention hog Leah's visit I understand and will welcome her back. All was peace and quiet at first until you went on a search for Lilly and thought you had brought her home. Oh that Leah is such a vain and arrogant creature just thinks Calicos are so much more beautiful than Torties always grooming herself and trying to groom me. I can lick my own fur thank you very much Leah you evil witch of a cat! Taking up all of Daddy's time too! Wanting Daddy to pet you all the time! And I thought that Lilly was bad but she spends more than half of her time these days zooming around the rooms of the house trying to escape wherever she has managed to get locked in and yowling her kitten head off, exploring things, chasing moths that seem to have infested our house, finding the few mice that are here -- Daddy is looking for cat safe methods of trapping mice right now and we're not infested but he is also looking for how they're getting into the house. He realized that we think mouse traps are toys and that if he uses the poison that he did use that we might eat the mice and get sick or die and that sticky paper is not an option either as it is hard to remove our paws from it, not impossible but not easy when the cat is in a major panic and that he cannot place the sticky paper anywhere we can't reach it where a mouse will actually walk. If we can't reach it with our paws at the very least, then the mouse won't like that place and we can indeed get on top of all the cabinets too! And into the cabinets if we so desire as we can paw open the doors and we are very curious cats and don't like anything hidden from us.

We played chase around Dad's shoulders and neck and head and he really didn't seem to enjoy that game at all. I would get up on Dad's shoulders and curl around his neck and then Leah would get in his lap so I would need to get in his lap and then Leah would jump up on his shoulders. Round and round and round she goes and where she stops nobody knows was all that Daddy said. Lilly please come home! I am worn out from chasing Leah around all day and from hissing and spitting at her and clawing the air to keep her away from me. I'll even share Daddy and my bed with you if you will just help get this monster Leah out of our house! Think that I like you after all Lilly.
Hisses & Spitting & Sulking, BabyCat Calliope


Mothering a Baby Becoming a Mother

June 13th 2009 6:36 am
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Lilly you’re going to be a Mother and you don’t even know how to groom yourself properly! So much to teach you before you have kittens though I suppose you expect instinct to take over and teach you everything you need to know. Here let me lick your fur for you. There! Now you’re clean. Now you try. Hmm. That’s not the best job… What happened to your Mother? Why didn’t she teach you these things? Did she abandon you? Do ferals just leave their Mom younger? See, I’m a feral and I didn’t but maybe some do. Of course, I was rescued too! You were just rescued by Daddy. Silly Lilly cat! Here, no you take your paws and lick them and then you swipe them over your head like this you see? Good that’s getting better. Now, no spot cleaning is good sometimes but you need to do a more thorough job and we’re lady cats not the males so ya hide out when you clean thoroughly. Only the boys don’t care! But that’s better and you’re learning. Oh, I feel like I’m the Mother cat here having to teach a kitten about to have kittens how to do basic things like groom. Good thing that Daddy found you! Guess you knew that you needed some help when those kittens were born so you watched for a good human to find you and take you in and that’s smart of you, very wise! You’re getting big and you look so silly when you bat balls around like a small kitten! Well purr @ ‘ya again later! Much to do today!
BabyCat Calliope


Hiss! Hiss! I don't like you Lilly....

June 9th 2009 7:04 am
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Hiss! Hiss! Mreow! Mreow! Mreow! Cat growl low in the throat! Hiss! Hiss! Hiss! Hiss! Stop trying to get me out from under the chair Dad! Running to the table and hiding under it. Hiss! Hiss! Growl! I don’t like you any more Daddy! Licking whiskers, smacking mouth, waving tail back and forth and thumping it on the floor. Growl Hiss Angry meowing. I hate you Daddy. Get away from me. Stop trying to pick me up. Tail thumping and thumping. Running to under bed. Daddy’s face appears looking under bed trying to talk to me in soothing words. Hiss! Growl! Hiss! Mreow. Funny cat noises. Claws unsheathed and swatting at Dad’s hand. Go away! NO! Leave the food and back off! Daddy doesn’t love me any more. He only loves Lilly the new Calico kitty. Hides under bed for days, me and won’t come out and takes meals under bed and sneaks to the edge of the bed to use litter box and hisses at Daddy if he sees me in the litter box. One night Daddy is sleeping and I crawl out and lick my paws on the bed by him and curl up by him and push Lilly away and he wakes up and fusses at me but he grabs me and puts me by Lilly and pets me and tells me he still loves me. I have to fight to get on his shoulders by Lilly and he won’t let me knock her off, but I can still curl around his neck and she can’t do that! Okay, guess she’s not going away but BabyCat is mad and she’s not forgiving Dad any time soon. Lilly sleeping on the pillow by Dad’s head, so I curl up against him and sleep. Daddy’s wrong and I’ll never like you Lilly even if the other cats do! But your fur is dirty and you are younger than me and no Mother to teach you how to groom properly so let me just lick your fur for you….
BabyCat Calliope

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