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Home:Virginia Beach, VA  [I have a diary!]  
Age: 9 Years   Sex: Female   Weight: 15 lbs.

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Tiger Princess, Tiger Stripe Kitty, Tigey, Tigey Wigey, Preciousness, Preciousness 1, Wiggle Waggle Flop, Floppy Cat, Cheetah Belly

Kitty Complexion:
sleepyvery active
not curiousvery curious
not vocalvery vocal

Quick Bio:
-part feral-extra toe(s) -cat rescue

1. Sleeping with her parents. 2. Sleeping in her parents' bed when they are at work. 3. Wagging her tail and shaking her butt, flopping, and showing her belly so she can lure the parents into the kitchen and get treats or when they are leaving.

When she's sleeping and Kali climbs on her and bothers her. When she's laying on mom or dad and they move.

Favorite Toy:
Sitting in dad's lap and hanging out or sleeping on top of or RIGHT NEXT to mom or dad. She also likes to play chase games.

Favorite Nap Spot:
Anywhere in mom and dad's bed where the covers are piled up thick or where blankets make an extra soft spot.

Favorite Food:
1. Treats 2. Anything Blue

Tiger is a gifted jumper. She is also very good and luring her parents into the kitchen by trying to be a sexy cat, throwing herself down and being snuggly, then getting up, taking a few steps and repeating until the parents end up in the kitchen.


Arrival Story:
My parents were out of town and I was watering their plants in the extreme heat of August 2007. Their cat came out of the woods to say hello and was followed by this beautiful tiger kitty whose backbone was wider than her stomach. She immediately came up to me and wrapped herself around my legs and stayed with me for the 45 min or so it took to water all the plants. I left her some food and water separate from my parents' cat, but their cat was being very territorial (she's an outdoor hunter cat). The next day when I came back I wondered if I'd see her. I didn't see her, but as I watered the planters by the front door, I heard her calling to me. I answered back and she came out of some bushes, rubbed on me, and followed me all around as I watered the plants. My parents were coming home that day, so I had to come back later in the day and get their car to go get them from the airport. She was waiting for me. When I came back with them from the airport, she was waiting again. She was obviously dehydrated and starving and it was 100+ degrees. My sister said that the cat had been hanging out around there for at least a week or two. I took her home, intending for her to live in my backyard and be an outdoor cat. I looked all around nearby neighborhoods for lost kitty signs, but didn't see any. The next day I took her to the vet and had her checked for a microchip. She didn't have one. My husband and I were instantly hooked. We kept checking on her outside every half hour to hour. She'd jump up on the table and stand up on her hind legs and snuggle us. She obviously didn't have fleas so I brought her in the next day for an hour or two to see how she'd do. She instantly became a snuggly lap cat. We gave in, by that night, she was sleeping in the bed with us and has been with us every since. The next day, she went to the vet and got checked out and got all her vaccinations. Surprisingly, she was perfectly healthy. She was only 6 lbs, but had this VERY long tail. It turned out that she was no kitten, she was probably a year old. Once she got a good home with us, she grew to be 13 lbs. But she's not fat, she has the longest torso I've ever seen on a cat and even the vet said that 13 lbs is normally overweight, but she is simply a big cat. She has perfectly symmetrical tiger stripes from her nose to her tail. Her belly is peach colored and fuzzy with cheetah like stripes. She has black paws, even the bottoms, and is polydactyl with a fully functioning claw on her front paws. She is incredibly muscular and has broad shoulders. She is gentle with us and never scratches when she wants to be put down. She was evidently needy and traumatized, b/c she literally was attached to one of us every minute we were in the house and got upset if we had to get up and move her. We got her a buddy and she's more like a cat now. She doesn't play like her sister, Kali, but occasionally, she will run after things that are thrown. When she romps, she catches air and puts her all into it. It's very satisfying to watch. She occasionally plays soccer. And on more than one occasion, we've caught her putting toys back into the toy basket. She's by far the most beautiful cat I've ever seen, and my husband agrees.

Tiger's mom is a teacher and Tiger adopted her mom (and dad) when mom was on summer vacation. Since then, Tiger is only TRULY happy if mom or dad is home for the day. She lives for Christmas vacation, Spring Break, and Summer Vacation more than any school kid or teacher. In her mind, mom being home is the natural order of things. Having a sister to snuggle, fight with, and play games with only helps but so much. When mom or dad is sick, Tiger sticks right by their side and loves on them and acts like a natural heating pad. She purrs deeply to soothe them and stays right by them until she's sure they are well again. She's the best companion ever.

Lives Remaining:
9 of 9

Forums Motto:
Don't leave, Mommy and Daddy! Stay!

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How do i find out if he's homeless?

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December 14th 2008 More than 7 years!

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Life with mom and dad

I'm much less harassed now

August 3rd 2009 7:17 am
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Happy sure keeps Kali busy. He makes my life much better. Yes, I was unhappy (no pun intended) when he came out of his carrier that first day, but within 4 days or so, we were sharing breakfast from the same bowl. I'm really just a big mellow pussy cat. But as Happy acknowledged when he gave me his gift this morning, I AM the queen of this house. It is Tiger's world, and everyone else just lives in it. I even let him play games with me a little, as long as he acts submissive. None of this rough and tumble like he does with Kali. That won't do, I rule this roost. I'm so glad Kali is busier now, b/c she is sooooooo demanding. Super sweet, she'll groom anyone, even the parents, but I'm glad she has a buddy now. I've even started staying up at night and hanging out with them. Before, I'd have to hug on Mommy (or sometimes Daddy) and hope she wouldn't mess with me. She wouldn't leave me alone at night. Now, it's kitty party time at night. This was actually a good decision on my parents' part. Go parents!

Much love to everyone,



Raw is good

February 14th 2009 3:30 pm
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Mommy has been feeding me some raw food here and there for a few weeks. The other night, she came home from the store. Daddy picked me up and brought me in the kitchen. She took something out of a bag and opened it. Then I could smell it. My heart started pounding faster but I snuggled Daddy and waited patiently. Then Mommy took something yummy looking out of the package and cut some off the big piece. She opened a cabinet and grabbed a bowl. I knew what was going to happen. She put this stuff she called CHICKEN in my bowl. It was so good. I have had it every day since. I am so happy that I just want to FLOP all the time and roll around on my back. I even let Mommy rub my belly. So nice. Kali won't eat any chicken, although Mommy tried, so I got to eat hers the first night. Then Mommy learned better and hasn't given any to Kali. She got some nice Blue Organics Chicken though and put that in our treat bowls. That makes me and Kali happy. Boy do I love chicken. It is so yummy. It is a good day.



It's Tiger's World and everyone in my house just lives in it

January 24th 2009 7:22 am
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Mommy has been telling Daddy about the new book about cats that everyone is so excited about. But I am happy to say that Mommy is very smart and she knows that in our house, it is MY world. It's ok though, because Mommy and Daddy say I am very cool and well behaved. Occasionally, I puke a little bit. Mommy and Daddy think it's because I snarf my food down sometimes. Maybe I have a slightly delicate stomach, but it's only a small amount a few times a month. Mommy and Daddy are about to try a raw diet with me. I got to eat a shrimp recently and love it. I also love the new Blue Wilderness food. Daddy actually was around when Mommy poured it into our treat bowls last night and he said "Woah, that really smells stinky, no wonder Tiger likes it." I mean, I DID live outside. I CHOSE to come home with Mommy. I CHOSE to live in the house. I CHOSE to sleep in the bed. I decided how it was going to be. And Mommy and Daddy love me dearly. Last night, Daddy and Mommy were playing Wii together and I didn't think they came to bed early enough to suit me, so I came downstairs and stretched out in daddy's lap and purred and got the happy squinty eyes. I kept them company until they came upstairs. And Daddy said the nicest thing. He said, "I'm so glad you brought Tiger home. She would have died without us." Daddy wasn't consulted about me, and he likes to be part of family decisions, but I suckered him, too. The first night I was home, when I still hung out in the backyard, Mommy kept checking on me and guess what, even though Daddy didn't get any say, he was out there every 30 minutes or so. I am a very attractive and lovable kitty, you know. I had a good time with the parents last night. I have been extra snuggly and floppy lately. I even allow Mommy to gently stroke my tummy just a little bit. It IS so pretty, all peach colored with spots like a cheetah (hence my nickname). Mommy has figured out two sounds that make me flop instantly. It's funny and cool when Mommy makes sounds with me. I think she is silly, but I humor her anyhow. And every night now, Mommy takes a bubble bath and reads and I go in the bathroom and hang out in the towel rack with her. It's our mommy-daughter time. Sometimes we shut the door and Kali gets MAD!. She tries to stick her paw under the door and she throws herself on the door. She scratches at the door and cries. It's funny. I mean if we let her in, it's not like she sticks around to hang out anyhow. She comes in, hangs out a minute and leaves. But no one should EVER try to deny Kali something she wants. She's pretty aggro if she doesn't get what she wants. I'm not aggro, I just am manipulative. And since this is MY world, I do get what I want. I don't have to be aggro. Boy, I sound like a really arrogant twerp in this diary entry, I'd better ask Mommy if I'm still a good kitty. Hang on . . . .

OK, she just says I'm chill and confident. That's true. I walked out of the woods, chose her, made sure she took me home, made it clear I wanted to be indoors, and communicate very clearly with her. I'm so sweet that Mommy and Daddy see no need to deny me what I want. I'm very low-key and low maintenance. Boy do I love my parents. I'm not as interesting or crazy as my sister, but my Mommy always says I'm her bestest companion. She says I'm just great company. I think SHE'S great company, and Daddy, too. I just like being with them. The only fly in the ointment is that she has to work right now. I'd be happier if she didn't, but I do work my schedule around them. I stay in the bed with them from the time they go to bed until around 4-5 am. Then I take a snack and potty break and come back until they get up. I rest, snooze, lay there, or whatever, and just generally want to be with them. I guess I am a good companion. Well it's time to go snuggle some more. I have to do my duty! Have a great weekend.


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