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What's a Hoover?

Wow DDP today!

January 25th 2014 6:35 am
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I am so happy to be a Daily diary Pic today. Thank you to the friends who have sent prezzies and p-mails. It makes my special day more special. I loves you all. It has been an exciting day at my house. I have been sitting up here at Rainbow Bridge laughing at my family. Our Cousins Becky and Rex and Aunt Brandy came to visit my family today. And THEY are DOGS( well not Aunt Brandy, but you get the picture). My whole family was not amused. They ran and hid or jumped up high. Those DOGS cleaned the floor of cat food crumbs, drank out of the water bowls and even pilfered a few turds out of the litter boxes. YUCK!!!!! who eats poop??? Then they played with our toys.
It was so funny seeing how offended my furblings were. MOL MOL

I loves you all,

Angel Kisses,


Catster is leaving -- so sad

January 16th 2014 5:18 pm
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Well, my friends Catster is Leaving us. We are sad to see it go. We have not been on as much as we used to but we did check in every day or so just to see what our friends had been up to. And to change our pages with the season.
We would like to thank every single cat who has befriended us, written a comment, sent gifties, pawmails etc. over the years. Catster has seen our family grow through new additions and helped us greatly when we lost furmily members. everyone new the joy or the pain we felt. So instead of the loving family we had all become, we will be replaced with shiny headlines and soulless fluff. Maybe that was meant to be, but we are sad for it.

Anyone who would like to keep in touch with our Meowmy can do so @ Meowmy is known as: kimkats ,there and can be found on the daylily forum , since she is as crazy about daylilies as she is about us kitties.

For those in bad health we send you healing thoughts, for coping with the loss of a beloved furbaby we send you hugs and know we feel your pain and it does ease over time.

Well wishes to all and big hugs to all catsters across the world.

Sincerly, Zeeke, angel Romeo, Cleopatra, Trooper, Kahless, Harley, Davidson, Tomiko, Miyoko, Francis, Kibbles, PJ, Fozzy Bear, Angel Morty, Angel Tigger, Zelda, Mishka, Angel Onyx, DC, TOes, Angel Yoda
And momcat KIM


Sad Sad Day

March 12th 2011 4:09 pm
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Today is a sad sad day for my family. I've been a pretty sick kitty for most of this week and today I was rushed to the hospital for what Meowmy thought was a broken/dislocated leg. We found out it was really a neurological issue brought on by FIP. Meowmy and Grammy decided to help me cross to Rainbow Bridge today because I have been so sick and uncomfortable. I left wrapped up in a towel in Grammy's arms. I felt so warm and comfy and surrounded by my families love. I know I am loved because love never dies, it is forever.

Newest Angel kisses,

Angel Onyx


Halloween Tag

October 7th 2009 12:46 pm
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You have been tagged for Halloween~ I just name my five favorite things about Halloween and chose 6 friends to tag~~

1. Pumpkins! They give us pie!
2. Candy corn
3.Kreepy decorations
4.costumes -the ones on my siblings not on me.
5.Thanksgiving is the next holiday Yeah! lotsa food coming up!

now i tag~
1.)Pixie Catster Id: 805063
2.)Joey Catster Id: 1030888
3.)Cammi Catster Id: 688520
4.)Azurine Ambrosia Catster Id: 277594
5.)Harley Catster Id: 613470
6. )Kate Catster Id: 157492

Well now that I've played tag I'm quite hungry! Someone please feed me!



Happy Birthday Meowy

July 14th 2009 1:12 pm
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Happy Birthday Meowy, Are we going to have CAKE?

I love you,

Your little Hoover (Oni)

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