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Our Brother, Cocoa Is Now An Angel!

August 1st 2011 5:51 pm
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Early this morning while everyone was asleep, Cocoa made his journey into Heaven... He gave no indication that he was ready fur the Bridge the night before and it came as a big shock to all of us... Cocoa was diagnosed not too long ago with Hyperthyroidism as well as having Cardiomyopathy for 8-1/2 years. He was almost 16-1/2 years old. Cocoa and meowmy had a purrry special bond and wow, what a meowmy's boy he was. They held that special bond up until the day he made his journey.

When meowmy came down stairs this morning at 8:15 am, she didn't see Cocoa and he didn't respond when she called him. She then looked over towards the dining room and saw him laying on his side, facing the patio glass doors. She had a bad feeling because he always answers her calls but this time, he didn't. As she approached him, he did not move so she knew something was terribly wrong. She picked him up and then collapsed while holding him in her arms, The night before, her dear furiend, Marie spent the night and everything was fine. Mom was crocheting while Cocoa was sitting on the sofa with her and auntie Rea Rea and they decided to go to bed at 12:30 am. Daddy was already sleeping since he had to get up early fur work. When auntie Marie used the bathroom at 2:15 am, she saw Cocoa in the flyer and he was fine. Daddy had to get up at 3:00 am fur work and there was nothing unusual with any of the boys. Meowmy and auntie Rea Rea took Cocoa to the vet at 8:30 and Doc Wray came up from surgery to check on our situation which was purrry nice. He said that Cocoa showed no signs of struggling to breathe and that he passed away peacefully at approximately 5:30-6:00 am. He also said that it was his heart that took him. He was such a wonderful kitty and such a good boy. Heaven gained a beautiful angel today but I know that we are all feeling so much pain as well as all of his wonderful kitty furiends. Cocoa will be privately cremated and returned back home the following Wednesday.

We will Miss Cocoa purry much but he will live furever in our hearts until we all meet again. Fly free purrecious Cocoa boy! You were a wonderful brother and loved so much!

Sad Purrrrs!


My Birthday Is June 15th!

June 15th 2011 5:18 am
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Holy Kittens... I can't believe that I'm already 6 years old or shall I meow 6 years young. Next year I'll also be classified a senior kitty but we won't go there just yet.

I remember moving into my new home when I was only 3 after my breeder retired me. I'm a lucky boy to have such a wonderful family who loves me unconditionally and of course, spoils me each and everyday. Meowmy & daddy adopted me 2 days after Picasso made his journey "In Loving Memory" of Picasso... His legacy lives on through me *wipes eyes* I touched the hearts of so many when they found out that I was angel Picasso daddy as well as Cannoli's, Karizma's & PorkChop's. Hummmm... Now I see where they all got their good lucks *giggles*

Meowmy has to work today but I know that she'll help me celebrate as soon as she gets home and I know that daddy will also make a big deal over my special day.

Thanks meowmy, daddy & siblings fur all of the love and joy that you give to me throughput the year. I couldn't have asked fur a more wonderful home than the one I have now *blows kisses* Well, time to take a nap since I'll need to save my energy fur later on. Thanks to all of my beautiful furiends here on Catster fur always being so pawsome! I will be updating my diary up until mom goes to work and then again when she comes home.

By the way, I'm not at all into sweets so meowmy will be giving me Fancy Feast Appetizers instead of a cuppie cake which I would prefer.

Thanks Catster and to every kitty fur thinking of my on my special day... Sending a warm thanks to the following kitties fur their thoughtful gifties & rosettes: My Family (pawty hat), PorkChop "son" (pawty hat), Karizma "daughter" (cupcake), Pearl (cupcake), Murphy & Fam (baseball), Hunter & Fam (tulips), Gleek & Fam (cat heart)), Pumpkin & Fam (cat heart), Molly & Fam (cat heart), Simone & Fam (cat heart), Blizzard & Fam (cat heart), Squirrel & Fam (cat heart).



Heaven Has Gained An Angel!

March 16th 2011 6:06 pm
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Today was a purry sad day as we learned that our dear furiend and auntie, Hazel Lucy made her journey to the Bridge at 12:30 pm as a result from renal failure. She was such a beautiful kitty who started the Purr Threads here on Catster...Hazel Lucy touched all of our hearts in such a special way and she will always hold a place in our hearts. Our meowmy is also saddened and shocked by this sudden news as she was not expecting it. Please keep Hazel Lucy and her meowmy, Julie in your purrrs & purrayers during this sad and difficult time. It is never easy to say good bye but I do believe that one day, we will meet with our families again. Love you auntie Hazel Lucy and always know that you will live on furever in our memories *wipes eyes* Auntie Hazel Lucy has touched our hearts and will leave a lasting impression with everyone that was blessed to know her. I know that angel's Picasso & Kashmere will show her around Heaven and I bet that the Bridge is having a big pawty fur her arrival. Beautiful wings fur a beautiful angel.

Sad Purrrrs!


So Behind On Catster!

February 3rd 2011 2:06 pm
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Holy kittens... We are several months behind on Catster but now we're trying to catch up. We didn't want any of you to think that we left fur good as that would never happen. Sometimes our humans just get sidetracked and we just wanted to apawologize fur any celebrations that we may have missed.

We have had several snowstorms since my last diary entry and some of those were really big. Mom loves when it snows so she can run out there and start taking purrty pictures in the development. You know how mom is with the camera... Today, she and daddy are also celebrating their 11th year Annifursary together so they're planning on going to a nice dinner at one of mom's favorite restaurants.

We pawmise to try and keep up with our diaries but unfortunately, things do come up and that's when we fall behind. I'm sure it happens to everyone. Mom can't believe that February is already here... Before we know it, it will be spring and summer and that means strolling *does happy dance*



Catmas Gifties From My Daughter & Family!

December 17th 2010 6:13 pm
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Today was such a fun day as we received pawsome pressies from my sister & Family, *KARISMA* While mom was chatting with auntie Jo Ann (Karisma's mom) she opened the front door and there was a big pawkage fur all of us. Mom was just as excited and we couldn't wait to see what was inside. A little later on, my helped us open the envelope and inside and the gifts were wrapped in purrty kitty wrap. Mom nicely displayed the gifties and then proceeded to call us. Of course when we hear our names called, we come running *giggles*

Now let me tell you all about our gifts: 4-catnip kirby sticks (Cocoa's favorite)lots of fuzzy catnip toys (mousies, bunny and feather ball) and a cute kitty neck tie. Meowmy received a lovely black & white swirl design 300 slot photo album with matching stationery (journal, note cards and a black velvet pocket phone book along with a really purrty Yankee Candle "Christmas scented Catmas tree ornament that even comes with a vial of scented oil.

Thanks so much Karisma & Family fur making our Catmas so much fun and purrry special *blows kisses*



We're So Excited To Be Meeting KiKi & Family's Pawrents!

December 15th 2010 2:30 pm
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We are so excited as we just found out from meowmy that we'll be meeting KiKi, Ember & Angel Sammie's pawrents this coming Saturday *does happy dance* They have always been such a purry special family to us and of course are also our New Jersey furiends...

Meowmy had a doctors appointment this morning and then back home to relax. She went upstairs to change into her PJ's before Therapy later and she saw that her hair stylist left a message letting her know that someone was having their hair done who recognized us from Catster. Mom's eyes got duper big and round and called Louise ASAP! Well, she couldn't figure out who it was even after speaking to the Catster mom. Silly meowmy... even with the NJ hint *giggles* Finally mom gave up and it was KiKi's meomwy, Joanne. Mom was dumbfounded for words and was so excited. What are the chances that mom's hair stylist is the same lady who does auntie Joanne's hair? They spoke for a long while talking about Angel Picasso and Ember who was also diagnosed with Cardiomyopathy recently. Angel Picasso, Cannoli, Ember & Cocoa all share the same Cardiologist! We will keep Ember and his beautiful family in our daily purrrrs and purrayers... Well, our pawrents will be meeting KiKi's pawrents on Saturday and we can't wait. What a wonderful day this will be and I think they're even planning on having dinner together.

Sending a warm thanks to the following kitties fur their lovely Catmas cards: Boogers & Fam, Angel Calvin & Fam, Bitta & Fam, KiKi & Fam.



Catmas Gifties From PorkChop "son" & Family!

December 12th 2010 8:15 pm
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Hello my furiends... It's been a little while since we were last on Catster. Meowmy helped us with our pages yesterday and today so now we just have to get caught up with diaries.

First of all, I would like to meow a warm thanks to my adorable son, *PORKCHOP* and his beautiful fur the pawsome Catmas pressies which we received the other day. We finally got a chance to post it. We received a really nice sweater, large bag of Party Mix treats, catnip Santa & penguin toys (Frosty took those over), can of Tiki Catfood which Cannoli ate the entire can without sharing a bite and a really cute Reindeer Plushie fur meowmy and he's holding 3 festive kitchen towels. We also received a cute card in the mail yesterday morning. Thanks so much Porkie and Family fur making our Catmas even more special....

Also, on December 10th, it was my Gottcha Day (when I was brought home). After my son, Picasso passed away on 12/8/08, my pawrents decided to adopted me In Loving Memory of Cassi on 12/10/08. I'm a lucky boy to have such a wonderful family to love me... We will never furget the love and joy that angel Picasso brought to my family and he will furever live in our hearts *wipes eyes* It was a purrry hard and sad day fur my pawrents on his Bridge Annifursary.

Thanking the following kitties fur their lovely gifties & rosettes: Pearl & Fam (cupcake), Karisma "my daughter" & Fam (snowflake), PorkChop "my son" & Fam (snowman), Friskie & Fam (simple solutions) and Ziggy & Fam (simple solutions).

Wishing every kitty and their families a purrry Merry Catmas and a Blessed New year!



Happy Turkey Day To All!

November 25th 2010 11:08 am
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Holy kittens... it's been a while since we've been on Catster. We have visited here and there but not as active as we should be. Not much has been going on here except for in September, meowmy tore her right calf muscle (MRI) and has been out of work ever since. She's doing to Physical Therapy 3x weekly (hard exercises). This isn't to mention that she also got tennis elbow as a result from trying to compensate her sore calf. The specialist said that this is known to happen. The first night it happened, she came into the home, crying because the pain was so excruciating. The following day was when she made an emergency appointment to the doctors. It will take some more time to get all better but she's getting there. During Therapy, they put electrode thingies with ice fur 15 minutes wrapped around her arm to help the swelling as well as a tub filled with warm water fur her calf.

Meowmy is ready to put up the Catmas tree tomorrow which will take all day... Daddy did put the outdoor icicle lights up which always look purrty. Today, my pawrents will be spending this Thanksgiving over dad's niece's fur a little while. They always bring us home extra turkey so hopefully, we'll get some this year *does happy dance* We would like to wish my family, furiends and their families a purrry Happy & Blessed Thanksgiving... So sorry that we haven't been too active here on Catster and I'm sure we've missed some celebrations. This doesn't mean that your furiendship has subsided because it hasn't. Each and everyone of you mean the world to us and we love you purrry much *blows kisses*



Cannoli Has A Cardiology Appointment Tomorrow!

September 6th 2010 6:31 pm
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First of all, we would like to send my adorable son, Cannoli extra purrrs & purrayers that his Cardiology appointment goes well tomorrow... He is going in fur a revisit to make sure that nothing has changed with his heart. Mom is scared but we're giving her lots of kitty encouragement and love... Both meowmy and daddy will be with him tomorrow fur his visit at 7:45 pm.

We are also purrry sad to hear that meowmy sprained her calf muscle badly and will also be going in fur an ultrasound tomorrow morning but with her doc *giggles* She was horsing around with her furiend, Sylvia and Syl's daughters this past Thursday and that's how mom got hurt. Now her ankle is terribly bruised and she's been in such pain. She does have crutches but can't stand those things... She hasn't much of a choice at this point until she begins feeling better. Daddy also came home a day early from his job to help take care of her. He's been scooping the kitty boxes several times daily which meowmy appreciates dearly.

We hope that everyone had a wonderful Labor Day and now we're looking forward to the fall... Thanks to everyone who was so sweet in sending us those purrty hearts. Sorry we're a bit behind on Catster but please know how much it means to us as well as your beautiful furiendship. Thanks again fur keeping Cannoli in your thoughts, purrrrs & purrayers.



Our Dear Furiend, Mercy Is Now An Angel!

July 18th 2010 6:51 pm
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Yesterday when mom got home from work, she checked her e-mails and was informed by Hooch's meowmy that our dear furiend, *MERCY* had gone to the Bridge. Mom had to read the e-mail several times to make sure she was reading it correctly. She began crying in disbelief that our sweet Mercy was now an Angel. We knew at times that Miss Mercy wasn't feeling well but we had no idea that she would be making her journey... She was just too sick to continue her life here on earth. Her pawrents were with her when she made her journey yesterday morning and that is always comforting but doesn't make it any easier. We really haven't been on Caster all that much lately but mom plans on getting back to it. Sometimes our humans are busy with other things and just don't have the time fur certain other things. The changes to Catster were also discouraging there fur awhile. Mom could relate to auntie Janet & family and how they're hurting as we have lost 2 siblings within 6 months apart (Picasso & Kashmere). It is so hard fur our families to accept our passing and there are no words fur the extreme pain that they feel inside. Mom said that when Picasso & Kashmere passed away, a part of her died with them. We're all still in shock and so so sad over the loss of Mercy. Mom wishes that she could give auntie a big hug, along with her family during this sad and difficult time. We do know that Mercy is in good hands with Jesus and so many wonderful angel furiends. Picasso sent us a little note from Heaven to inform us that he and Kashmere greeted Mercy with open paws and helped to show her around Heaven

We love you Mercy & family and please know that our love, thoughts, purrrrs and purrayers are with you. Please feel free to call meowmy if you need a furiend to talk to... She'll always be there fur you. Mom is in tears right now as she's helping us to write this diary. You're a purrty angel now Mercy and this is not a furever good-bye, just a temporary parting. We will meet again one day but until then, know that we're missing you purrry much. Sweet Mercy will furever live in our hearts and in our memories *wipes tears* She was also one of our first furiends here on Catsterland and always so kind, thoughtful and helpful... always there to lend a guiding paw!

Sad Purrrrs!

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