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I am Cat Of The Day!!!

May 17th 2009 5:55 am
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Thank you Catster, for making me Cat of The Day today!! Blade has gone back to bed in utter disgust at hearing the news, which makes me even happier!
I've already used my status to my advantage already today. The insane looking black tomcat with the weird flat ears, or 'Bat Cat' as I like to call him, came into our garden this morning and he was actually going to SPRAY in the exact spot I like sit! I marched over to him and yelled "DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM???!!! I AM CATSTER CAT OF THE DAY!!!Don't you DARE foul up my relaxation area!!
I did it in cat language so it sounded more like this YEEEEEEOWWWL!MEEEEEOOOOOOOWWWOOOWWWWL!
Then I told him to get his big face out of my face and be on his way before I rained on him! I had to say the last part really fast because I could hear my mum coming down the path to bring me inside as she doesn't like me to get into fights.
Anyway, he turned tail and fled because he obviously knew not to mess with the COTD!
I plan to spend the rest of my day boasting and showing off to Blade and just generally larging it!

Purred by: Pumpkin Puss (Catster Member)

May 17th 2009 at 11:23 am

I'm a fellow BOCU member, and wanted to concatulate you on such an honor. Speaking of scaring off unwanted visitors from our homes, I had to something similar a few weeks ago at my house. We orangies have to protect our turf, always! And you totally deserved to rub it to every cat in your neighborhood that you are COTD!!!!




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