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Princess May Belle's Diary

Uhg, the Holidays. I Gotta Get Something Off My Chest.......

December 20th 2012 9:53 pm
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I am smitten with Snoopy. I blame it on my little brother Red, who INSISTED on watching "I Want A Dog For Christmas, Charlie Brown!"

Well, off to look out the window in case Snoopy shows up (or Woodstock shows up with a message from him!)


First Post

December 7th 2008 8:51 pm
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Well I'm writing this-- like -- dumb post because my mama and papa think-- like -- I need an outlet. You see I'm ridiculously-- like -- TOTALLY stressed and freaked out since they brought my brother, Red, back home after surgery. As if that weren't enough-- like -- to weird me out, we found out that he has "Feline Lymphoma"! Like OMG! & WTF!!!


I love my little brother so much and I'm utterly overwhelmed. I don't mean to -- like-- hiss at him. It's just that the whole hospital smell REALLY does a number on me since -- like -- I had the dental work done.

Well, off to hunt for hidden treats (aka comfort food) in the kitchen (rubbing front paws together.)

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