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Gaint cat!

October 12th 2011 4:25 am
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Wow, so yesterday my mom took me to get my well care exam.

I was very happy when Mom put on my harness because that means that we are going out for a walk, but she tricked me. Instead I ended up in the new cat carrier and found myself at the vet's office. Well, I soon made my presence known. I wandered all around the waiting area and made sure to leave lots of my wonderful scent marks. There was this really little thing there. It smelled like a dog, but looked like a weird kitten. Someone called it a chihuahua puppy. Don't know, but I could have squashed it in a second.

As people wandered in and out, Mom and sis-no-fur kept hearing people saying "Is that a cat?" and "Hey look, that's a cat!" Well, what did they think, I mean honestly! But apparently, I am so large that no one there had seen a cat my size before and they were very impressed by me! I am the King, so it is only fitting they be impressed after all. Mom and sis were very proud of me.

My vet says that I am very healthy and very large, with a large head and large teeth. He also said that he wouldn't want to be a mouse with me around! I have to agree that I am a very good dispatcher of mice. He also said that I don't have any fat, I'm just a really big, muscular guy. I made sure to growl when he was poking at me, but really, I'm a nice guy, so I didn't hiss or try to bite like Shade did a couple of weeks ago (vet's don't enjoy Shade). Mom says that I'm so big and healthy thanks to genetics and my raw diet.

I got some turkey treats as a reward when we got home, but Chaucer kept trying to steal them, what insolence, no wonder Mom calls him a criminal! We also played the chase the laser dot game once I'd had a rest.



Wow, COTD!

March 2nd 2011 7:52 am
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Wow, I'm Cat of the Day today!! That's great; it's so nice to receive the honor, thank you Catster!

And, thank you to all my friends for the presents; you are very kind and it's wonderful to have ones page decorated with them!!

Not much going on here. I've firmly established myself as King. No cat is allowed to be greeted before me and if Mom talks to another cat when I don't wish it, she has to apologize and scritch my ears or rub my back. I also have to be played with the minute that I show up with a toy. Mom says it's hard to resist me because I have big eyes and such a "please" expression.

I'm a benevolent king though because I let my bro-no-fur give me hugs all the time. I just kind of roll my eyes and attempt to remove myself from the love. Let Chaucer get the love from him!

It's been a long, cold winter. I've only been allowed to walk Mom outside a few times, but she was very impressed with my leaping around in the deep snow. Now the snow's almost gone, so she better feel like taking more walks soon. She says just as soon as sis-no-furs swim season is over, whatever that is, she'll have more time.

Well, thank you again everyone for the lovely presents!



My latest happenings

December 31st 2009 7:34 am
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Well, Mom and I haven't had time to write for a while. Merry late Christmas to all my friends and Happy New Year to come!

My human family was racing to get out the door this morning. Us cats didn't know what was going on. Mom and sis-no-fur said something about "overnight" and Dad said "see you next year"? I still don't know what this means. I thought they were behaving rather rashly myself; throwing things in a soft black box and cleaning our litter boxes early in the morning. I must admit that I was starting to get a bit worried, but and then Mom put this very yummy food in our bowls! Chaucer and I ate some of it up right away even though we just had our breakfast. Food makes the world a good place!

Humans are very strange. They left the house and were gone long enough for me to start having a nap and then they came back covered in snow. Now they are saying they might try to leave us again later when it stops snowing. Hmmm. Does this mean that all that food will come back out again?

I had a good metitation the other night while hanging over the edge of the couch. The wall was right in front of me and I had the Christmas tree next to me with the lights on. I stayed there for a long time. Mom and Dad asked me if something was wrong. I like to drape myself artistically over things.

Now I am crouching by the door to the deck. I am watching the birds and squirrels poking around for the seeds Mom put there. I must...Pounce. Oh, my tail won't stop twitching! I could touch those juncos and sparrows if it weren't for the door. Patience will win out one of these days. This is why I meditate, to have patience.

Patience is good when one has to watch birds and squirrels but can't get to them. Patience is also good when one has a little brother. Mom told me that she is proud of me because I've been playing with the little orange guy. Well, she called it playing, I call it learning about my enemy.

Well, I can't concentrate on writing any more. That's getting closer...


Snow and birds

December 21st 2009 5:45 am
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We got snow at our house, but only 2 inches. Mom says many places got a lot more than us. I'm glad that it was only 2 inches because I got to go out and walk Mom around on her leash!

Snow is very strange. It is best to leap over snow, but if you want to get to where the action is, you have to put your paws in it. It is white and it feels very weird. I have to shake my paws off with every step to remove it. Why does it do this? Sometimes litter from my box sticks a bit too, but mostly to Shade's feathers and Mom says he has "corn-butt" (Mom - we use World's Best).

Anyway, after you walk in snow a bit you don't have to shake your paws off any more. This is because you get nearer to the birds and your mind is too busy planning! It is best not to plan a frontal attack; you never know about the bigger birds. This was my plan:

First, lay down under the deck and stare. If you start shaking because you are excited, your mom might think that you are cold and try to take you back inside, so don't shake too much. Second, walk off sideways into the woods and around the shed. You might have to smell the shed to see if the mice are around. I think ours were sleeping. Third, walk carefully over to the spruce tree by the feeder and lay under the branches and look up. Those rotten chickadees will be there making their noise. Just as you get ready to spring into action, DO NOT start shaking. My mom grabbed me and brought me inside because she said I must be freezing.

I had to resign my self to staring out the sliding door on to the deck again.

I strategically started sneezing a few hours later! :)



December 18th 2009 4:58 am
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Well, this is my very first diary entry ever! Mom has always said that I could start a diary, but then never had time to help me out. Now that I have to put up with a new little pain-in-the... what? ... Oh, I can't say that here? ... Okay ... little "brother" then, she say's she'll help me now.

I live in a house. It has a lawn and a small woods. I love to go outside and walk Mom on her leash. She might get lost if Shade or I didn't walk her. Mom said that we haven't been able to go out lately because it's too cold, or snowy, or rainy. What is all of that to me? I am a fierce panther type of guy. I know the birds are out there by the feeder thing. I know chickadees are bouncing around in that bush. Someday I will get one of them and punish it for squeeking so much. He he!

So, mom brought home a new brother for us a week and a half ago. Seems like too long to me already! But she says that he has to stay and that where he cam from isn't too nice although the people there are trying. Yack. He smells. He likes my toys. Yesterday he growled at me when he had a toy in his mouth. Can you believe the nerve?! With our toy! Anyway, he makes my hisses switch turn on.

I like to hiss sometimes. I hiss when Mom tries to make me come back inside from walks. I hiss when Mom tries to get me to stop staring at the little birds. I hissed when the vet stuck something up my but. Hissing enhances my fierce panther type image!

Well, Mom has to stop typing for me now. But I'll write more soon. I have a lot to say. I have very profound thoughts when I sit between the shower curtain and the shower liner. To have profound thoughts, you have to sit facing the liner. I'll go there now.

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