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It's Mine, But You Can Read It

Bird's, Squirrels, and Creamcheese

December 8th 2008 7:31 am
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I think I'm enjoying my new domain. It's right near the food and water dishes (and the litterbox). Also, it's in the room with the glass walls and roof and I can watch all the little creatures in the garden. And also I was a little worried that meowmy would forget me and stop bringing me lots of treats and other things an then I would have to go down off my desk more and then my brother (who isn't on catster) would scare me. He's only 7 but he is REALLY scary.

He's big and fat and thinks he's all that and bosses me around. But he's so fat he can't get onto my domain, so I like when I'm here. And also, I'm safer from him because now I don't have to walk to the food and stuff. All I have to do is get down and there' s the food.

Also, my meowmy keeps bringing me lots of creamcheese. I love creamcheese so that makes me happy. Yesterday she gave me a whole spoonful instead of just half! It made me really happy, but I finished it way to fast. Then I had bother meowmy for more, but she just gave me "Pounce Perks" treats. I tried to tell her I wanted creamcheese, but she didn't listen.

My uncle's have been hogging the computer lately to play video games. They are 14 and 8 years old. Well, I'm older than both them, but I don't get to play anyway. I don't think it's fair. Just because they're humans, they think they have the right to use the computer before me. Well, now I'm using Grandpa's laptop and they can't stop me so there.

I really hope meowmy remembers to get me a present for Chanukah this year. She never remembers. Then, while everyone else gets lots of presents, I sit around, bored. And then they all drive away, talking about Wisconsin, my great-grandparents, and Christmas.

See, my great-grandparemt's aren't Jewish. They're Christian, and my meowmy always goes with my grandparents and my uncles to visit them and then they have Christmas AND Chanukah and I don't get any presents, plus I'm stuck at home with my brother and the caretaker person. She never remember's to give me treats and just sits around downstairs watching TV.

But then I get to be left alone (except by Snitchy). Maybe this year I'll join a secret santa group on catster. Then I will get a present! And I'll actually enjoy Winter for once! Also, maybe on Valentine's Day I'll get a secret admirer. That would make me really happy. I've never had a secret admirer before!

I hope I do get a present this year...



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