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Daniel's daily adventures

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Tank you fur my birthday gifties!!!

February 17th 2015 4:21 pm
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Hi all!!!

I didn't furget about my Catster FURIENDS!!!



You are ALL so loved and appreciated by mama and me.

My birthday has been great, I've gotten lots of treats and loving.
And I now enjoy being petted and sometimes I even LIKE being held! (I nefur wanted it befur.)

Mama says I'm mellowing out in my old age. MOL!!!!
I'll show her!



anofur update on me

December 29th 2014 4:52 pm
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Hi again!

I'm sorry mama & I have not gotten to reply to all of your gifts, paw mails, & things but we did want to say TANK YOU!!! Mama has had trouble with Catster so that's why we haven't written much.

OK our Christmas was good....Santa Paws brought us toy mice. We didn't really like them, until mama put 'nip on them. Everyone liked that, except fur me. Y'see I am not fond of catnip. I don't need it anyway, I have a reputation to uphold. Someone's gotta keep their composure when everyone else is acting silly. MOL

I have become more affectionate. I have been wanting mama to pet me and pet me and pet me. I also occasionally like to be picked up. I almost nefur wanted this befur so this is a "first" or so mama says. Then Sunday when mama went to take a human-nap I got in bed with her, got under the covers (another "first" mama says) and actually laid next to her and stayed. I normally don't do that (hey, I'm a busy cat!) so she was so happy to be able to pet me and I loved it too.

Wonder what the new year will bring us?


A long time ago in a strange home nearby

November 30th 2014 1:00 pm
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It's been exactly SIX years ago that I have been with mama! Can you believe it?

I barely remember coming here to live. Mama one Sunday afternoon says this lady got me from a furiend of her furiend's home, where they were going to put me outside to fend fur myself (they didn't have any money to take care of me) she brought me ofur here. Mama didn't even know I was coming until the doorbell rang and it was the lady bringing me in. Mama said she put me down in the living room and let me wander. Back then it was just me and Greta (RIP). Greta was furry upset that I was here. She hissed and growled. She was ticked with mama that I had come here. I was also wearing a flea COLLAR even tho I had no fleas. (I refuse to wear a collar now, I chew them off! MOL)

Mama said I was such a purrty boy and she had to come up with a name fur me quick. Being a Christian I had to have a name from the Bible since God used this lady to come to mama. So she named me Daniel.

You can see piccies of my arrival in my Photo Book.

A lot has changed since that time...Solomon arrived 2 weeks later...Greta died about 4 years later....then Serena came to live with us. But mama has always loved me, even tho at times I've been mean, and I am an opinionated boy...but she loves me fur my purrsonality and traits. She'd always wanted a kitty with the Russian blue type (plush) fur and markings. I'm not really a RB, but I am a devoted cat.

I also want to thank efuryone on Catster who has supported me, sent me gifts, rosettes, purrs, pawmails, and piccies. You are the best furriends I could ever ask fur! (Aside from my mam, of course.)

And lastly a big TANK YOU to my booful Sable fur coming into my life. I love you my sweetheart!

Daniel Baniel


well hello again efuryone

November 27th 2014 5:11 pm
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(Waves paw in the air) HIIIIIIIIIIIIII!

Did you think I was gone fur good?
No way! I am still home with mama and my sibs Serena and Solomon.

We all get along just fine now. I chillax wherever mama is and while I do pick on Serena sometimes, I nefur hurt her deliberately. And mama won't let me get too close to Solomon.

I am getting more mellow in my (old?) age. I have a special place by mama's puter where I can sit and dictate to her. I've been trying to tell her to go on Catster so my kitty and human furiends can hear from me, but she's been depressed and stressed.

This Sunday will be my 6th Gotchaversary! In fact it was on a Sunday that I came to live here. Isn't that neat?

OK well I will hopefully write more another time.

Daniel Baniel



June 16th 2014 9:31 am
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I have been such a good boy mama has been only locking me in the bedroom when she's not there. At night I get to roam around and I really like that. I don't bother Solomon much anymore.

She did get some (bad?) news - the human she was thinking of rehoming me with can't adopt me. They need money fur a pet deposit mama said. So - I get to stay here! PURRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!


cooped up

June 12th 2014 7:34 am
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I am a frustrated cat these days. I have to be kept cooped up in mama's bedroom A LOT. Last night she went somewhere (something humans do called bowling?) and I had to go in the bedroom. Then when she went to bed I had to go in there again - didn't mind that tho cuz mama was with me...and now this morning, twice, I was kept in there. Once at feeding time fur an extended time (she said it was cuz she was treating Solomon) and then again when she left fur work, so Solomon could be safe. I had to be kept in the bedroom all day yesterday too. Today when mama was leaving fur work I hissed at her and swatted at her leg. I was gentle tho.

Gee, maybe a new home wouldn't be such a bad idea after all...altho I really wouldn't want to leave my mama, the chance to be an only cat would be nice....but I don't mind sharing right now. Poor mama cries when she thinks of the idea of me having to go away...y'see she really, really, REALLY loves me (and I love her too) and she told me this was my furever home. She really doesn't want to go back on her word. If she rehomes me it will break her heart. I'm trying to be good, remember mama Rome wasn't built in a day...I am behaving better...

So I'm just a little bit frustrated. I am behaving better, altho if I see Solomon upset (like I did this morning), I want to try and make him calm down. Mama saw me attempt to swat at him but thankfully I missed.

Tonight mama says I can stay in the living room longer, yay!


Feliway yay!

June 9th 2014 2:43 pm
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Well tonight mama let me out from the bedroom (I stay there during the day or whenever she's not here) and I have been mingling around the house. This "Feliway" stuff makes me good. Makes me feel like just chillaxing...

I've even laid within 3 feet of Solomon in the same room with NO incidents. I just ignore him now. I don't need to pick on him and I haven't.

Mama says she is determined to keep me no matter what happens, and that she will not give up on me. But if I start picking on him, mama says she may have a new home fur me. There may be a furiend who can take me in....but again I'm not going anywhere if I can help it.

See mama, I can be good!


this past weekend

June 9th 2014 3:41 am
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Well Saturday I went to the vet and I was somewhat of a good boy. But I also showed them how bossy I am. They tried to clip my claws but I wasn't gonna have it. I yowled and screamed at them, DON'T TOUCH MY CLAWS! They said I am a strong and opinionated cat. They got that right. MOL

Mama got us these things called Composure Pro treats fur cats & dogs but none of us like them. We spit em out. Waste of $37 mama says.

So mama got all of us this stuff called Feliway - it's supposed to calm me down she says - and it seems to work fur a while. Solomon came out from hiding and I left him alone fur the most part. Then mama decided to sing along with some song on the tv (she was monitoring all 3 of us in the living room) - bad idea mama...Solomon got scared so I went and attacked him. It lasted 5 seconds & was over befur mama could break us up. I had to do it. I had to. Mama says Solomon's not hurt but I shouldn't have done that.

So now I heard mama saying on the phone she's disappointed in me and that she's not sure what she's gonna do next. She has all these remedies (that's what she called em) on order and she's not sure anything will work at this point. I'm a strong opinionated cat and I'm not afuraid to show it.

Mama said she still loves me but is started to get scared that I will not improve. Oh I want to be a good boy...please purr fur me!


Me? DDP???

June 5th 2014 4:16 pm
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I was so THRILLED to find out I am a DDP today!

I haven't had this honor fur a long time...hey Catster what took ya so long to recognize my greatness again? MOL (JUST KIDDING)

Tanks to efuryone who sent me gifts and rosettes. You're so cool!

I owe you an update on me and my sibs.

Mama thinks I may have something called Alpha Cat Syndrome, but she isn't 100% sure. She noticed that I've been displaying mild forms of dominance aggression toward my brofur and sisfur.
It's true I try to boss around my siblings. Mama said it isn't fair to either of them. Well, what does she expect? I am the boss. (At least I think I am!)

I heard mama say she has to learn now how to make *herself* the Alpha cat here. I nefur heard of a human being an alpha cat.

Mama lastly said she thinks I may not know better that what I am doing is actually not a good thing. She said she wants all of us to be happy. OK mama, I think I understand what you mean. Just please let me stay and be your boy. After all, God gave me to you....

Tank you!
Daniel Baniel

(NOTE FROM MAMA: I will not put Daniel to sleep or rehome him, unless it is the absolute last resort. I truly believe this situation can and will be resolved!)


just a quick update

June 3rd 2014 3:26 pm
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Mama told me tonight that because I'm being such a good boy and have not been bothering Solomon (I normally like to pester him when he's hurting) mama said she will NOT give me away, rehome me or put me to sleep because of my attacks.

Also mama's vet says they won't prescribe anything fur me yet because they think it will make me a zombie cat. Mama said she doesn't believe that because she feels if the dose is low enough, it will work without turning me into a zombie. So now she's going to find out who needs natural meds treatment? Me fur me alpha cat (occasional) aggression, or Solomon fur his timidity?

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