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my big weekend and birthday

February 18th 2014 1:00 pm
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First I want to say TANK YOU furry much fur your birthday wishes! I'm as honored as any 6 year old guy can be!

Now I need to tell you about my big weekend. Mama had to go away to her dad's memorial service, and I got picked to go with her! I had so much fun going down and then coming home yesterday. I made some new furiends with this little girl named Alice (hooman) and anofur hooman mama said was her sisfur in law. They told me I am cute and adorable. Well, well...and they're not even cat people! You see hoomans how we kitties can win you over and convert you into cat lovers?

Then of course yesterday was my birthday and I got fresh chicken! Mmmmmm! I got so much attention and loving I was not the least bit bored. I had to ride in a small carrier but I didn't mind so much. In fact today (Tuesday) I went back in my carrier to sleep. Carriers aren't such a bad thing. Sometimes they mean fun is on the way!

When I came home last night I hissed at efuryone including mama but then I made up to her later on when she went to bed. I'm back to my old loveable self today.



so sorry to see Catster shut down!

January 18th 2014 2:12 pm
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I think it is TERRIBLE that the community part of Catster is being shut down and I do NOT think it was necessary. But I'm a cat, I realize there is much behind it I do not know.



DDP again!!

January 6th 2014 7:46 pm
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I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO honored to be a DDP! Again!!!

Like that famous human once said, "You like me, you really like me." MOL

Well I have a message in return:

And to my precious Sable, I love and I miss you my darling!!!


OMC I'm a DDP!

January 4th 2014 12:29 pm
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Oh my Cats!!!

I am a DDP again and I am SOOOOO thrilled. Mama has been giving me treats (Hills SD crunchy treats with chicken!) and some new food mixed with our ofur stuff, Wellness Complete Health for kittens. It has Lysine in it which our vet wants Solomon to have. Mama says I am probably FIV+ too bc I've bitten Solomon (who is FIV+) in the past. We'll find out when I go to the vet fur my shots in a few weeks.

I want to also say TANK YOU FURRY MUCH to all you kitties and humans who sent me gifties and paw mails! You're the best!!

Daniel Baniel



December 25th 2013 2:36 pm
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Tank you all so furry much fur your gifties, mails, and prezzies!!!

We got chicken and rabbit treats, and some nice boxes to play with for Catmas!


Mrow WOW wow!

December 7th 2013 5:26 am
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Hey efuryone!


I'm so thrilled to be chosen again by the Catster pack.
I must tell you one of my newest fave things to do. I'm furry good at tearing up boxes! Mama got a small package the ofur day, so she gave us the box to play with. Me and my sibs have already gotten it torn down. Now we practice sharpening our claws with it.

My sisfur is starting to pester me a little. She likes to chase me and I don't always want to be chased. She's fast, my sisfur Serena is.

OK well I need to go tell mama about my DDP so she can give treats!


Wheeeeee! FIVE YEARS!

November 30th 2013 10:03 am
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MROWWWWW! I can't believe it's been five years that I have lived with mama.
If you want to be technical (MOL), it was actually five years ago this evening around 4 or 5pm. That's when I was brought into mama's home and made myself comfy right away. I remember seeing my (late) sisfur Greta and how she hated me...hissed and growled...and mama put me in her room so Greta could get used to me. Mama had to come up with a name fur me quickly, and it had to be a biblical name (since mama's a Christian) so she came up with Daniel.

I've had my good times and bad here...picking on my siblings....losing my sisfur last year...then getting a new sisfur 2 months later...traveling to meet my Gamma...and Gamma's kitties...I nefur dreamed my life would be so exciting. I'm so glad that mama took me in and has made me feel special.

I'm also grateful to all of YOU here on Catster fur your mails, treats, gifties, and comments. You sure know how to make a kitty feel loved!
I dedicate this to my booful Sable...my booful girlfuriend furever...I love you darling! xxx

Daniel Baniel


roll, roll, roll in the (dirty) litter....

November 27th 2013 6:03 pm
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Happy Tanksgiving to my human and cat furiends!

Tonight I did something diffurent. I rolled in some dirty litter, then strutted out to the living room and showed mama!

She didn't like that furry much. She said I smelled horrible, and then she felt my fur and all that litter that I accumulated on me. I had to get combed which I did NOT like. Then mama vacuumed up the mess I left. (hmph) Mama had already cleaned our litterboxes, but I just felt like rolling around. Now mama's been petting me so she can get any last bits of litter out from me, which I LOVE.

I haven't had much else happen, aside from an occasional bout with vomiting. Mama says it seems to be brought on from when I eat the shredded cat food.


doing better and tank you

July 31st 2013 2:29 pm
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I want to tank you all fur purraying fur me and sending me your comments & gifts! Just goes to show when a kitty is down, they can depend on their kitty buds to support them. That's why mama loves Catster. (And I do too.)

This morning I was back to being my usual loveable self. I ate my breakfast and didn't throw anything up. Last night, mama gave me some Pepcid. Back when Solly was sick to his stomach our vet said it was ok to give him half a pill. I got half a pill last night and I felt better within minutes.

Mama got us treats - Pounce chicken flavor! Mmmmmmmmmm


mama's concerned

July 30th 2013 5:14 pm
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I may be a sick kitty guy.....mama gave us some 9 lives chicken (the nugget kind) and while we ate it, later on I threw up. I then tried eating my regular dry food (Meow Mix) and I threw that up too. I've thrown up about 4 times tonight. At one point I threw up a small bit of mucus. I nefur had the 9 lives and mama is HOPING my vomiting was only due to a reaction to that. I'm active, playful and purring ofurwise. Mama does not have the funds to take me to the vet. Please purray fur me.

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